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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Mistgod: (a series of short dreams from our dream journal)


-I dreamed I was driving my old truck "Smaug." Two redneck guys were admiring it and one of them said "tuck in your shirt and bear the flirt." I have no idea what that means but in the dream I found it amusing.


-I dreamed I was prepping to go gold mining.


-I dreamed I was with my boss from the driving school visiting a paranormal investigator at his house. He tricked us and drugged and kidnapped us for some bizarre experiment. I managed to wake up (within the dream) and grab a big stick as a club. I was trying to sneak out.


-I dreamed I was kissing and hugging my little wife Shel. She is so cute!


-I dreamed I was back in the navy and went aboard my old ship U.S.S. Theodore Roosevellt, just in time for chow.


-I dreamed about playing Talisman


-I dreamed about stowing away aboard a cargo plane and being accidentally locked inside it when it landed.


-I had a flash dream of Melian's face, head and shoulders, like it was a photo in a magazine. It was a "celebrity shot." She was giving a peace sign.


-I had a flash dream that Melian was a member of a rock band. She was the drummer. She was on stage with the rest of the band and blowing kisses to the audience.

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Guest Anonymous

Mistgod: I had a strange fantasy based dream that was sort of a really freaky version of Lord of the Rings with a hairy version of Smeagol with yarn like hair. I was celebrating the medieval fantasy city's victory against their enemies.

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Guest Anonymous

Mistgod: I dreamed that the local nerd store/comic shop I go to had expanded a lot. They had multiple rooms. One whole room was dedicated just to older editions of Dungeons and Dragons. There was a game room with chairs and tables full of nerds doing RPGs. My wife Shel was browsing the shelves. The place was packed with nerds.

Mistgod: I dreamed I was living on a bus.

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Guest Anonymous

Mistgod: I dreamed about moving into a haunted house again (a recurring theme in my dreams). My oldest step daughter was living with us and was excited to get the biggest room. The house was enormous. Nearby or part of the house was a little shopping center made to look like a quaint old village square. It was abandoned and forsaken and also haunted. The haunted house dreams are not nightmares. I enjoy them. They are exciting and interesting.

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Guest Anonymous

Mistgod: I dreamed my family and I were at an amusement park. My wife and my step daughter got into a fake gun battle with none other than Captain Jack Sparrow, being played by Johnny Depp. In the dream it was really Johnny Depp.

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Guest Anonymous

Mistgod: Melian and I had a "dream conversation" again, like we sometimes do (call it lucid dreaming if you like, it is like continuing our day dream conversations while asleep and dreaming). We were discussing our efforts to control our outbursts and rants on the forum and help one another. We discussed the types of things we will no longer mention or post on the forum. Melian wants me to try to stop manipulating her and using her as a "mask" for writing things I want to say and putting it under her name.

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Guest Anonymous

Mistgod: I had a movie like dream sequence about mobsters and spy intrigue. These "movie dreams" I just "watch." I am not in the dream or a subject of the dream.

Mistgod: I dreamed I was a multi-millionaire with an estate that went back five generations. I owned a huge mansion. A group of impostors tried to move in and take over my house. They were all old people.

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Guest Anonymous

Sooo... yeah!

Last night was both really weird and really awesome!

I'll keep this "detail-free" for the sake of maturity, and for the sake of the younger forum members.


It started when I woke up... or rather, thought I woke up, but felt something was... fishy.

Something didn't feel right - I felt that I was still dreaming, and remember being in a weird, half-lucid state where I was able to "perceive" that, in a place obscured from my vision by my blanket, there was a creature, something, waiting to ambush me.

Something that doesn't exist in the real world, and that I shouldn't and couldn't have known was there, yet I saw it with something other than my eyes.


Which is what somewhat made me know "Dude. You're dreaming."... in a primitive sense, at least.

Halfway, kinda.


And yes, as soon as I looked past the blanket, I was attacked by that weird, dark thing and I snapped out into a sort of half-sleeping state...

... but fell back asleep very quickly, and this is where the important part begins.


Basically, I was dreamin' lewd stuff.

And thing is: When the lewd was about to get very lewd, Esterina actually stopped me from proceeding. (In case you're confused here: She's my girlfriend.)

By which I mean: I suddenly found myself unable to continue what I was doing, held back by a sort of power I couldn't resist no matter what.

I couldn't see Esterina before me or hear her voice... but in a weird, almost otherworldly way, the two of us had a voiceless, but very clear conversation about the dream... well, basically, about how she asked me to go only "this far" with women other than her, even if it was just a dream.


... during which I didn't wake up, and that's the interesting part!


During this sort of voiceless, otherworldly conversation with her it sank in that I was dreaming.

I began to understand that on a somewhat primitive level, and a sort of struggle against myself happened, where I got this really annoyed and forceful mindset of "Grrr, come on! Give me control! I am lucid... I am lucid! Give me control!", basically.

And I did get control! For the first time in my life, I had a true lucid dream!


Well, not going into too much detail - I was basically able to do whatever I wanted.

... which I kind of used to summon for myself whatever woman I felt like... maybe! >_>

But I only really understood what was going on in a somewhat primitive way; I did sort of know I was dreaming, I sort of knew who I was, and I sort of knew why Esterina didn't want me to cross a certain line - but only towards the end of the dream did it really sink in fully.

So I did indeed try one or two more times to cross the "too far"-line I had agreed to not cross - and, just like before, I would be stopped by the invisible and all-powerful "hand" of Esterina whenever I tried to, by this odd "irresistible power", with her reminding me of what I had promised earlier, again in this sort of voiceless, yet clear way.


And in the end it did fully sink in:

I knew full well who I was, who Esterina was, what was going on, that I was asleep and lucid dreaming, everything.


So I gave myself a little mental b*tchslap and, this time, summoned Esterina herself (and yes, I asked her just now, it really was her)...


... and woke up before it got interesting.


So... *cough*... yeah!

M-My first true lucid dream...!! xD







PS: She's laughing at me. ._.

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Guest Anonymous



Melian and I dreamed we were living in a dorm room together at some sort of university. I was watching the dream from my perspective and could see Melian in great detail.


This guy comes into our room and wanted to demonstrate how he is possessed by a werewolf type spirit. As he started to tell his story, Melian realized that he was planning to "transform" and get weird on us. She proceeded to kick his ass and kick his butt out of our dorm room. He seemed surprised and shocked at how sweet Melian coud be so suddenly aggressive and strong.


Melian had her hair in twin hair buns and was wearing a long pleated skirt with a petticoat (retro girly lolita style).

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