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  1. I've been working on visualizing my Tulpa a lot more now as her mindvoice is becoming a bit more clear, its not perfect yet but I am able to distinguish her thoughts from my own a lot more often now. Ever since we have started visualizing, I seem to be able to get her form and her hair and whatnot down fairly clearly...but her face is just wrong. I can't explain it easily but it is blurry and the features seem to change. Her face shifts around. When I zoom into any given part of it I can see the details but when I zoom out her face is just a unclear faded thought. Her lips seem off, to large but when I zoom in I cannot see anything wrong with them. Her nose seems oddly shaped but when I zoom in I can't see anything wrong with it. How do I see her face more clearly?
  2. In the past I've put art guides in the art forum, but this is art aimed at playing a trick on your mind, so I think it fits the guide section better. So you have a form for your tulpa, but it's difficult to visualize because you have no reference images? Then this is the guide for you. Example pictures (NSFW!): Why are there naked people in my guide? To that, I can only answer: Why doesn't everyone have naked people in their guides? Actually, these people aren't naked. See? This technique comes from Japan, where it's known as 水玉コラ (Mizutama Kora) or "Bubble Collage". It works because your brain is so good at filling in missing information that it does it automatically. It's how you can (sometimes) understand what the other person is saying when their cell phone is breaking up, or how you can piece together that the shopping list is asking for "a dozen eggs" even though in your girlfriend's handwriting Gs look like Ws. And of course because this is the internet, this interesting illusion has been used almost entirely for porn. Well, let's divorce it from porn now. Here's how you can use the same technique to help you visualize your tulpa. Take a look at this woman: Would you believe that she's really six women stitched together like Frakenstein's monster? Well yeah, probably, because you're reading a guide about that, and also there are differences in skin tone and the pieces don't always fit together quite right, and also I showed too much of that one elbow. But this was a rush job so that I'd have an example for the guide, and the point is that at first glance, she looks like a normal person. The bubbles were obviously added by bubbleimage.net. She should really have a bubble separating her face from her hair, because they're from two different sources, but they blended together well enough that I didn't feel like I needed it. Here's what she looked like before the bubbles: [hidden][/hidden] That image was put together with Pixlr Express using only the "Add image" and "History" tools. I'm sure you can do better if you want to used paid apps like Photoshop, or if you wanted to learn to use more than two tools, but I wanted to show how this can be done easy and free. And here's what she looked like before that: 123456 As always, I use Shutterstock for stock images because it allows you to search by model, for when you find a model you like, but you need her in a different pose or in different clothes. Shutterstock does have watermarks on the images, but you can usually avoid them -- I cut all the watermarks out of my example, except the one on her pants (and a little bit in her hair). I'm sure I could have found a good photo of pants without a watermark on them, but I took the lazy way out.
  3. The thing is that I always visualize when I'm about to go to sleep or when I have some extra time around the day, I visualize every day for about 1-2 hours, I already have been doing this by nearly 2 months and it is very difficult sometimes, at some point I just can't concentrate and I start seeing green blobs, seeing a blurry image or simply can't see nothing at all, can someone give me some advise. Sorry for my english, I'm not a good writer and I also know that I literally just started the process on creating a tulpa and can't spect to have a fully visualize tulpa in 1-2 months. - Thanks :)
  4. Without using Rasznir's Guide. My Visualization is so terrible, I can't even see the canvas and the numbers to do the exercise! And for the worst of all, I can't even see that ''Fuzzy gray form'' of JD's guide! Help?
  5. So I just started Tulpaforcing and using my own wonderland since the day before yesterday, but I've had a bit of a problem. I can visualize the wonderland just fine, but I can't direct all attention towards it as if it was a lucid dream. I've seen other posts saying on how they and their tulpa(s) were having fun in the wonderland, so is it possible to focus all attention to the wonderland, and if so, is that what other people are doing? If they are, how do you successfully direct all of your attention to your wonderland?
  6. I visualize almost all the time everyday without being able to control it, it comes at random. The thing is, this happens in millisecond/1 second flashes and my eyes are always open. When I actually try, It's just black. I try to move to my mind's eye, but I guess I don't know how?? Sometimes I sense what I want to visualize and I can barely make it out, but it's not there. I can't actually see it, and can't really understand the guides on this...
  7. My thoughtform Melian can't sing. Her voice is too soft and she can't seem to sing on key. She lip synchs to songs we listen to, but can't sing worth a darn. Also, she can't whistle. She tries but only air comes out. My personal belief is my mind constructed her that way as part of her personality. She can't sing or whistle because my mind wants it that way. It is cute. Regardless of my personal views on why that happens, I was wondering if any tulpas out there have "physical" things they just can't seem to master or that the host cannot seem to visualize them doing?
  8. I have decided to start making a tulpa today itself, but after lots of research, Ive come across a barrier as I begin to start with. People say I got to imagine my tulpa, imagine a wonderland,imagine a placeholder etc. What I don't get is what exactly do you mean? -Keep a picture of what I want in my mind and move it? -Close my eyes and in the thought voice of yours say to yourself "And infront of you is a a glowing ball of light". -Think what you want to say and 'project' is towards where you want your tulpa to be? As in, Im having trouble understanding exactly what Im supposed to do. Could someone explain this to me please?
  9. Hey guys. I've been working with Vriska a veeeeeeeery long time in this visualization stuff, and it's been like nine hours of visualization but I still can't see her at all. A friend told me that I was supposed to see her as I see normal people, but it's been more than the half of the time (15 hours) oof the visualization process so I don't know if I'm doing it well. So here's my question. I'm supposed to see Vriska like she existed phisically or I'm supposed to "see her" like with a third eye? I mean. To see her but like with the mind. Just knowing where she is, what she is doing, how is she dressed, etc but not as how I would see another human. I hope I made myself clear xD ~L. ♠️
  10. I'm making my first tulpa... So I've given her a form, and left out name, clothes, etc. so she can choose them later. The problem is visualization. I can visualize her, but she looks dim and very small in my field of vision, also sometimes I just see a random close part of her face... Is this a problem or do I just need to focus more?
  11. I am ready to begin creating my own tulpa, since I've been learning and researching for almost half a year now. I have a wonderland (albeit one that isn't fully formed yet) and have some clear goals in mind. My only problem I face is this: how do you go about creating the tulpa to begin with? Some people say they imagined a ball of light and let it take shape and personality on its own, while others say they spent long periods of preparatory time writing down their tulpa's personality and appearance beforehand. I kind of have a vague idea of some features, like gender and stuff like that if the latter is true already. What method did you guys use to create yours? Thanks, hoping for feedback soon! :D
  12. Hello, Since I was a little kid that I started to notice that some things made a lot of sense. The one i clearly remember, was this tall girl with black hair who kept always next to me, never talked, she just stood there. I don't remember the first time I saw her, although the first memory of her comes from my primary school (when I was about 7 years old) and she was standing still at the exit next to my parents who would always pick me up. When I was about 13 years old I suffered from a lot of bullying, mainly due to the fact that I didn't know how to interact with others and I was always quiet. She was my only company, but due to all the anger that I received everyday I wished that it would all stop. I just didn't wanted to recognize her anymore I wanted to be like the others, I guess. That didn't happened and the bullying kept getting worst, I was alone 24/7, had no friends and had lost any desire to have any. Depression soon started to kick in, and I had no idea on what to do, family was a mess, I couldn't talk to anyone except her even tho I knew I wouldn't have any answer it would was be the most peacefull moment I could achieve. I don't remember ever seeing her after that period until 3 years ago. 3 years ago, while I was catching the train to go to college a woman sitted next to me, only a few minutes after I looked at my right and realized that it was her and once again I had no idea on what to do. Not long after I felt into a big depression and at that time I had finally managed to have an healthy stable relationship with someone. I couldn't tell her, she (my gf) was the physical representation of the peace and company that I used to feel. I didn't wanted her to be ashamed of me, so I kept it to myself even tho I was getting worse by the day. That's when I started seeing other people and this time I would listen to them and I'd spend entire nights up listening to voices laughing, screaming and crying. Those other figures consisted on and old man and a young little girl that I cannot identify, while the last one was me when I was young. This was what disturbed me the most, it would always be in the corner crying and sometimes it would slit his throat and wrists. I couldn't handle it anymore, failed all classes, girlfriend left me cause I was simply a meat bag, I wouldn't talk or be active like I used to, I wasn't there and soon enough the first suicide attemp, then so on. I'd fill myself with pills and alchool every single time, I was so unware of reality that the last time I tried to kill myself it was on my mothers birthday. I couldn't see those people that loved me always worried and crying, running to the hospital and seeing the doctors doing what they could. They decided that it was for the best for me be in psychiatry hospital, since then until a few months ago I've been taking pills, wich I completly hate. I can't create any true and meaningfull relationship, not even with my parents after I've been into the hospital. I love to see her there every day, it brings me peace but all I trully wanted was to able to maintain that peace and safety with someone without taking the risk of listening day after day something telling me to hurt them in every way.
  13. Hello there, I have a bit of a question. I'm very early into creating my Tulpa, and I'm having a lot of trouble with his skin texture. Every time I go to try to visualise how he feels, it always changes, first being sortof like a dense mist, then a normal, human skin texture, then feeling more like glass, and today when I tried to focus on him feeling like glass, I couldn't feel anything, though he was still somehow solid. Is this normal? Is it because his form isn't anything that you'd be familiar with on earth? (he sortof resembles a tall, cartoonish, 3d shadow, if that makes any sense) Thanks in advance, and sorry for the big block of text.
  14. My tulpa is sentient, can possess me, etc. I cannot see him outside of my mind when my eyes are closed. I'm also unable to hear him unless it's in the form of thoughts. My question is whether or not you can hallucinate with all five senses rather than just sight, feeling, smell, and taste (given the situation that you'll lick your tulpa). I know that sound is very complex and you'd have to have a real life example to base his voice off of. If it is possible or not too ambitious to sense him aurally, I want to know if I should try to develop his voice along with everything else and if anyone on this forum has their tulpa fully as vivid as another being.
  15. Sorry if the question is a bit basic, but I just want to know how many tulpas are of each. Mine is a 2D stick figure. Can't tell if it's easier to visualize that way or not. What do you all think?
  16. I have just started recently trying to make the body for my tulpa in a wonderland room. I am not sure if I am visualizing correctly since all I see is black but I feel like I can sense my tulpa's figure through all the black. It almost feels like I am missing something or I refuse to open my eyes to see what's in front of me. Is this just how i'm supposed to learn or am I doing something wrong?
  17. So I have one if those brains that thoughts fly in and out of really quickly, and my minds eye is horrid (I can only see dim shapes, the can be complex but it's really dim) I don't want to skip this phase, but even when I get her pictured, a thought come up and takes it away. What do I do?
  18. So I am new to the whole tulpa thing and I want to make sure I don't mess things up. So I want to know What can I do if I mess up the model/Visualization of my tulpa? Is their a way to fix it if I add something I don't want? P.S. Can working on your tulpa for more than three hours a day make you exhausted or have major headaches. I haven't had any of these yet but I heard it is possible.
  19. I'm really horrible at this. I've been working on my tulpa for almost 2 weeks now, and I feel like I'm making zero progress. I narrate to her all the time with no real responses (Kind of besides the point I guess.) Once a day I sit down and try my hardest to visualize my tulpa for awhile. Her eyes and face and basically every feature change drastically every time I re-imagine her. I can't get any sort of consistency for the life of me besides broad attributes like the colour of her hair or eyes. Also, I find myself unable to visualize all of her at once. I can focus on her face or a part of her body but everything else kind of fades. This is a really frustrating situation for me because every day I try to set time to actively force in the hopes that I'll make real progress, but my visualization skills are so bad. I've looked around on the internet for something but I haven't really found anything that has helped me. I've heard recommendations that I should draw her but my drawing skills are bad too. Have any of you had a similar problem and overcame it in some way? And if you're just naturally good at visualizing, can you give me some advice? I'd appreciate it a lot.
  20. I wanted to share mine and Nash meditation exercise, this exercise is great for many reasons such as: - Improve hearing your tulpas voice - Practice visualization - Reduces stress - Practice your focus - Because it's fun! You can do this when your tulpa can speak and think by itself because it's your tulpa who's gonna lead a guided meditation with it's own imagination and voice, your tulpa will decide what you see around you and what you experience in there. The tulpa starts the relaxation in the beginning to make you feel fully relaxed, it could be like your tulpa tells you that you are on a meadow, feeling the grass and sunshine for example, if you have your own relaxing method that is ok too. When you are relaxed your tulpa will proceed with the mediation using it's imagination, telling you what's around you, are there creatures or trees, perhaps a garden or maybe your inside a volcano because why not, your tulpa tells you where to go and what objects/buildings to approach. You will never know what you will experience or see, their imagination might be different from your own. Meditation can sometimes feel very real and is also a great way to meet your fears before you face them in real life. If you have listened to a recorded guided meditation before it might be easier for your tulpa to understand how it works.
  21. How am I gonna visualize My tulpa in my wonderland if I'm letting her choose her own form?
  22. If you do decide to let your tulpa choose their own form how do you visualize them when forcing?
  23. Please tell me how long it took and what it's like. Like how did it happen did they just show up one day did you have to visualize them? Sorry lots of questions ^_^ also how did you train to get it to that state
  24. sometimes its hard to see my tulpa, I usually only see certain parts of my tulpa, is this normal.? sometimes when I visualize my tulpa she will be there then after some time my tulpa will fade, until I visualize again. She has a personality and form, but this visualization thing is bugging me. And sometimes I can see her clearly and other times I can't. I don't if I will ever overcome these problems, but if I can I would like to know how.
  25. Okay so yesterday I had a great idea to go into my wonderland with sunset finally. The first thing I tried once I was there was the prism test and that didn't work at all. Then I decided to go sit on the couch in the living room but sunset immediately went downstairs. Now me in realizing that I never put a downstairs in the house was quite odd for me so I decided to go down. I went down to see sunset standing at the bottom smiling at me, looking around down there it changed 3 times, once a casino, once a waterpark, finally it settle on a sizable basement with a hot tub. now this all sounds fine and dandy to all of you probably but the problem for me was that 1 it kinda felt like everything she was doing down there was kinda me, and 2 I can't get the prism test to do anything which I think means that It was me. So my main question is was it me? Or does it just feel like me?
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