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Why do some tulpas like sex?

Guest Anonymous

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I like that this topic is still being discussed. Sexuality is a much bigger variable than simply biology. So many other factors influence it... Culture is just one factor.


I don't know if I would advise anyone not to 'get caught up in' or be 'obsessed' with a thing, even if it's 'sex.' Those with low drives tend to be annoyed by people with high drives. People who are more conservative tend to be annoyed by people who are more open. American culture can be fairly obsessive about it, as it comes at us through almost all the media. But if a person is interested, tulpa or not, they should be encouraged to explore all aspects of it. That said, within any system, there has to be negotiations. As a person, I have high interest in the subject, sufficient that from a particular perspective I might be considered obsessed... I am interested in clinical aspects, physical and psychological. Even an asexual person, someone who just isn't interested, is still influenced by the surrounding cultures and expectations. And that's the thing that really needs to be discussed the most- the expectation that we hold is simply not applicable to everyone, and the only way to really know another's perspective and position and feelings is to talk about it. Kind of just like what we're doing here. This subject isn't going to go away... It's too much a part of our lives. After all, it's how we got here, directly or indirectly. :)

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I really don't know how to answer this one myself. It may come out of the personality forcing part of the process and what we have consciously and unconsciously asked our companions to be. I know that in general Reilianna does not like sex except on very rare occasions. The only times I can think of when she has actively sought it out was when we were working on posession a couple of times.


I do know that I have experienced a larger number of sexual type dreams since Rei's birth, and this number has spiked a little higher since Alena's birth a few months ago. It makes me wonder if they are influencing my dreams and expressing what they want while I sleep and have far less control of our shared brain space.


Overall I'm still very new to the whole tulpamancy thing and I have far more questions than I do answers on a regular basis, but I figured I'd put in my two cents here.

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Do they desire sex?

My tulpas have proven to me that the desire is real, my PR decribes it in more detail.


Would they enjoy it?

I believe, since we can share emotions, and sex is certainty both an emotional and fanciful affair, that they would get as much out of it as anyone.


Can they orgasm or get anything out of it?


Where there's a will, there's a way, even without the host's intimate involvement, but we better leave our experiance of this to the imagination.


As with anything tulpa, only as much as you personally believe they would.

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I remember answering to this thread back in 2016, but I deleted it lol


I think tulpas get horny/want sex because, well, technically, they have a body even if they don't use it, they're still affected by the brain, and just as they are able to feel love, they can feel desire too I guess, tbh, I have no idea why they do, it's just my opinion. Akai answer is always a 'it feels good when you love someone' and that's about it.


Tulpas can feel satisfaction because they expect it to happen, the mind is able to reproduce anything the body has felt before, if you've experienced an orgasm before, well, then your tulpa can too, even if you haven't, the brain is good at fulfilling expectations, expect it to feel good and it will. I consider tulpa sex to be real in the sense that it can make you feel what real sex does, love is something you definitely can feel even if you're just imagining it, lucid dreaming it's perfect when it comes to this, it feels 100% real.

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Um... why is there porn on the internet then? For aesthetic?


I'm not talking about masturbation to porn. I'm talking about sex in your mind, with a tulpa. It is a very strange thing to do, I think.

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Guest Reilyn-Alley

There are 5 pages of talking about this, did you read it all or just see the title and declare it strange without reading other people discussing it? Tulpas are people too and considering everything I've read says typically women don't even get to experience orgasm during sex because typical men are bad at it and are only interested in their own pleasure, taking it to a mental and emotional level, free of STDs or whatever doesn't sound so bad. You should stop and think just how real you think tulpas are before you criticize them wanting to try out some fun themselves. There's a huge difference between the mentality of "why would you sleep with something fake" and "there is another person sharing my head and body that wants to try some stuff".


Ttheir options are pretty limited and they are likely to have an already deep personal connection to their host along with well-developed trust. They aren't liable to go running around bragging about it either or spreading rumors. Some people have very vivid wonderlands or are good with lucid dreams and I would assume that would make the act feel about as real as it can get, without any of the gross cleanup. Our visualization isn't very good though so I can't claim to know any of this firsthand. You are aware that lucid dreams and stuff feel real, right? Stuff in head space stuff less so but for some that's close enough.


So.. Why not? According to society, making a tulpa is already a very strange thing to do, so why care what anyone else thinks?

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I've read says typically women don't even get to experience orgasm during sex because typical men are bad at it




Putting this in hidden tags because it's kind of off-topic:


What sources said that it's because men are bad at it? Feminist sites? I don't think that's true at all. We have a female body and we've struggled with not being able to feel pleasure, and the sources we've read said that it's because a woman really has to be in the right headspace for it. She has to be both relaxed and turned on, otherwise she won't be able to enjoy herself. And, in our experience, it's really hard to get in that state of mind for sex. It's ridiculous to say it's the man's fault, what's he supposed to do? Our husband gets just as upset about us not feeling pleasure as we do, it would be really shitty to say it was his fault.




It's probably hard for someone who's spent their entire life connected to their physical body to grasp what it's like for tulpas. When you spend your entire life in an imaginary body and haven't learned to front yet, sex can of course feel good. It's called the placebo effect. They can simulate pleasurable experiences in their imagination, and it works because they expect it to feel good. And I'm sure a lot of hosts can do that too.[/align]


I can say that for us, imaginary sex used to be a lot more enjoyable before we really started fronting. I think it lost a lot of its charm after living a strictly imaginary existence lost its charm. I feel like we could still get something out of it, but it would feel inferior to actually using the body. It probably all depends on one's frame of reference to enjoy imaginary sex, whether they're already used to the imaginary or if they're used to using the body.

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Guest Reilyn-Alley

Sorry, I dunno what I'm really talking about when it comes to sex. I just knew the part about needing to be stimulated emotionally and intellectually, neither of which even requires a physical body and can fail to occur despite having one. That was what I really meant, trying to stay on topic.

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