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What does your tupper wear?


What clothes do you wear?  

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  1. 1. What clothes do you wear?

    • No clothes
    • A lot of clothes/accessories
    • One set of clothes
    • I change my clothes
    • I created/chose my clothes
    • I copied my clothes from somewhere
    • I sometimes wear clothes, sometimes not

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Kay wears whatever she wants and whatever fits the situation best. Her basic outfit is a pair of jeans and an assassin hoodie, but she likes to change it up, especially when adventuring in wonderland.

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I picked from summers line of dresses and a loose long sleeved scoop neck with a waist band and a simple pair of black pants. In my wonderland I tulpaforced a hoodie with teddy bear ears and stuffed teddy bear shoulders so it looks like I'm wearing teddy bear armor, but more badass and cuddly. Also no homo, I just like to keep up with fashion.

Allow me to sum up the 1963 film lord of the flies. Piggy dies stone to the face via airmail. Not long after a very handsome black man finds the children. The children cry at the sight of the silent black man, and the movie ends.

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There's nothing wrong about keeping up with fashion... I wonder if tulpae have their own fashion trends.


Mortimer wears a blue leather collar with a silver clasp and bell. It just appeared on him one day, so he made it I suppose.

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