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Poll: How many times has your tulpa changed their form?
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Tulpas changing their form poll.
A lot of people say that tulpae change their form and sometimes it happens to them. I would like to know how many times your tulpa has changed form, what form it changed into, and how long it stayed that way. Thank you for your answers!

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Mine changes for once a year or do depending on how I've changed as a person. He says he changes so suit my needs at the time. He also says he likes his current form and aside from adding a tattoo here and there he'll Probobly stay the way he is now.
Sarah has always been human but has made changes like age, face, hairstyle (she had one big change that changed her age and face) She seems to be pretty stable now, but does things like changing her hair color
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Aura likes to impersonate random anime/game characters on occasion, but her main form has mostly stayed the same over the years. The biggest changes that have occurred to her main form are hair color and/or cut, and eye color.
Mmm, Dante has never changed. I've had him about two or three months I believe. He's still the tall dark monster fella he was when we started.
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I started with a thought nebula. The thought nebula turned into an egg. The egg hatched into an anthropomorphic growlithe, and he grew into a 10 foot taller, anthropomorphic arcanine with leathery gargoyle-like wings and veloceraptor toes. Bud is pretty awesome.
I'm a shape shifter so I change species at will. Currently I look like this (the pony). I have 2 favorite forms (pony / human), and 3 favorite outfits (Assassins Creed).

Edit: The dragon in the picture is Spirit.
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Fench has kept the same form for the past year, just so I can visualize her more easily. She may change once she's imposed, but I don't think she'll change much. It's just who she is by now.
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Ok, I know I've already posted here, but Aura and I just figured out what a Lamia is and she decided she likes that form. I'm getting the impression that she's going to stay that way for awhile.
One changed frequently early on until he settled on the best one and has not changed in nearly two years. The other retains her original form, but also shapeshifts for short periods regularly


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