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What does your tupper wear?


What clothes do you wear?  

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  1. 1. What clothes do you wear?

    • No clothes
    • A lot of clothes/accessories
    • One set of clothes
    • I change my clothes
    • I created/chose my clothes
    • I copied my clothes from somewhere
    • I sometimes wear clothes, sometimes not

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My tulpa wore a fluffy coat similar to santa Claus but in pink color.

Interesting note, she was supposed to like red, yet when I asked what she wanted to wear, an image of that pink coat appeared almost immediately... Rebellious tulpa?

Chloe - That cheerful girl with ponytail.

Aigis - The male cyborg that looks like raiden in MGR.

Vixen - Half dragon female who looks like Mary in DMC3 when in human form.

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She wears nothing... too lewd for clothes.

Me, on the other hand... i wear Jedi robes.

Progress log!!

"What kind of tupper would chop off your penis, bite off your tounge, and scare the living shit outta you?" - Sorryman54 on my tulpa

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Guest Anonymous

Aria wears either a uniform, armour, a dress on special occasions, or casual clothes.

Joss only wears casuals unless it's a special occasion

Correy only wears a blue grey suit with a rainbow gem where the tie would be. Pretty much This guy

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Black t-shirt with skull motive and dark-red jeans.

All the time.


"I could change it anytime but, dude, this is awesome! Look at the skull! :3 I SAID LOOK AT IT!!"


"o-okay.. >_>"

They say great science is built on the shoulders of giants - not here.

At Tulpa.info we do all our science from scratch; no hand holding.

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Guest Fillyfooler

Nova wears a hat and sometimes a scarf. That's about it unless it's a special occasion.

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Oguigi wear no clothes most of the time.


But when she does she wears Kimonos. she wears in them different colors and patterns.


She wore them very often during the first week or two. but not anymore

The kimono now is for special moments Oguigi told me. but she'll wear them more again

after she's imposed.

pix: Link

Diary: http://ponystasha.tumblr.com


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