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Kemukujara Progress Report
-- System Status --
Host: Tatum -- female, human -- status: not too terribly interesting
Tulpa: Mina -- female, fox -- status: able to speak two sentences at max

So, I've decided that, for now, I'm going to be making a tulpa. Of course, things may change later, but right now I'm pretty confident this is what I want to do.
As of now, I've only made a baseline for who exactly my first tulpa will be, but I'll leave these features open to change. This way, if my tulpa wants to alter her form later, she can do so freely. For now, though, her form is currently that of a fox. I've decided on the name Mina and her personality is more confident and outspoken. I'll try to do some sketches for what I think she looks like, but I can't promise I'll be able to post them. Also, once I can get her to speak and type on her own, she will be using this color. This might change later, but for now this is what I've got.
I think for tonight I'm going to start small by just talking to her - telling her about myself and all that. I'm honestly very excited for the whole process and hope it goes well. If anybody has any suggestions for me, please tell me because honestly I don't really know what I'm doing all too well :')

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Good luck! Smile
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Hmm, well, my suggestion is to envision your tulpa as you're doing something mundane and repetitive, so that you can focus on her and talk to her better. For example - I always envision my tulpa-in-progress swimming alongside me at the pool. I gave her the form of an aquatic creature, so she really enjoys herself there.

Are there any activities that you and your tulpa might enjoy together?

(PS - I love your avatar, Denki is awesome! Plus Ultra!)
Lord, I've been slacking. Here's what I've written in my tulpa journal so far.
I decided to start communicating with Mina on January 27, and I spent maybe 10-20 minutes whispering to her before I went to bed. I didn't see ShadowBlossom's post before I did this, but I did something like that, even if it was just her floating in a void. I mostly talked about myself, my personality and the things I like, and surprisingly, I was able to feel her presence very strongly considering this was the first time we’ve ever spoke. At first I felt a warm, friendly feeling throughout the entire right side of my body, then it became more secluded to my stomach. I felt her for the entire time, but it was strongest when I said things like, “Can you hear me, Mina?” This must have been her way of saying yes. The whole thing was almost surreal, and I honestly didn’t expect anything the first time around. I’m really excited for this process.
Mina’s presence stayed with me throughout the morning. Sometimes when I ask her questions, the warm feeling in my stomach becomes stronger, and I’ve taken that to mean yes. One thing she’s been doing is playing songs in my head. I’ve heard others say their tulpa did this as well. I asked her if she likes the songs and the warm feeling got stronger, so I assume these must be her favorite songs. Everything was going similarly to last night until I started working on my homework. At that point, she seemed to be getting nervous. My stomach would feel weird and my hands even started to get really sweaty at one point. She must be worried when I’m not talking to her. I reassured her multiple times today that I’m not going to do that, and I just needed to work on this, and she seemed to be a little calmer. However, when I was listening to music, the sweating got worse and I think she was getting emotional, especially when I played Sad Machine ( I’m not exactly sure why, but I hope she’s ok. Other than that, I did do some narrating for her, but I don’t think I was doing it very well and she wasn’t responding.
After that morning, I didn’t really feel her much. I was super busy throughout the day and admittedly, I did neglect to do any sort of narration or talk to her much. I apologized to Mina multiple times afterwards, but I think she’s still a little upset. I was going to do guided meditation before I went to bed, but my internet was acting up and I didn’t get the chance. Instead I did more whispering to her again. The warm feeling returned, only this time it was more in my chest. Sometime when I was doing that, though, I had a visualization thing - Mina and I were standing in some sort of field and I was handing her an orb. It represented determination, and when she touched it, the energy from the orb went into her body. I’m not sure if it was me puppetting or something, but I felt like it was important enough to include.
Mina still gets upset by music, but now it's only when I play certain songs, in my mind or out loud. I really don’t know why, but my chest and stomach feel weird - it’s like my body is being hollowed out by fire. I've never been emotional listening to these songs before, so this is pretty strange. She must get emotional when she listens to them. These are powerful emotions, too - I’m close to tears right now, and I’ve listened to this particular song ( multiple times and never done this. I don’t know if I should stop listening to these or not. Other than that, not much has happened. I plan to do some guided meditation today after I finish my homework.
Sounds like you have got off to a good start. Just remember that talking to them and parroting a response is still way better than not talking to them at all, as we found out. Our methods were quite unconventional, though.

What I did, and what I suggest, is relaxing and asking yourself in your mind 'How are you?' as many times as reasonable throughout the day. You don't need to do it obsessively. Just enough times to make it a routine. How are you right now? What are your thoughts on this music right now? What do you think of this tree? Is it pretty? I quite like it. It's really nice hanging over the cliff like that. Wow, the morning sure was chaotic, wasn't it?

But that's just advice. Be open to being different in the creation process. You really can't go wrong. Make sure your tulpa has access to cake, though. Yes, that.
I'm fascinated by your situation. I look forward to reading more!
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So, about an hour ago, I decided to try out a guided hypnosis video on youtube ( and while it CRASHED IN THE MIDDLE OF IT the first time, I rewatched it and I think I may have heard Mina's mindvoice for the first time. When the narrator was describing to her that she was in a library, I heard "So that's what it is" in my head, and then later when he was talking about the fact she was sentient, I heard "I am sentient." I'm not too sure if this was her or me just parroting, but I'm more confident in the things she said later. When we were doing the book exercise, I heard "Wow," then during the part where he tells her to speak as loud as she can, I hear what I think is her yelling "Hello!" I'm really excited about this because if she is able to speak already, this is some major progress. I'll be honest, at first I didn't think I was gonna go far with this, but this has really made me hopeful for the future.
Also, thanks for all your guys' support and advice. This community is honestly one of the most friendly ones I've ever been in and I'm really glad I get to spend this journey with incredibly caring people.
That is good progress regardless, because it at least means she had a channel of communication you're willing to believe. One school of thought is to assume it's her at this stage and 'believe her' that she can communicate.

Yes, this is a haven here, it's pretty amazing.
That's some fast progress! Congrats, tell Mina I said Hi Smile
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