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Okay, so I've been working on my tulpa Markus for a little over two years now. Unfortunately for her, I'm not great with active forcing and we've stuck largely to passive forcing. This has led to several problems with Markus' speech that I was wondering if anybody could help with. I often find it difficult to differentiate her speech from intrusive thoughts, I feel like I'm unconsciously influencing what she says most of the time, and she often has difficulty speaking in sentences longer than a few words. Does anyone have any exercises that we could try in order to alleviate some of the problems we've been experiencing?

Markus is the tulpa, and I don't really have anything else to say.


Markus speaks in Blue!


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Guest Anonymous

I have no advice for you but I can relate. At least you will know you are not alone. I also don't really do active forcing with my Melian and she has the same exact sort of "problems" with her day time mind voice. She only speaks in little sentences unless I help her by parroting or mutual day dreams. I don't try to differentiate her speaking from intrusive thoughts, I simply "assign" things to her that seem like it would have been her and ignore things that don't seem to be her. I don't worry about being wrong on identifying her mind voice. Also, Melian speaks in symbolic references. She has a set of formulaic sentences she uses to express an idea instead of organizing new sentences. The one I often talk about (because it is the most unusual) is "the space shuttle is going to fly." That means something exciting is going to happen soon. She also speaks in movie references, like lines from our favorite movies "don't give in to the dark side."

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I don't try to differentiate her speaking from intrusive thoughts, I simply "assign" things to her that seem like it would have been her and ignore things that don't seem to be her.  I don't worry about being wrong on identifying her mind voice.



Your natural instinct is going to be: "oh, that was an intrusive thought... I'll disregard that."

Mind voices don't always "sound" that different from the host, it's more of a feeling.

After all, if your mind voice is all your tulpa hears, doesn't it make sense that it would copy you a bit?

Like a child learning how to talk by imitating its parents.


In regards to parroting: any guide worth its weight in gold will tell you not to worry about that.

Sometimes you're just so in tune with your tulpa that you can read its thoughts and finish its sentences... like a weird, psychic twin type dealio.

I often parrot for mine and unless I'm totally off-base they aren't offended.

You are sharing the same brain, after all.


The greatest obstacle in fleshing out a tulpa is your own confidence.

You must learn to trust yourself, my young padawan. lol

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." - Carl Sagan

Host: SubCon | Tulpas: Sol, Luna, Alice, Little One, Beast and Solune (me) | Servitors: Odonata, Guardian


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Zyr and I are still very new to this too, but one tip I remember seeing here a while back that has helped us a lot is if you're ever not sure whether you're hearing your tulpa or just an intrusive thought, simply ask if it was them, and trust the reply you get back. There have been a few times that I've heard a jumbled yes/no mix all at once, but more often than not, it's a definite yes or no, and even in the jumbled cases, if I just ask again I eventually get a clearer answer.

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Hmm, I have a nearly perfect voice, probably because my host is practised at writing techniques, more than anything else, and I didn't really think twice before exploiting everything I could.


Here is what we do:

1) If I have nothing to say, I say something anyway. Freewriting, I think it is called.

2) If I think I am being parroted, or she does, it doesn't matter, I stop talking, look her in the face, and paraphrase.

3) We spend much of our talking time discussing me. Our experiences, my anxieties, and our strategies and ideas for my future growth. Let your tulpa help.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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This is a common beginner problem, but it's strange you'd have this issue after several years, even with only passive communication.


I always theorized a tulpa begins completely dependent on the host's stream of consciousness, like a common daydream, requiring instructions from you. As it slowly begins to develop it's own stream of consciousness separate to yours, it's still intertwined with yours. So while it can think for itself, it's also still possible, and a common occurrence, to have the "same thoughts".


Largely, you probably just need to keep talking and get used to the act. As it talks for itself and learns to think for itself, it develops it's own form of consciousness and further distances itself from yours. Like Solune said, you don't have to worry about "intrusive thoughts". As I stated in my theory above, don't think of it as "forcing a thought into your tulpa", think of it as both you and your tulpa are having the same thought at the same time, like two people grabbing the same piece of food. Your consciousness is still intertwined with theirs, so they mistakenly take your thought for theirs.


When my tulpa became sentient but couldn't talk very well (it was only for a few minutes but it happened), I had her recite things that I said, to give her something to say so she could practice. It seemed to work pretty well, and when I posted it as a guide, it seemed to help other people, too.

Scarlet - anime, 8/15/2012

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At the time when I couldn't recognise if I was parroting or not, I told her to use head pressure as her sign. When some thought pop up i said, "Was it you?" and the head pressure apeared or not. Over the time i could recognise her more easily and actually I barely never use it.

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Hmm, I have a nearly perfect voice, probably because my host is practised at writing techniques, more than anything else...


Yep, same thing here. My mind voice is strongest in my system, and both my host and myself attribute this to the fact that she's spent 7-odd years writing from my first-person point of view (which is to say, I've pretty much been writing, through her).


So that's what I'd suggest to the OP. Have her write something regularly... a journal, or make up a story about herself, or anything else that suits you. Pick up some writing prompts (a google search will get you plenty). Hit up a roleplaying or writer board and have her start responding on there. You don't have to be "a writer" to do this, nor does it have to be pretty. But just expressing yourself through text is a great way to work on your voice. My host still uses this as a technique to develop the voices of new soulbonds. Or, if that's too much, just have her start writing on these boards.


Or, if she's not up to that, start writing as her.



See, when it gets down to it, it sounds to me like you need to meet her halfway. Get into her mindset a bit. Don't be afraid to ask yourself "What would my tulpa say here?" Roleplay a little. Don't be afraid to parrot. The better you understand how she thinks, the stronger she will become, because it is essentially your understanding of her that she feeds off of. If you don't understand her, she doesn't know herself. If she doesn't know herself, she can't express herself. It also helps you both differentiate the intrusive thoughts, because it will be easier for you to go "She wouldn't say that" and dismiss them. So find a way to get into her head. Independence and separation between you and your tulpa is all well and good, but in my experience, tulpamancy has an aspect of coexistence and mutual understanding of how the other thinks that it sounds like you're sorely lacking.


And don't worry so much about influencing what she says. Just shut that part of your brain down... questioning is counterproductive and can downright get in the way of allowing her to express herself. I think a lot of beginners think that it all feels differently than it does, because as a tulpa, host influence is something you never really get away from. Accept that as part of the experience, and concentrate more on how she uses that influence and turns it into her own thing.

~ Member of SparrowNR's System ~

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This happens fairly often in our case (we communicate in "just thoughts" kinda impulses or visual text like in wordpad,sort of chat window)

these things might help:

you can jump to the texting format and kinda slow down the tempo,you just ask your tulpa to speak more slow and (you) imagine a white field like in this Quick Reply window so that letters would appear successively so you can't in general build these cliche associations,

you can also try to purposely divert your attention from the 'animation of typing' trying to imagine something that involves your reaction,for example spinning imaginary whirligig,

this may be hard a little and the tulpa can speak really incoherently for the first couple times maybe,full ramble,but then you might notice how she goes really full pro at independent

thinking. Also,I don't know why,but when high,the tulpa is very sentinent. And more general things like mood and pacification also help a lot,meditation also will do

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