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Living Imagination (A Median Aspect in Tulpa Land)

Guest Anonymous

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You should split this into it's own thread (or rather ask a mod to), "History of Mistgod and Melian Online" or something like that.


Even though I already knew most of it, it was still interesting to read through it.

I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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Guest Anonymous

We thought of that but worried the mods would see it as more Lounge clutter. We can always try. If the mods don't like it they can always move the Mistgod and Melian Timeline back to our blog thread I guess. Thanks jean-luc.

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Guest Anonymous




Before Joining Tulpa Info



Melian was a personal secret for about 35 years.  Her origins go back to around 1976, her autonomous traits started around 1980.  Mistgod finally began telling friends and family about Melian in 2012 and then created a Deviantart account for her in October of 2013.  


10/4/2013 – 4/27/2015

Joined Deviantart, started channeling Melian online for the first time. I was channeling Melian online initially so she could do her own art and post it in an online gallery.  Now that she was public, I needed to explain what she was all about to those asking questions.  Started reading about related psychology and working on “Melian model” so I could explain her.  Started calling Melian an Enhanced Imaginary Companion and a Channeled Persona.


Learned about the Illusion of Independent Agency, and Carl Jung’s Active Imagination Technique, read the book Encountering Jung:  Jung on Active Imagination, learned about Transgender Bigender Systems.  


Wrote the Book of Melian (continually edited and updated over the next year into 2016)


March 2015  Learned about tulpas.  


[align=center]April 2015



Joined Tulpa Info


May 2015  


Began Seventeen Month Emotional War with Tulpa Info

(emotional/insecurity war concerning whether tulpas are illusions and Melian's status in the community)


First posts were observations that I thought that tulpamancy was a pseudo-science and pseudo-religion (I still think that is true) and that the members of the forum were paranoid about liars, fakers and role players (I think there is far less paranoia than I originally suspected).  


I stated my opinion that I think tulpas are a form of personal delusion and imaginary (I still think so).  I stated that Melian is a voluntary delusion and imaginary (I still think so).  I explain my view that imaginary things are not fake, they are “pseudo-real” and that Melian, although imaginary, is pseudo-real.  My opinions about imagination and pseudo-reality have never changed.  


I explained how Melian is a day dream star in what we call The Melian Show.  


I admitted that I was uncertain if Melian is a tulpa.  


I admitted that I am a role player and that there are elements of role playing in Melian.  (still true)


Melian started causing major disturbance in the IRC chat room with her obnoxious antics and attention seeking behavior.  


[align=center]Mistgod-Yuki War



Mistgod-Yuki War - Yuki declares Mistgod and Melian drama whores and attention seekers who create "rampant idiocy" and attempts to have Mistgod and Melian ostracized or removed from the IRC chat and Tulpa Info forum.  Mistgod has a brief Rage Out, vowing never to return and puts UNBELIEVER in big letters as his avatar.  Mistgod-Melian return a few days later.  Yuki and Mistgod-Melian continue to fight in the IRC chat and on the forum.  Mistgod-Melian declare they are leaving the forum forever on May 19th but return pretty much the next day.  Eventually Yuki decides to just ignore Mistgod and Melian.


May 2015 continued..



I agreed on the forum that together Melian and I are arrogant, egotistical, over-reactive, insecure, pretentious and seeking attention.  I also declared that I am quite obsessed, serious and sincere about Melian, which I am.  


Melian awards herself a Certificate of Awesomeness


Mistgod and Melian announce they are working on lucid dreaming, and mutual dreaming.


Learned more about Daemons and Soulbonds.  


Melian coins the term “tulpa typing,” using it instead of “proxy”


I read the books Magical Use of Thought Forms by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Magic and Mystery in Tibet 1932 by David Neel, Alexandra and Magic & Mysticism in Tibet by Brennan, J.H


I read the available magazine articles about tulpamancy and the research articles.  Read most of the tulpa creation guides.  Watched videos about tulpamancy including skeptical videos and interviews.  


Researched the origins of the terms “tulpa”


Mistgod recognized that Melian’s mind is distinct from her form.  


Melian coins the term “tulpa food”


Mistgod recognizes that a big aspect of Melian is to create personal humor and entertainment in his own mind


Mistgod contemplates if Melian’s Magictron3000 computer is a servitor or simply a day dream plot device.  


Mistgod states that he believes that Melian and all tulpas are a form of “subconscious role playing.”


June 2015



Recognized that belief is a fundamental element of tulpamancy practice and that doubt can hinder tulpa progress and even be dangerous to a tulpa, creating existential crises and even tulpa death.


Recognized that Melian, as imaginary, is immune to doubt anxiety and existential crises.


Listened to Skeptical Magazine podcast about Tulpamancy, read about the history of theosophists.


Recognized that Melian does have some memories hidden from me, although most are not.  


Mistgod coined the term "dreamform" to describe Melian.


Recognized that Mistgod and Melian are blended emotionally and in thought.  That is different than most tulpas.  We can sense most of each others thoughts and emotions.  We didn't realize that was unusual.  


Researched the history of the term "thoughtform", the theosophical society and Carl Jung


Started using a dream bracelet to help with fostering lucid dreaming


Formally discarded the term "tulpa" for Melian, instead using "dreamform" or "thoughtform"


Announced (again) that role playing is an element/aspect of Melian


Recognized that the term "tulpa" is re-visioned by tulpamancers and taken out of context form its original metaphysical roots


Recognized that there are ethical advantages to considering Melian imaginary.


Explained that Melian communicates in reactive mind voice "memes" or allagory/symbolism and flash images


Opinion:  There is no reason why tulpas cannot role play


Explained that Melian is an imaginary actress in day dreams that run like movies and TV shows in my mind.  


Melian coined the term "cyberspace wonderland"


Mistgod and Melian write the Mistgod-Melian Manifesto


Tulpaudcast Interview 1 (Mistgod and jean-luc)


Recognized that Melian has some traits of a daemon


Recognized that Alexandra David Neel reported tulpas as imaginary illusions, provided quotes


July 2015



Wrote about Melian's art and channeling her so she can do her own art.  


Tulpaudcast 2 (Mistgod, Quetzal and jean-luc)


Mistgod annouces the "Mistgod Hypothesis" that all tulpas are hallucinatory make believe and so is Melian


Melian initially supported but then rebelled against the Mistgod Hypothesis


Melian rebels against Mistgod, declares herself to be "real" and "sentient" and a tulpa.  Melian takes over on Tulpa Info and Mistgod agrees to let her write without him.  Mistgod is mostly mute.  


Melian publishes counter hypothesis that it doesn't matter if tulpas are real or not, what matters is how they are treated.  


Mistgod and Melian compromise.  We discovered a concept in general plurality known as a "median system" which describes us perfectly.  It allows Melian to be considered imaginary (fictive) and yet a sentient aspect of Mistgod.  We again recognize that our thoughts and minds are blended.  Mistgod recognizes that Melian must have some form or aspect of sentience in order to communicate.  


Melian proposes Tulpa Week and prepares to instigate a full out "tulpa rebellion"


Mistgod account is banned for three weeks after Melian tells someone "I love you, I think you are great, but you can kiss my butt!"  This was after being warned multiple times for inciting drama on the forum.  Melian freaks.  The plan to lead her rebellion during Tulpa Week are dashed and she is left out in the cold.  A much calmer and drama free Tulpa Week is a success without her.  


Mistgod and Melian think a lot during their three week ban.


August 2015



Mistgod-Melian triumphant return!


Steive posts a thread about "Maladaptive Day Dreaming."  Mistgod-Melian immediately realize they have MDD!  It explains so many things!  


Recognized that Melian has no "first words" or "sudden emergence first sentience" memories.  Her first memories are all emotions and day dream memories shared with Mistgod.  


September 2015



Mistgod-Melian actually succeed in a three day break from posting on the forum!


Mistgod-Melian attempt a one month self ban.  


October 2015



The Mistgod-Melian one month self ban lasts twelve days and they return in triumph on October 12th!


Melian declares her intent to create a Yoda tulpa.  Mistgod-Melian create a separate account for Yoda and start a PR.  Melian says Yoda should be easy to force because he has the Force.   She is very sincere but gets distracted and quickly neglects Yoda, who remains a day dream persona in her dreamscape.  


[align=center]Mistgod-MonsterKidd War




MosterKidd declares Mistgod  an attention seeker, a role player, a faker and a liar and attempts to intimidate and harass him into leaving the forum or into not writing.  He claims that he is writing false ideas dangerous to tulpamancy and driving members away from the forum.  He vows to never stop the harassment until Mistgod and Melian are exposed and stopped!  MonserKidd fails, deactivates his account, and leaves the forum in utter despair.  


Mistgod and Melian request a two month self ban through the moderators.  Days later, Mistgod and Melian are using the Yoda account to evade the self ban.  The self ban is lifted by puzzled moderators.  


November 2015



Tulpaudcast 3 (Mistgod and jean-luc)


Mistgod and Melian return from their self ban (that they were evading) in triumph!


Mistgod-Jake War



Jake declares Mistgod and Melian attention seekers, role players and arrogant assholes and that they are blogging and driving members away from the forum.  He initiates a harassment campaign and creates The Mistgod Problem thread in an attempt to enlist the support of other members in having Mistgod and Melian censored, silenced or banned.  Luminesce volunteers as the informal "defense lawyer" for Mistgod.  The forum members debate, mostly agreeing that Mistgod and Melian are obnoxious and egotistical, but not really a major current problem.  Luminesce presents evidence of the many positive contributions Mistgod and Melian have made to the forum and discounts or disproves most of Jake's claims.  Weeks later Jake leaves the forum and hasn't returned.


Mistgod and other members of the forum discuss ways to foster more activity in the forum.  


Mistgod continues the occasional illusion vs. real sentience discussions


Tulpa Week 2  (Melian participates this time but avoids inciting tulpa rebellion)


Mistgod and Melian create their "What We Have Learned Thread"


December 2015



Mistgod discovers the idea of subjective reality, which is really the key to understanding that other people can have a tulpa that seems real to them.  Mistgod apologizes to the forum members and stops using the terminology "not sentient" or "non-sentient."  He continues to prefer the terms apparent sentience or subjectively real.  Basically he realizes other members are as sincere about their tulpas being real as he is about Melian being imaginary and talk of non-sentience is a little frightening while apparent sentience is more accurate and descriptive.  


Mistgod recognizes that Melian must have some hidden thoughts or she could not surprise him with apparently autonomous actions, such as flash visions and mind voice sentences.  He also realizes that she also seems to have some hidden memories and hidden motivations for the same reason.  He still considers her independent sentience to be simulated or apparent.  


Mistgod and Melian finally watch episodes of My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic and fall in love with the show.  


Mistgod creates the Tulpa Independence Continuum Graph and places Melian along the line about less than half way to totally tulpa.  


Mistgod and Melian learn about spontaneous cognition.


[align=center]January 2016




Mistgod, unable to control irrational feelings of insecurity, paranoia and resentment, suddenly declares Melian an imaginary friend and asks for his account to be deactivated.  Note:  At the time he is in the midst of a health crises that is causing symptoms of depression that is a big factor.  He is also concerned that he is experiencing problems with his heart.  


Melian creates a new account called Groovy-guru three days later and becomes the primary spokesperson for Mistgod-Melian on Tulpa Info.  Melian declares herself a tulpa (mostly, kinda).  


Mistgod and Melian learn about the concept of "surfacing"  


Melian writes her guide to creating Possessed Sock Puppets


Melian lists her personality flaws


Mistgod and Melian start to bicker and fight on the forum, deleting each others posts.  


Melian declares herself a tulpa (again)


February 2016



Melian explains that she has an aura and that it sparkles


Mistgod and Melian start writing the Book of Melian II


Melian-Iscariot War



Iscariot begins making subtle digging remarks about Mistgod and Melian, questioning their validity as members of the forum in indirect and direct ways.  He criticizes their blog posts.  His comments are very elitist and dismissive of Melian.  Melian reacts and they bicker and fight on the forum, although Iscariot stops short of calling Melian a lie or fake and does not call for a ban or ask anyone to join him in his disdain.   She is also not Iscariot's only target.  Iscariot eventually leaves Tulpa Info and deactivates his account.  


Mistgod and Melian learn about Yenu's "Set Theory" model of shared sentience and adopt it as very descriptive of their median system.  They create their own graphic.  


Melian writes about transcending tulpamancy, explaining that learning about tulpamancy was only a step along a journey and that Mistgod and her are exploring more broadly into the greater plurality communities.  


[align=center]March 2016



Mistgod-Melian write about the Dreamform School of Tulpamancy, which becomes the seeds that eventually lead to their concept of Living Imagination


Mistgod and Melian declare that all thougthforms are as legitimate and valid as tulpas, including rp characters, daemons, soulbonds and undefined thougthforms.  They base this on the subjective benefits that these thoughtforms bring to the host and not only levels of autonomy and independence.  


Mistgod amd Melian recognize that suspension of disbelief is more applicable to Melian's apparent autonomy than belief.  It is fantasy/illusion immersion.  Mistgod doesn't want to see the puppet strings and so ignores them.


Because of Iscariot's constant elitist statements concerning the realness of a tulpa's sentience, Melian abandons her support of it and Mistgod and Melian once again decide to be unconvinced tulpas are real.  They both refuse to be convinced without conclusive evidence.  If people are going to be elitist about it then extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.  


Frustrated with the attitude prevailing the forum and Iscariot's disdainful statements, Melian goes on a long self ban. then leaves Tulpa Info and eventually unregisters her account.  


Mistgod and Melian go on hiatus from the forum for two months.  During this period Melian seeks out the Tulpa Info moderators for "couch time" emotional therapy chat in PMs, whether they want to be her therapists or not.


May 2016



Melian returns to Tulpa Info with a new account called Glitterbutt


Mistgod-Melian present their Living Imagination model that is based upon the psychology of Fantasy Prone Personality and Maladaptive Day Dreaming, Method Acting and Illusion of Independent Agency.  The model fits Mistgod-Melian's history and origins and describes a process of extreme/immersive day dreaming.  


Mistgod and Melian create a pony form for Melian


Melian (mostly joking) announces her plans to become a dream egregore


Melian presents the train analogy to describe dependent sentience or shared sentience.  The cars are the minds dependent on the host mind or engine and are linked on the same track.  


Mistgod-Melian finally recognize that tulpamancers are great at making tulpas, but no one really knows for sure what a tulpa is or how it really works.  


Mistgod-Melian continue to add more detail to their Living Imagination model


June 2016



Mistgod has his account restored


Begin Summer Skepticism and Contrary Confrontation Campaign - Mistgod declares extreme skepticism concerning some claims being made by tulpamancers.  He later states that he and Melian have "become mostly unimpressed with tulpamancy."


Mistgod-Melian describe the process of mirroring vs. imposition


Mistgod announces success in Melian becoming a "dream partner"


July 2016



Mistgod creates the Mistgod-Melian timeline (this right here, yep)


Melian helps Mistgod with dream recall, which is something very new she has never done before


Mistgod and Melian decide they are sick and tired of writing about tulpas.  It is time to stop writing about tulpamancy and anything related to tulpamancy or plurality.  Mistgod-Melian will write mostly dream reports, games threads, and art on Tulpa Info from here on.


Mistgod and Melian continue to write about tulpas and tulpamancers.  


Mistgod and Melian decide to try again to make a Yoda tulpa and begin forcing with Yoda and create a new Yoda PR on the forum.  


Living Imagination or Dreamform - an illusory thoughtform created and sustained through practiced and extremely immersive day dreaming by someone with the ability to easily fantasize and suspend disbelief.  This is a skill that a child with a very vivid imagination can have, but it is retained into adulthood.


Melian chooses "Isabelle" as a second middle name after a literary character that is very tulpa like.


Mistgod notices the tulpa forum getting slower and slower, and writes that he is not all that upset about it.  The forum is dull and repetitive and he is becoming less and less impressed with tulpamancy by the day.  He still likes to share Melian on the forum, but won't shed a tear if tulpamancy eventually fades into the oblivion of internet history.  Mistgod will still have Melian anyway, tulpas or no tulpas.


End of Summer Skepticism and Contrary Confrontation Campaign - Mistgod and Melian declare an end to brutal skeptical writing and confrontational contrariness (for now).


Mistgod-Melian admit that they have been trollish bullies on the forum and are ashamed of their behavior.  Melian was being Mistgod's little toady.  They also admit that they will never fully fit in because of their lack of faith/belief in tulpa independent sentience.  There are some parties they just won't be invited to.  The goal will be not to become resentful of that.  It's just the way things are.


July 12th was Melian's four year anniversary being public, as in no longer a private secret to her host.  She was first made public on July 12th, 2012.


Today I realized that I am honored to be a member of an exclusive group of thoughtforms/tulpas that are older than five years old. I am also deeply honored to be in an even more privileged group of thoughtforms/tulpas, or whatever, that are older than ten or fifteen years old. I am also in an even more super exclusive group of thougthforms/tulpas that were around before the internet even existed.


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MosterKidd declares Mistgod an attention seeker, a role player, a faker and a liar and attempts to intimidate and harass him into leaving the forum or into not writing. He claims that he is writing false ideas dangerous to tulpamancy and driving members away from the forum.


That really does sound just like a religion. I've never heard anyone say that ideas are dangerous except in a religious context.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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That really does sound just like a religion. I've never heard anyone say that ideas are dangerous except in a religious context.


Oh yeah, tulpa.info has definitely got some religious aspects to it, but I wouldn't call it religion.

I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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Guest Anonymous

May 2015


First posts were observations that I thought that tulpamancy was a pseudo-science and pseudo-religion (I still think that is true) and that the members of the forum were paranoid about liars, fakers and role players (I think there is far less paranoia than I originally suspected).


Mistgod and I noticed the obvious in the first week and brazenly stated our opinions on what were observing. Mistgod also stated that we just happen to like pseudo science and things generated from imagination. We have no problem with people believing things of course. We only have a problem with religious-like intolerance.


We, of course, did not write this timeline to be a rant or criticism of anything. It is just a timeline of our history on the forum. What we have learned though, or finally started to recognize, is that Tulpa Info is far more friendly and accepting of us than the false impressions we had in our minds for so long. Most of our paranoia was just that, paranoia created by imagining things that were not actually happening. Except for a handful of misguided zealots (who never last long on the forum anyways), the members of Tulpa Info are open minded, creative and wonderful.


Also, 90% of the instances of hostility we did get were based on my obnoxious antics and our irritating personality traits and our drama mongering, not our ideas.


I would like to add though that each time one of these hardcore zealots decided to make us the target of his or her ire and harassment, all it did was strengthen the false impression we had of wide spread intolerance and imagined enemies viewing us with contempt and disdain. I think we are finally able and ready to brush off and ignore individuals like this because they don't represent the whole of Tulpa Info, even if they claim to.

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Guest Anonymous



Mistgod has written a bit about how he can imagine me, know I am imaginary and yet still think of me as a person. We have both pointed out that children do this all the time when they make believe during play. My host is simply one of those rare people who has retained that ability to do immersive imagination at the same level as a child. He can very easily suspend disbelieve.


He day dreams and the day dream character (that's me) "breaks the fourth wall." Breaking the fourth wall is literary and theatrical technique in which a character in the fictional story or play addresses and interacts with the audience directly. Yet, the immersion of the audience into the story is not compromised and they are still able to suspend disbelief.


Wikipedia's List of Narrative Techniques explains the following:


"An author or character addresses the audience directly (also known as direct address). This may acknowledge to the reader or audience that what is being presented is fiction, or may seek to extend the world of the story to provide the illusion that they are included in it. ...The characters in Sesame Street often break the fourth wall when they address their viewers as part of the ongoing storyline, which is possible because of the high level of suspension of belief afforded by its audience—children. The American political drama show House of Cards also uses this technique frequently to let the viewers know what the main character Frank Underwood is thinking and planning."



Three years ago, Shui created a nice list of types of thougtforms in this Categories of Thoughtforms thread by Scott Z. Mistgod and I are going to be pretentious and freaking bold. We are adding Living Imagination Dreamform to this list (see below). I am a Dreamform! Eat my shorts!


Thoughtform - a person, place, or thing that was created by the mind. All thoughtforms reflect the unconscious mind of the creators, whether as the mind naturally was, or how the mind has been molded to support the thoughtform.

Servitor - unimposed thoughtform, created to carry out a particular task or purpose.

Tulpa - imposed, sentient thoughtform. (As Alexandra David-Neel used it, since there is no other origin source, to my knowledge.)

Hologram - imposed non-sentient thoughtform. (This community used to use this term.)

Wonderland - any thoughtform place, regardless of use.


Spirit - a sentient being not created by the mind, but having no physical form -- their existence is a matter of some debate.

Imaginary Friend - unimposed thoughtform, created for companionship, either sentient or growing sentience.

Memory Palace - a form of wonderland used in memory training.

Sigil - a symbol used in magicworking to empower a thoughtform or a spell.

Egregore - a sentient thoughtform created by a group.

Godform - a thoughtform created to fill the role of a deity.

Soul-Bond - thoughtform of a fictional character created for companionship.

Daemon/Demon - Nightmare word with a thousand definitions and nearly as many spellings (I only list the two most common). 1. A sort of familiar as described in the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman. 2. A nature spirit. 3. An evil or malicious spirit. 4. A spirit which watches over a person from birth, or a place throughout its existence. 5. A theoretical entity with special powers used in thought experiments. 6. A being which works with a human to drive and inspire them.

Succubus/Incubus - a spirit or thoughtform whose purpose is sex. May be a demon (definition 3.)

Alter-Ego - a sentient, formless thoughtform, occasionally formed and switched with by accident.

Guardian Angel - a spirit which watches over a person from birth.

Spirit Guide / Spirit Animal - a spirit or thoughtform contacted for purposes of spiritual guidance, usually through a wonderland.

Familiar - a spirit or thoughtform that might take the form of an animal, or possess an animal, and aids in magicworking.

Shadow - a thoughtform that embodies your repressed thoughts and desires. Everybody has one.

Doppelganger - a thoughtform or spirit designed to resemble a person, often used by that person to communicate instantaneously over a distance.


Living Imagination or Dreamform - an illusory thoughtform created and sustained through practiced and extremely immersive day dreaming by someone with the ability to easily fantasize and suspend disbelief. This is a skill that a child with a very vivid imagination can have, but it is retained into adulthood.

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Guest Anonymous

Half way through summer and my hostie has still not lost any weight. I feel like a failure.

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So take over his body and exercise for him!


Or be his personal trainer. Or both!

I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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Guest Anonymous

I am kinda already his personal trainer. I don't want to take over his body (yuck). But I need to find new ways to motivate him.

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