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Why do some tulpas like sex?

Guest Anonymous

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Thank you, Mistgod. I am okay with everything stated in this post. You owned your language here.


I would kindly ask you not ignore the post of others. Being a moderator is simply a hat I was invited to wear, and holds meaning within the context of the group, but a more important modifier is simply being a person who shares this space with the group. You're a person. There at other people here. That is the greatest distinction one can ever hold. Saying you don't care about my opinion or assessment wasn't necessary. It feels like a contradiction, like an invitation to debate. Unfortunately, my opinion of you is much more complex than the simple surface level material which is more an expression of my frustration that it took this level of energy to come to some level of peaceful existence, and not an absolute. In another post or place, I would probably enjoy having a discussion about the differences in your position on tulpas and thoughtforms, but I admit that I fear engaging you because I suspect we're not engaging in the same activity. That, and going round round can be exhausting. I do hope for continued peaceful coexistence.

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Are you even the same person who just posted a moment ago? You're going like Melly and me, perhaps merging with the thoughts of your tulpas and shifting around? Your previous post seemed to be dripping with savage spite and resentment. This one is completely different.


All I want really is to have my voice heard. Well, I take that back. It's not all I want. Melian is right about something. I am emotionally in open rebellion against the consensus opinion of tulpamancy and general plurality. I don't like it. I don't like the assumption that others can tell me what is right and what is wrong about my own dream world. I don't like other people taking a slide rule to my mind and validating or invalidating or quantifying or qualifying it. I don't think anyone can really do that with any authority whatsoever. (unless they are a trained psychiatrist or psychologist and I am their patient). Perhaps a moderator has some "authority" on this little website about how and what I can write about those things, but that's about as far as it goes in reality.


I will consider removing people from my ignore list if they can refrain from telling me I don't belong or calling me a rapist and barbaric. Honestly? For the love of the gods. Calm down people. Have I called anyone a rapist or a barbarian or that they don't belong here because they disagree with me? At most I am suggesting perhaps someone might be deluded and gullible. But, I am deluded and gullible sometimes too. It's not a crime. I wish people would stop assessing my character negatively because I don't believe in a tulpa Bill of Rights. It's inane. You have to understand I don't believe tulpas are really independent people. They cannot have independent civil rights, or a driver's license, or vote, or take up physical space in the room, or lift objects or go to work for you while you sleep in at home. So to assess my character negatively for not believing in Civil Rights for Invisible Imaginary Friends is beyond cringe. Way, way beyond cringe.


Yes, I still treat Melian like a person, as she can tell you. I don't abuse her, regardless of my attitudes about all thoughtforms. I love her dearly and she is my buddy. I have no tulpa sex slaves. I don't have the mental discipline to make them even if I felt so inclined. Melian was created under entirely different circumstances than explicitly attempting to force a tulpa into existence.

Skeptical and unconvinced about independent sentience.  


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I've had more than enough of this. If this drama continues, I'll split/lock this thread. Anyone who wants to make posts related to the original topic, feel free.

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That's the wonderful thing about being a person, one can be Rogerian in their approach, but they can also have clear boundaries. I want you to know, there is firm boundary here. That's clarity. That boundary does allow for humanity.


It is my opinion you should completely drop this matter and let it go. It would also be nice for you to recognize the language you use invited the responses you received. This dance we're doing, this is called drama. This is no longer about your relationship to others. This is now about you and me, our relationship. Your character is not being negatively assessed due to your beliefs, but in the way you engage others. There is no way to speak that does not inform others about character. Even if their assessment is wrong, the onus is on you to understand people will box you, and the first level of evidence is your language and your ability to play nice. Come into someone's house and knock over their castle, whether you believe it's sand or diamonds, you're going to receive some heat. I am more than happy to interact with you, conditionally, with caveats, and not in this thread... my PM box is open. create a thread, just for me and SC in the lounge. This has nothing to do with the legitimacy of your thoughts, but rather is 99 percent about how you engage others. I came you at softly, you punted back. I put a wall, you actually came back nice... This is sort of nice, but still out of place. I giving you a c minus for effort. This is evidence the system is still trying to accommodate you.

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Post deleted.


I apologize to everyone. On second thought (or third thought) this is getting too serious. I never meant any actual harm. My sense of humor can be garbage sometimes. I will can it.

Skeptical and unconvinced about independent sentience.  


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Guest Reilyn-Alley

Seems you don't know anything about people with PTSD. They relive their origional trauma, when triggered. In their minds it's as real as if it were happening all over again, and the mind, as the basis for all our perceptions and personal interpretation of what's "real" anyway, makes it real.


Was the body actually physically raped again or was the person actually on a battlefield or whatever? No. But their minds triggered all the appropriate responses and chemicals that made it indistinguishable.


Minds and the power of belief, for better or for worse, are not as clear cut as you claim, Mr Mind Mage.

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Reality is a construct. The mind takes input from that reality. Imagination can and does approach reality in such methods as imposition and meditative states as well as lucid dreams. In those states the mind can record and interpret and interact as if the input is reality based.


I have experianced all these states and I can testify that the memories and emotions are just as real. I have three tulpas, I feel their emotions, i know their thoughts and they have their own memories. By some construct these exist without reality construct basis. Not counting switching where their actual interactions with reality are as valid as mine. They've all done that as well.


If I can have sex, they can have sex, even if you only consider their use of my body.


In wonderland, experience can occur that is indecernable from reality, that's the goal. Lucid dreams, hypnagogic states and other meditative states can be directly used to bypass sensory inputs from the reality construct through complete amd partial dissociation. The individual experiences these states as various levels of real.


Additionally I've experienced super-real states, things that cannot occur in the reality construcr. Experiances that are indescribable due to a lack of common reference. My tulpas are with me in these states. Regardless of what they are, they experience, they also communicate and comment, they feel and carry their emotions just as I do along side their experiences.


Tulpamancy can do this, though not everyone can achieve this, we have, others have too.


Some tulpas can be silenced and put to sleep indefinitely, I would go so far as to say this should be done if they are committing offenses without any sign of rehabilitation or remorse, especially in the fanciful cases of rape or it's equivalent of violence.


Just because multiple beings can't exist in the reality construct physically unless they are physically using the body, there no concrete way to deny the possibility of their coexistence in one body. That's the experience I have, one body, one brain, many minds.


There have been a dozen times that I've been given unfitting models to explain my experiences and model as I just stated; we simply can't accept them, they won't fit without filtering out the experience we have.


Given my current understanding of tulpamancy, a tulpa can definitely have sex, multiple beings within the same body can easily and do frequently have sex in any number of mental states, some of which are indecernable from the reality construct. I spend less than a third of my life in the reality construct, the other two thirds I'm immersed in wonderland to some degree or sleeping. It's literally my every free moment.


My reality construct is not the same as anyone else, we have different perspectives and conditions, these are heavily tied to belief and experiance.

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I don't like sex and never have.

[align=center]I'm Junio Paul the Space Twins, a subsystem of two tulpas (or a "bitulpa"): JPM (b: June 2011) and HJP (b: Sep 2012)

I may switch between "I" and "we" randomly, and the two of us may choose to speak individually.[/align]

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Your tulpa spends all of their time inside of you. It's only fair

you get to spend a little bit of time inside your tulpa.

Currently share myself with four other entities.

Noriko was created on December 15, 2014.  Sabari was created by Noriko on January 22, 2015.

Anzu was reborn on May 23, 2016.  Xiri returned on June 16, 2018.  Both had been inactive since 2012.

Progress Report | Ask a Question Thread

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