Am I doing things correctly?

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Hey. I'm new to tulpas (literally learned about them yesterday morning) and I've decided since I have the time, I'm going to make a tulpa.

His name is Kat and he has red hair, and any eye color he wants.

I'm going to let him choose his name once he becomes vocal.

So, it's only been a day now since I made him.. and I'm really scared I'm not doing it correctly. I'm scared that I'm puppeting him sometimes. I've only finished his form and I'm working on his expressions and the way he moves etc.

Yesterday, I noticed that he changed the white shirt I gave him to a pale yellow. I was really surprised by this. Also, I'm really good at visualizing because.. that's what I literally do when I daydream in school and when I try to fall asleep. It's super easy for me to imagine anything in my head.

Last night, also, I heard a voice in my head. I didn't parrot, and it didn't sound like my voice. It sounded like a generic male's voice. Like the ones you hear on a GPS. I questioned, "Would he like this?" when thinking about some voices for him, then I just heard in my head, a different voice from mine, "I don't know, would he?" Something along the lines of that. But it freaked me out and I started sweating cause I had no idea where that came from. It was creepy, lol.

Now then, I know this is normal but he's not really doing anything but emotional responses sometimes and head pressure.. a lot of head pressure. He does emotional responses when there are loud noises that I usually don't react to (which are normal in my house,) for example construction or my dad unlocking the door and opening it when it is really quiet, or when my brother rages due to losing or dying in a FPS game.

What I'm really scared of, however, is that he's not doing anything in the basic wonderland I created and will be working upon, which is basically a giant grassy field. He's just.. stationary. I don't know if he really does anything, maybe because of my intense fear of puppeting is holding him back from doing anything. Or it's maybe because I haven't made the basic movements for him yet. I've heard stories of tulpas already moving at late day 1 so I'm really scared I'm doing things wrong. But, I've been narrating throughout the day the whole day yesterday, thinking about what he would say if I did something, and just coming up with traits for his personality, such as friendly, funny, adventurous, witty.. yeah.

Now then, I'm going to repeat this again, have I been doing things correctly?

Also, are there any tips/advice you guys can give? Thanks.. ;-;

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To be frank, I don't think there's any one "correct" way to create a tulpa, outside of some basic guidelines. Tulpas are individuals much like ourselves, and grow at the pace they choose. Yet if you remain anxious, you can certainly reference one of the many guides available.


If you're being honest, I think you're doing a great job. When I first joined, I'd been told that a tulpa's voice may at first sound "weird", not unlike text-to-speech programmes or Global Positioning Satellite announcers. I would take the shirt change as a good sign as well - tulpas do deviate on their own, yet the changes can be incremental or minimal inasmuch as they could be drastic.


Have you considered demonstrating body-mechanics or movement to him? Although he may have begun to cut his teeth upon vocality and simple changes like clothes, perhaps he still requires instruction or ability to articulate himself physically. Remember that at this stage, he must literally take baby-steps until he can walk on his very own.


Best wishes to you both.

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Some good advice my host wrote to someone having vocality issues - ignore the stuff that doesn't apply to you since it was written for someone else, but it could help.



Puppeting is not a bad thing and is practically unavoidable. Don't get caught up in trying to make every single experience "legitimate" this early on because they won't be. That is to say, before your tulpa is even developed, they literally can't have an organized will or thoughts. You may hear things that are tulpa-like (maybe what they'll actually eventually sound like), but consider it the goo-goo ga-ga's of a developing tulpa. You may have the beginnings of your tulpa learning to (exist) think and talk, but don't take everything they say or do (like change appearance) too seriously. They will have all the time they need to change themselves later on. A tulpa that young "changing" their shirt color by randomly appearing in a different shirt color, is really a frivolous thing to worry about. They aren't gonna hate you for making them wear white instead of yellow. Extending that, they'll probably become comfortable with however you decide to see them over time just because you like it, and so associate positive feelings with the appearance/traits. And if they don't, they can tell you that once they're clearly vocal, and you can change it. The goal early on is not to achieve success/a complete tulpa, it's to teach your brain how to have a tulpa in the first place. Imagine them talking, acting, how they'd think or react to different things. Talk to them like they're there, listen for responses like they're there, but don't get caught up in trying to decipher what they "say". Unless you feel strong feelings that they'd like something a certain way (positive ones attached to a certain name or form you imagined), go with what you're comfortable with and they'll probably become comfortable with it too, just based on living in the same mind. Everything can change later, even form and name, if need be. It's been done hundreds of times. But don't take whims so seriously before your tulpa is relatively well developed, because that's all they are, if that. If that whim sticks around over time then maybe it is a change they'd really want.

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Can tulpas communicate through images? I've been forcing for maybe 3 days now and have been feeling slight head pains in one part of my head when I talk to her sometimes. But last night I was trying to sleep and I suddenly got a seemingly intrusive image flashed before me and I didn't know where it came from. Then a few more images came after that and seemed to be focused around eyes. I'm not sure what that means, if anything. Any feedback?

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Guest Anonymous

Yes. Many people have reported having these flash vision experiences. I have for decades. I personally believe it is related to dreaming or other forms of visual imagery that sort becomes practiced and second nature. You have been practicing visualizing an image. It isn't surprising something related to it would appear in your mind spontaneously. I don't believe that in itself means much as far as "an intelligent entity." You can find similar spontaneous visualizations and thoughts in almost every heavily practiced endeavor, especially if it involves mental visualization.

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The maxim in my family is "if you want a tulp' to become like a person then treat them like a person." That means saying 'hello' each morning like you would for a friend (as an example).


When a tulpa is immature they need your concentration on them to be able to move about and think. Gradually they develop their own ability and eventually can "force" themselves (I deplore that term).


I think I've become rather personable over time. I "sure as heck" don't need my tulpa-maker's concentration anymore to function (I'm almost 4 years old). Some tulpas get to be like that, living their own life - but, that's a personal choice.


About the fear - don't worry so much. Tulpas tend to develop well if you have even a sliver of concern for their well being. So give up your fear.


Perhaps look at it this way: In my experience a tulpa starts as a personification of your self-love and gradually develops their own personality. We are almost entirely composed of mirror neurons as far as I can tell (taking the psychological view of tulpas). That gives us a "head start" in being compassionate and in empathy (excuse the pun).


B.t.w., Welcome to the world Kat. It can be a very beautiful place.

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