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What does your tupper wear?


What clothes do you wear?  

79 members have voted

  1. 1. What clothes do you wear?

    • No clothes
    • A lot of clothes/accessories
    • One set of clothes
    • I change my clothes
    • I created/chose my clothes
    • I copied my clothes from somewhere
    • I sometimes wear clothes, sometimes not

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Midori wears a simple, light green sundress with white sandals and a hair clip with two gems.


Ellenore wears a simple knee-length black dress with a red undershirt and red stocking with white stripes.

Sock Cottonwell's

Sketchbook, Journal, and Ask thread.


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Guest Anonymous

Sariah wears a blue tunic thing that somewhat resembles Link's but without a hood and more form-fitting. She also has a white strip of cloth tied in a bow around her natural waistline.

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Guest Anonymous

Clothes are for the faint of heart. A world where I can't have a naked human imaginary friend is a world I don't want to live in.

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pony no wear clothes. but she might like them in the future so i she sometimes tried out a few dresses or awsome armour with gold horse shoes and stuff. its so sparkly

Name - Silver

Form - Harpy

Sentience - fully sentient

Personality - Playful, cheerful, enthusiastic, chilled

Smell - Baileys

Stage - Narration and imposition

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no clothes, she's a pony



The thread title and poll title switching from third person to first person confused me though. Did I just vote that my tulpa wears no clothes or that I wear no clothes?


>tupper wear



Name: Lyra

Form: http://i.imgur.com/JjMxK.jpg

Sentience: Emotional responses, occasional brief vocalization

Currently doing: Personality & narration

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