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Can you please change [youtube] tag to use https so that it works?
I was reading this beautiful post and was sad to find the video not working. It seems that it is embedding a youtube url in an iframe, which firefox refuses to do with the message
Firefox Console Wrote:Blocked loading mixed active content ""

if you change the embedded url to https then it works fine.

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I concur, albeit there isn't much use at the moment for videos, they should be more accessible as people might transition to making tulpa reasearch related videos and uploading them to YouTube for a broader audience. We should be able to see that too. Also my Rick and Morty parody deserves to be seen by all who want to.
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This also means that any old videos posted before the site went https are also broken and this will fix all of them.
Any word from the staff on this? At least say you're trying or something...
"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033
I will post this here for future reference:

Apparently is a change in the MyBB templates necessary for that. Someone with access to the templates should be able to fix it.

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Thanks NoneFromHell for finding the quick fix.

It should be fixed now on all themes. I've also changed the GoMobile theme to show [youtube] tags as links instead of embeds. More than a couple such embeds on a page and things get really laggy on many phones, plus this should give the user the option to open it in their YouTube app instead if they want.
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Thanks for this and the linking error backend fixes.
Okay maybe I'm just crazy, but it looks like all of the word wrapping is gone from the forum. It's really jarring to read the posts right now, so I'm going off of how unnatural it feels to tell if anything's really changed. But since you guys did just change something, I thought I might ask here.
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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.
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Also here's a bunch of lorem ipsum text for testing:

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It worked fine when I put them into Inspect Element on a test post. I will now remove the new CSS. Then we can wait a few hours for CloudFlare to refresh its cache and we can go back to things being pretty normal again. For now if someone types like vbduivbuieprhfcohdnsp9vh9epjrosbvuep9hfbfeavbdiufoe8gfjewabfp8093fbuedafhofsdgfsdopfib89p3wjhioepp0ehif8g0epafgpeau9fohsg8pa9f09psahgf8p09euaspfhg8ep9ufh830u9ehuifydishefiioewaofphisidaphfnvdiohvsop it will make the post wide.

I'll go look into CSS that will split extremely long words in the middle but prefer to do normal word-wrap rather than split in the middle of words. If anyone knows a combination of styles that will accomplish that in all/most reasonable browsers, I would be very grateful.

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