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Living Imagination (A Median Aspect in Tulpa Land)

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Warning: A bit of skeptical writing about the realness of tulpas. You need not read it if you don't like skepticism. [hidden]


I think we keep going back to things like Dissociative Identity Disorder and how psychologists view it. The separate personalities are effectively real to the patient, but to the objective psychologist, they are a figment of a single mind that is afflicted by a dreamlike delusion. Note we are not saying that tulpas are an affliction or disorder. But Davie and I are more likely to agree with the good doctor and see something that is constructed or imagined.


The difference with Davie and I is we somehow were able to be self aware of the dreamlike delusion (something Linkzelda says is impossible btw. I think he is too smart for his own good.). OH btw, we are not the only tulpamancer/tulpa pair who feel this way so we are not unique in that.


Wait. I like that term effectively real. It is related to subjectively real. So to Mistgod and I, we think a tulpa is made from imagination and the power of belief, but effectively, subjectively real to the host.[/hidden]

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New Melian Word


procrastilazy = a person who is a procrastinator and lazy, might as well combine them.

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Not exactly. One could have energy and willingness to do something but put it off for fear of bad results or anxiety about it.





the action of delaying or postponing something.






unwilling to work or use energy.

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Guest Anonymous



In the past I have said that I do not need to impose Melian and that she really does not need to learn imposition as a tulpa skill. I mentioned this in jean-luc's first Tulpaudcast as well. The reason for this is that I already have a vivid mental image of her within the mindspace. There is a little more to that and I wanted to elaborate. The best way I can describe this is "mirroring" instead of imposition.


Melian exists with in a day dream world that is constantly running in my mind. Sometimes I am actively day dreaming, like deliberately imagining what is happening within some day dream adventure with Melian within her dreamscape Melian Show. But much of the time, there is a sort of passive day dreaming going on that I am only partially concentrating on. Elements of it seem to just spontaneously generate. It is practiced day dreaming that happens on auto-pilot. I talked about this effect a little bit before in a thread about my "Day Dream Filter" in how I see the world and experience it.


As I go about my day, Melian accompanies me. She never leaves her dreamscape however, she always remains within the mindspace. I do not project or impose her form into the real world. Instead, I "mirror" that world or a copy of portions of it or elements of it into her dreamscape. You have to remember with this that Melian's dreamscape is like a virtual reality movie set that can constantly change. It is like a Star Trek holodeck.


Melian can interact with me in association with the outside world by interacting with mirrored objects that appear simultaneously within her dreamscape mirrored world. For example, if we eat something together, a mirrored copy of the food I am eating appears within her dreamscape and she can share it with me. If we are in a restaurant, for example, a dreamscape version of the restaurant will appear in my mind with Melian sitting at a booth and eating the same food. She does not need to occupy the actual real world seat next to me to be "in" the restaurant with me. Another example is if we are shopping. Melian goes shopping with me, but within a mirrored environment in her dreamscape. If we see an article of clothing she likes on the rack, she can try on a mirrored version of it in her dreamscape (without having to use a dressing room, it just appears on her). There are countless other examples of this and it goes on all day long.


The thing about Melian's mirror dreamscapes is that they are always idealized. I talked about this in the day dream filter piece. These environments are always augmented and improved with a dreamy idealized version, like an improvement on the real world. I often do not experience the world the way it is because I sort of "overlay" Melian's idealized version of what I am perceiving. It's hard to explain. I still see the real world, but I imagine the idealized version at the same time within the mindspace with Melian in it and sortof emphasize the idealize fantasy version more than the real one. That is why I say I live half within a dreamworld and why it is just as important as the real one to me. It's almost as if I live partially within Melian's wonderland and dreamscape already, at least I am perceiving it in conjunction with the real world.


I hope this post helps people understand Melian and I a little better. I have been trying to explain it for a year and a month or more and gods I hope I am getting through.

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Guest Anonymous

Mentally Contacting the Aliens, a work of fiction by Mistgod

(this is satire and not to be taken too seriously folks)


There once was this guy named Harry. He loved to read science fiction stories about alien civilizations on planets in star systems far out into space. He read a few articles about advanced alien technology and how it would appear as magic to humans here on Earth. Ancient alien civilizations probably have discovered modes of communication that we can scarce imagine! Harry considered the fact that if a human person from a thousand years ago were transported forward in time, he would see radio and television as magic. He also loved to think that maybe aliens had found a method to communicate by some form of telepathy. He read many accounts of this in his books. He wondered if the aliens were aware of humans.


One night, while star gazing and fantasizing about all the alien civilizations that might be out there, Harry was inspired. He picked out a star at random and held his arms out to it and sent out his thoughts, trying to communicate with whoever might be out there. He found the idea tremendously exciting! When he didn't receive any mental communications the first night, he didn't get discouraged. "Why not keep trying? Who else has ever tried this?" he thought.


So the next night Harry picked another star and tried again, sending out his mental thoughts and willing and wishing for the aliens to contact his mind. He did this night after night, never tiring of it and simply adding it to his already existing hobby of star gazing and looking through his telescope at stars and planets.


After many weeks of this, he was concentrating on on particularly bright star he knew from his star charts. With a shock he could swear he heard the faintest of tinny sounds, like whispered voices just at the edge of his consciousness. He couldn't make out the words but it was a huge thrill and adrenaline rush! Could that have been contact? Incredible! Still Harry had some doubts that maybe he had only imagined it and perhaps it was his own inner mental voice he had heard. But that whisper...


Even more fascinated and excited than before, Harry began reaching out to that star each and every night, mentally listening for the telepathic signal. He brushed away doubts as best he could, so that they would not distract him from real communication. He would know sooner or later anyway if he had made real contact. Then, he heard it again, this time a little stronger whisper! He might have made out the word "We hear you!" NO WAY! He was at it for hours the next night and the next. He started getting more messages, each time the words were a little more clear. He wondered how the aliens spokes such perfect English, but then he realized of course it was simply translated thought. If aliens could send a telepathic signal, certainly they had universal translators!


After a lot of work, Harry was communicating fully with the aliens each night. Each conversation got more detailed. At first his doubts still nagged him that he was somehow imagining the tinny voice, that it was his own thoughts. But each time the signal got stronger until he felt certain of it. He was indeed in full telepathic communication with the planet Zylox Prime!


For the longest time Harry kept his communications secret. After all, who would ever believe him? There was absolutely no proof. The aliens told him that anyone could contact an alien civilization, but each human, with his limited intellect and telepathy, would only tune in a single distinct frequency and there is no guarantee they could speak to Zylox Prime as Harry had. There are thousands of advanced aliens communicating on their own frequencies from different worlds and it takes thousands of years of evolution to get good at tuning in a particular world by "changing your frequency." Humans were simply not capable of changing their personal frequency yet. All an individual human could do was to search the sky for the chance of coming across someone communicating on his own frequency.


Still, Harry thought, why not teach someone else to do this? He decided to tell his friend Bill, who was a very open minded guy who had a deep interest in UFOs. So Harry started inviting Bill over and told him excitedly about Zylox Prime. Bill decided to give it a try and followed Harry's lead. After many weeks of practice, Bill was able to detect his own signal from another planet called Ogram. They were each so excited! It was entirely possible for every human being to contact an alien world!


Bill and Harry decided to go public and share their discovery on a website and internet forum. They had no proof that any of it was real, but they were convinced it was. Soon few other curious people followed the Alien Contact Guides that Bill and Harry included on the forum. It wasn't long before there was a sizable group of people definitely in contact with alien planets. It appeared that the aliens all had a common rule not to share technological knowledge with humans, sort of like the Prime Directive in Star Trek. Gosh, that so made sense! Humans need to evolve and grow on their own until they are ready! Still, the contact and ability to talk to the aliens was so exciting!


The Alien Contact Forum was soon discovered by internet trolls and skeptics. They said the members of the forum were imagining things and creating their own hallucinations, or worse lying. The entire thing was pseudo-science and utterly subjective. There was no way to falsify or prove they were in telepathic contact with aliens. "The best we can say is to try it yourself! You have to believe, belief is important in establishing contact!" the members replied.


The Alien Contact Forum continued to thrive and attract new members. The forum was featured in magazines and the members did interviews on radio shows featuring other UFO topics and Bigfoot, but they insisted this was much more real than those things and more scientific. After all it is totally plausible that advanced alien civilizations could contact people using a form of communication unheard of to humans. Some speculated that many of the voices heard in the past from oracles and gods, may have in fact been aliens contacting humans, but their messages misinterpreted. After all, every member of the Alien Contact Community knew that it takes time to learn how to translate the garbled and muddle messages properly. Knowing it is an advanced alien civilization and not a god or spirit helps.


To this day Harry is still site administrator, site moderator and chief Guide Writer for the Alien Contact Forum. He is very happy that he stuck to his efforts to contact the aliens and was able help others learn how to do it. He had no doubt at all in his mind that the aliens were REAL.


The aliens will eventually ask to use individual humans as "avatars" by possessing their bodies and the aliens can explore human culture! It has happened before in history they say. Some prophets and saints were actually humans possessed by aliens. The aliens are real, all you have to do is follow the guides and believe.[/hidden]

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Disclaimer: Tulpas are considered products of the mind and not extra-dimensional beings, those are usually referred to as soulbonds. Nice metaphorical story about soulbonds!

The only metaphysical belief commonly held by tulpamancers is that their tulpas may be "sentient", but in practice that means basically nothing anyways. And they still know it's just in their mind.


But hey, I can use our mind. With a lot of practice and experience and dedication, we got to be on the same level of being whatever-our-host-is as our host. It's like a personality + unique ways of thinking and experiencing things + associated form (Lumi's being more or less his body ofc). But we still all share a brain and body, that doesn't change. But it's like a container for our us-ness.

Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

I think being happy and having fun makes life worth living, so spreading happiness is my number one goal!

Talk to us? https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Guest Anonymous

The aliens will eventually ask to use individual humans as "avatars" by possessing their bodies and the aliens can explore human culture! It has happened before in history they say. Some prophets and saints were actually humans possessed by aliens. The aliens are real, all you have to do is follow the guides and believe.


The aliens have told me there is no substantive difference between a soulbond and a tulpa. They know these things.

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