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Tulpa's DIY tulpamancy guide

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Eh, I'm not convinced. Seems like my host thinks a lot less when I am active. Disprove that.


Heh. Roles is just a word, man. Of course their are no roles, but the roles you make for yourself. Far out.


It's not about disproving it. I think it does happen to you. I at least as of current think it has something to do with how a tulpa is made. If they are made via roleplaying or "Wearing a mask" like I was, the brain is not used to parallel processing. It's used to only one being active at a time, and has got along just fine like that. It took years for me to develop full independence, the absolute lowest estimate possible would be two years and on the higher end it would be around four to five.


Meti, however, who was created without any parroting, roleplaying, or anything of the sort, has independence down just fine. We have never had issues with her only being active when I'm paying attention.


While roles might just be a word to you, to others it is not. Some will read it as saying that a host and a tulpa are two separate classes of existence, and that the host role is superior. History is filled with people doing absolutely horrific things to others because they thought they were some kind of "Chosen by god" race that was inherently superior to the others.

Doc: Childhood friend turned servitor gone rogue turned host who's bad at feeling emotions.

Meti: Overly lewd Tupper.

CT, who is also called Jeremy: Original personality whose default emotion is anger.

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full body possession does not require one to associate with the body, only control it. Not sure where you are coming from here. But that feels very different from a switch.


Get good enough at full body possession and it will be identical in feeling to whoever is in control, switching included or not. Switching also does not require one to "associate with the body". Switching is all about what the one not in control does.


Seems like my host thinks a lot less when I am active. Disprove that.


Doesn't have to be disproved. It just means you folks have a lot of practice left to be able to be properly independent.


About roles, what was said above. Well, I don't think you'll create a TULPA HITLER by saying there are "roles", but I do think it will limit people because they get the mindset that these roles exist.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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DoctorFoxWolf, it is my current theory that you parallel process really well because you have at least one (extra) thoughtform over ten years old.


Okay, geez, fine, I guess you really shouldn't trust your audience to have any common sense. I get the message and will baby proof the document.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Okay, geez, fine, I guess you really shouldn't trust your audience to have any common sense. I get the message and will baby proof the document.


Yes. Those who would read guides are generally new to the community, and thus very impressionable since they have no prior experience.

Especially since if you haven't noticed from all the guest lurkers, many people just come and go, never directly interacting with the community and getting this kind of thing cleared up and explained.

Also as much as I love humanity, I really don't trust the average person to have a whole lot in the way of critical thinking, let alone the mindfulness required to eliminate confirmation bias caused by something being the first thing they read. And then there's how when people are new, they will take things literally, so if they have no prior knowledge on what "host roles" or "tulpa roles" are, they'll see them as important since they were obviously important enough to mention.


Sorry if it seems like I'm driving it into the ground, I'm just trying to explain my reasoning.

Doc: Childhood friend turned servitor gone rogue turned host who's bad at feeling emotions.

Meti: Overly lewd Tupper.

CT, who is also called Jeremy: Original personality whose default emotion is anger.

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Tulpa's guide 2.oh OUT!




-Added table of contents.

-Added introductory paragraph.

-Added section expaining what a tulpa is.

-Added section on the community.

-Added section on balance and life.

-Added section on getting started.

-Added very frequently asked questions section. (10.6)

-Fixed the glossary. (10.7)

-Added notes section. (11.)

-Added test Sleep Walking. (8.4)

-Made The Dark Arts exercise (6.19) worse by elaborating it and expanding it.

-Added Tulpa Word Association Exercise (6.17)

-Very subtly and imperceptably, unless you look really closely, reworded a few exercises to satisfy some unnamed beta readers.

-Reformatted a few things.

-Some tweeks, clarifications, and added tidbits.


Someone please tell me really quick if the table of contents is broken. Also, keep an eye out for broken in document links.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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-Made The Dark Arts exercise (6.19) worse by elaborating it and expanding it.


-Very subtly and imperceptably, unless you look really closely, reworded a few exercises to satisfy some unnamed beta readers.


You seem salty about a few things.

Hi, I am Sam. LostOne's (Or Kelly's) tulpa, first one, started back March 16th of 2016. - https://community.tulpa.info/user-lostone


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You seem salty about a few things.


The tulpa communities are the epitome of maturity.


Also sheesh 89 pages. That's going to take a long time to get through, so you're going to have to wait on the review. Few things I can say right off the bat: the linking between forums and Google docs is very annoying. I know why, because you ran out of space. I would almost suggest reposting the guide as a new thread so you can have as many posts as you need at the start to post what you want. Your previous way of handling the exercises was far superior to this.


A quick look at your "what is a tulpa" thing that I didn't read in much detail yet as it's late for me, are you sure this has anything to do with your guide and shouldn't be an article instead that you maybe link at the start of your guide? I can also see some titles that might break the meta rule, but I'll tell that for sure when I get there.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Alright, you actually have a guide part to this now to make it a general guide. So I'll judge it as such. You also want something professional, so I'll also treat it as such. To begin with, your use of "tulpamancer" and "tulpamancy" and such words. As they are joking terms, they are extremely distracting, especially when used like every five words or so, like some kind of a parrot that just learned a new word. If I wrote a guide and replaced every instance of "tulpa" with "tupper" or "tupperware", that would be about the same. Your exercises don't use these words and they read so much better.


You also basically didn't change much in the most problematic exercises. Until the necessary changes are done, I can't and won't approve this. Please re-read like, the last few messages I have written about the exercises, because the problems are still the same and my suggestions are still the same. You basically didn't fix the problems and then just decided to add more text that had more problems, so you're making this a long and difficult project to all of us to handle.


About why I thought your system of hiding the exercises with the tag was far superior to this long list: it was much shorter when you looked at it, so less intimidating. People will definitely be put off by 89 pages. It was also easy to read the titles and open up an exercise that sounded interesting. It was also easy to close the ones you didn't want to read and jump to another one without having to scroll through a lot of text that you didn't want to read. It was a smart system that made use of the platform you made the guide for, a forum. And it's always great when you use the features offered to you for a better experience.


Though there's nothing wrong with also having a version that is just the text laid out in the open. Some might prefer that – and it definitely becomes easier to print, if someone wants that. Or copypaste.


What is annoying is the cross references from one section to another, though.



More random thoughts:


In your exercises, you write the category part with a lower case letter but the relevance underneath with a capitalized letter. It… Really bugs me?


Titles also have weird capitalization sometimes. Do and is are normal verbs and you're not following the form of title capitalization that would leave short words uncapitalized. So why aren't they capitalized?


I also decided to use the tags that hide the text in this review, because your text is long and my review is long. There's a ton of stuff. It'll be difficult to read probably, so I'm hoping this will make it a bit easier to take in as chunks. Taking it in all at once is probably too much. I'm splitting it into three parts: pre-exercises, exercises and post-exercises. I tried not to quote too much because that'd be even more text, but it does mean the context might be slightly lost, so I suggest following the guide at the same time. Now let's see if I have to double post.


Before the exercises stuff:


Hello! So you want to be a tulpa(mancer)?


What is with the parenthesis? Do I want to be a tulpa? I either am or am not, I can't become one if I'm not one. This makes no sense.


Probably not.


uh why are we reading your guide then



The whole what is a tulpa section is a bit odd in a guide, which is why I'd suggest submitting it as an article and linking it. Like, there's good stuff there and some interesting thoughts, but it is ultimately your opinions and experiences with [citation needed] sprinkled in. Not exactly something for a guide, but an interesting look at this nevertheless. Write a simpler bit for the guide that has less theories from your part and then be like "here's more of my thoughts of tulpas and how they connect to other things" or something?


So I'm not really going to pick it apart, because well, I don't really pick apart what I see as an article unless it says things I really am against?



The community part is even odder and has really no reason to be in a tulpa guide. This is about creating tuppers, isn't it? A newcomer shouldn't read about a community in a guide. Especially when this is, again, your opinions and experiences. After people in this community called you out on certain things, so it even tastes salty. You already have some terminology at the end, you don't need a chapter saying "lol these words I hate are weeeeird and these words I like are totes the ones used in the community and are approved!".


If you post this somewhere else, like on your tumblr blog or something if you have one and it actually might be an introduction to someone? Well, there's some merit to having a chapter like this, but it's out of place here. But consider if you really want to present your opinions and experiences as a fact in a chapter like this.



Unfortunately, or fortunately, it is now the official term for the practise.


Hahaha, in your dreams buddy, in your dreams. (also probably in the next paragraph should be capitalized as it starts the sentence, also I use dirty murkan English so everything is practice, but practice is the noun and practise is the verb. You want the noun there, not the verb. You should check your entire guide to see if you're using the correct form.)


The community does have some intentionally humorous terms as well. Tupper and tupperware are frequent nicknames for tulpas. Head ghost is a term for any tulpa without a form. Brain family is used in place of system.


"Brain family" was literally made like maybe a week ago and you're already claiming it's a staple in the communities?



The following five traits seem to be strong indicators of success at tulpamancy: (cut because long)


These aren't bad though. Consider putting them somewhere else in your guide. (though I'd disagree with the definition of a soulbond you use in your guide: the early communities of crazies aka soulbonds were very much the kind that believed these were the REAL CHARACTER from AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE or ANOTHER PLANET or something and THEIR SOUL had BONDED to THEIR OWN SOUL, hence the name. Another redefined term in other whatever communities? Using the word soulbond here is just out of place and weird, and could be cut out and replaced with, you know, something that isn't this word to say the same exact thing.)



This debate can get quite heated primarily as there are those who think everything spiritual is hogwash, and who think these theories make us look bad and like some amateur cult. There are a number in the community who want to be taken seriously by the scientific community quite badly.


>Tulpa.Info is the leading resource for a psychological approach to the Tulpae (lol for the plural and it shouldn't even be a plural in this case) Phenomenon.


Like gee, maybe it's the entire reason tulpa.info was created? The meta/psychology debate part is weird when posting on tulpa.info. Fits better in some other community maybe, but not here.


Switching part isn't wrong exactly, but you already talk about switching later on in the guide. Why here?


To parrot or not to parrot, the point of sentience, these are solid things you should keep and move into your guide somewhere.


You need to believe.


Come on.


On the other hand, blind faith may be destructive if the thing you believe is untrue.


And you contradict yourself when the whole paragraph is read.


Belief and trust are important. This isn't how you get them. "Oh you gotta do it but don't do it because the GAT will chew me out if I don't write this out teehee". I think you'd do better writing about building trust and belief than how TRUST AND BELIEF ARE IMPORTANT.



Faith vs Doubt


Major fucking doubt-shaming, Batman!


You can't avoid doubt. Doubt is natural. Saying doubt is bad and that you should feel bad for feeling it is not helpful. Focus on how doubt might happen and how to get over it rather than saying DON'T DO IT NO DON'T THINK OF THE PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM NOO WHY DID YOU DO IT.



The other versus parts are good and should be included. Few odd parts though:


Your subconscious will stop working on the problem…


No. It doesn't. "It" never was "working on it" in the first place. You are your unconscious thoughts.


Some people think tulpas are made out of imagination. They are not.


Uh, what does this mean exactly? You use a lot of that imagination to make a tupper, but I guess what you're trying to say is that they're about as imaginary as the assumed host reader of this guide?



Onwards to the 4th chapter. Mostly good, weird hiccups here and there.


Your tulpa will be cut from the same cloth you are.


Uh. Could be. Not will.


So they will have a personality you can imagine a close family member of you would have.




They will usually be devoted to you, to an irrational degree.


Can be. Might be. Could be. Not will.


They will usually embrace their starting personality and not change much.


They could. They won't, necessarily.


They will move towards your unconscious heart's desire


Probably will. But not "will".


Your tulpa may not want friend of their own.


A friend or friends? Typo here yeah?


Are you really making a tulpa for Sex?


Why capitalize sex?


This is despite the fact that most tulpamancers have also tried it.


Most hosts have tried creating a tulpa for sex? That's how this part reads with the rest of the paragraph. I'm not sure if you have done any studies to figure out the reason why people have created tuppers, and pretty sure "just sex" isn't all that high up in the list looking at the surveys. Are you trying to say most hosts have had sex with tuppers? Hard to say what the numbers are, but maybe.


If you are the type who is comfortable with large commitments of time, and you have a lot of free time in the coming months, increasing it to one hour is fine.


Why not more, if they think they can handle it? I sure did more than an hour every day when I started out.


After about two weeks, they should start talking back to you in this period as well.


Yeah uh, we kinda moved away from x amount of time until y should happen way back in the day because it wasn't very good, because some people are faster and others are slower.


If you don't personality force, your tulpa will have more difficulty responding, talking, or doing anything, really.


[citation needed]. Cancerous mindset alert.


I tell you now, what happens is your subconscious personality forces for you if you don't.


No. No it doesn't, because "it" doesn't have a will.


Please don't be that guy with the Tsundere tulpa who completely abuses him.


Why capitalize tsundere?


Your tulpa definitely needs a form.


No, they don't.


You don't want your tulpa to just be a voice in your head, do you?


We might. The tulpa might. Are you form-shaming?!


But again I tell you if you do this, your subconscious is just going to decide on a form on your behalf.




What's with this the subconscious the subconscious crap? What if the tulpa's personality, listen, grows on its own as the tulpa grows? Were you born with a personality or did your THE SUBCONSCIOUS pull out a complete personality out of its ass somehow? Why can't a tulpa choose their own form? Why do you keep shoving your opinions and experiences down our throats as facts?


This (form) makes forcing much easier as you have something to concentrate on…


It could. It might not. It could also be extremely distracting.


This means they will need a little help to get started.


They might. Not will.


Which can take weeks, and in rare cases, months.


Some people are slow. Don't make them think they're super abnormal, because it won't really help them. "It could even take months" says the same thing without making it sound like they're bad.



Third, they're (character-based tulpas) gonna have some serious PTSD.


No. Nope no no holy shit no. This. This is the you shoving your opinions and experiences down our throats as facts, and this one is malicious. Actively dangerous. Definite cancerous mindset here.


Your beliefs shape a lot about when it comes to creating tulpas. Give them a mindset like this where you say it will absolutely 100% happen and it will. Because of you. Tupper communities tend to love drama and attention, so it's no surprise that you hear stories like this. Could be real, could be not real, but a lot of members are going to hear these stories and then think this has to happen.


And honestly, trying to help these people? They never listen, because they usually are in it for the attention rather than actually trying to fix their issues. So I take their stories with a grain of salt.


Sure, this could happen. They could end up having serious issues. No matter how hard you try, sometimes stuff just goes wrong. But it doesn't have to happen. It shouldn't happen. Approach with a healthy mindset and understanding that these were just stories and not real memories or events that really happened, and make sure the tulpa understands it too.[/hidden]




Meditation is mostly a religious thing.


Why does this line still exist?


We are going to push all that aside and pretend meditation is a tool for mood control and mental empowerment.


Are you saying it isn't? Guess everyone using it for that is just plain wrong because meditation is a religious thing and these things aren't, right?


You should just cut all the text of you trying to explain meditation because you don't seem to be getting it and you just make it worse. Just go to the exercise straight if you can't help but have to tell us your opinions and experiences on something.


or one of those fireplace loops they play at Christmas.


Actually, not sure what you mean here. Like a video of a fireplace they use when they don't have a fireplace? Why at Christmas though I am confused.


A side effect is you always gain greater conscious control over you level of alertness.(yawn)


Do you? It's anecdotal, I guess. But not necessarily true, as it hasn't been proven.


I find it interesting how I like ASMR more than my host.


Do we have to know? Saying that the tulpas might like it more than the hosts or vice versa isn't completely useless, though. Does everything have to be about you?


I fondly remember the pair of characters I grew up beside. They were psychically linked. And we possessed them all the time.


Was this so important you just had to tell us?


Anatomy Study


I got another pro tip for you, which you could add if you care or think it's interesting. You should compare the bones of other animals to your own. Figure out where the bone of a certain animal is on you or where a bone you have is on an animal, if you happen to share the same bone. Compare a bird wing and your own arm, for example. Very similar, even if the bones are different lengths and such.


Running Man


I would also make the suggestion of using other kinds of animals here, not just humans.


This is a pretty basic exercise that you should already be doing automatically when reading.(read in voice)


Actually, fast readers tend to not, which you point out in your pro tip. It's weird that you assume people don't already know how to do this – not all do, but it's not such a rare skill. "You probably do when you concentrate on what you read" or something like that?


Subconscious Communion


You did not edit this at all. Just put some bullshit explanation about how you know the best and it's totally this thing you guise.


You'll end up accidentally creating a daemon that way.




It is the place where all your ideas come from.


[citation needed]


Please actually read what I wrote about this exercise in the past how many posts if you want to keep it in your guide.


(3) A tulpa will want a life.

They will demand a hobby. They will want time controlling the body. They won't want to do the things that you want to do. They will insist that they will stick around forever. They will be perfect.


This is all pretty weird considering that you wrote earlier that a tulpa might not want these things. You tend to contradict yourself a lot, I feel.


Note on body image. There is some interesting science here. Body image is a map of the body that exists inside everyone's mind. It is super closely connected to identity by default. By toying with the idea of changing this body image, we are reaching deep into the esoteric arts, and doing things no person is supposed to do.


What. [citation needed] also there's nothing esoteric about this as it's symbolism. This is so unnecessary. What are you smoking.


Your brain intuits the same sounding voice as coming from the same person and a different sounding voice as coming from a different person.


Is this actually true? Like are there studies?


imagining the sexyist


That's not even a word.


You have a soul. I won't tell you what it is made out of, but you have a soul.


Uh. Is this symbolism? It doesn't sound like it. Please stop presenting your opinions and experiences as facts in your guide.


The Dark Arts


Still doesn't belong here, please remove it. Also pretty sure witchcraft or following teachings of other religions goes against some religions.


Trust is about respecting other people. You can trust without belief. Something to keep in mind.


You can respect plenty without trusting. This exercise is still just "blind belief" in a new set of pants and has nothing about learning to trust, instead just trusting because your tulper neeeeeds it shame on you.


When that happens, you may note that your tulpa becomes greedy for cognitive resources and you start to fall asleep. If you don't want to fall asleep, and instead want to think in parallel, then read on.


Uhhh what


Please don't claim your opinions and personal experiences as facts.


This exercise could use some work without sounding like, well, that. I'm sure it could have its uses if reworded.


In this exercise, we are going to try and switch primacy of thinkinking.


No, your word doesn't really sound too good. It all still sounds very strange. Maybe a lead up, "if your tulpa has problems thinking and it feels like they're not quite strong as you…" or something to that effect?


Also thinkinking


So Push…


So Push, such P, wow.


Walk Your Tulpa


Still sounds like walking a pet. Guess you decided to go with it, though.


If you believe that jumping between systems is possible…


Not very scientific, that.


I know IRC can be intimidating/confusing. But you won't find anyone to try this with otherwise.


Why not in real life? I know, spaghetti and all, but it could happen.


You are about to let someone else into your head.


Figuratively. Not literally. Might want to make that pretty clear because you know. This isn't magic.


…from amongst your host/tulpa group…


Nothing wrong here, just amazed you didn't say system or tulpamancer or something. Looks good in use, thumbs up.


Man, I am so terrible at this one. (surprise me)


Thank you for this important nugget of information.[/hidden]


After the exercises:


Older tulpas can help with killing off intrusive thoughts, but the same cannot be said for young tulpa.


Definitely more likely. But saying they can't do it is only going to make them not try.


Drink plenty of water and eat comfort food, and increase your sleeping hours.


This is weird when it's in an exercise about how to fight off intrusive thoughts.


Cut all drugs from your diet and add them back only with doctor supervision.


You probably mean like, drugs used for recreation? Definitely don't just cut all your drugs on your own as some might be necessary. Though doctors probably aren't too keen on monitoring your recreational drug use, especially if said drugs are illegal.


If you can't do either, I think you are stuck, as your tulpa will have no way of communicating with you until you develop possession.


Even if you can't think of a way, they might think of a way. Maybe encourage that than saying they're stuck until x, even if they happen to end up being stuck until x. At least they will try and trying might lead to a breakthrough. Always encourage that.


Typically, tulpas are unusually caring, compassionate, and naturally in love with their hosts. This means they are very hard to not like, and can let you get away with murder more often than not.



Tulpas are cut from the same cloth you are. This means they will naturally see things your way, and enjoy things you enjoy. Although there can be considerable divergence in taste, think of them as the person you could have been, if you had different life experiences. If there is something you could never have possibly done, it will be beyond any tulpa you make.


Tulpas share a telepathic link with you. This means you will have difficulty arguing with them. It is hard to disagree with a person when you know exactly why they believe what they do. This goes both ways.


This seems more like material for that potential article about what a tulpa is. A lot of opinions and personal experiences presented as a fact.


This means writers have no problem with creating tulpas.


Or, they might. Because writers are different kinds of people with different personalities, skills and beliefs. Who wouda thot.


Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions of the people you are talking to. It correlates highly with tulpamancers for unknown reasons.


Does it? There's lots of people in the autism spectrum in these communities. They often are the opposite.


A basic control you can place on this is to disbelieve that any random walk-in that comes in from across the street is actually a thoughtform. Ignore the ones you don't want to make a tulpa.


This is legit good advice.


Older tulpas can be expected to help control hallucinations, but this cannot be expected of younger tulpas.


Same thing about this as young tuppers controlling intrusive thoughts. Worded a bit better this time, but if you do something about the other line, maybe you can do something about this, too.


Though it's also possible that older tulpas can't help, either. You never know what happens. All we can do is wish them luck.


Tulpa, love your host.




And pleasure them.




Stimulate your host's reward centre to keep them in the game.




This is possible directly, since you are inside their brain…


[citation needed]


Placebo is always a valid thing, though the host can of course do the same thing.


Tulpas can suffer from neglect, by weakening over time.


Definitely if you implant such thoughts into their heads.


Two rules of thumb are six months before irreversible damage, and the amount of time they spent active before they disappear completely.


Nice to know you have timed a sizable amount of different hosts and tulpas to get such statistics, right?


Tuppers can keep themselves stable and active by doing things. Why should they only expect someone else to pay attention to them? Of course, it's not exactly healthy for a person to be alone and ignored, but I'm sure a tulpa can also figure out ways to not be ignored.


Though choosing to not be aware anymore if they are only ignored certainly is a peaceful way to go out.


Headaches and head pressure


Doesn't always happen and that is normal, too. Might want to add that, because every time new people read something like this, they panic if they don't get these signs.


It is reputed that a single dose of a traditional psychedelic during a forcing session can dramatically improve future results, if you are not susceptible to hallucinations.


Things that cause hallucinations might help you have hallucinations?! Really?


All other drugs will either have no effect, or will impede progress.


Oh good to know that this has been tested. You wouldn't want to claim that untested things are true, right?


Recommended: protein rich diet with increased water intake. Include iron rich vegetables in your diet, and a vitamin rich juice such as orange juice. Consume onions or garlic. If you are not vegetarian, substitute fish for red meat wherever possible. Do not exclude wheat from your diet.


Why? [citation needed]


Attempt to sleep for five minutes at noon every day.




Only the thoughtform in the front will feel the effects on the body.


Untrue. This too varies. Others don't feel it, some do.


About the other effects of medication, I don't know enough to know if these are true or not. Maybe someone else knows better.


Tulpa development chart


Again, we don't do hour/week/month/year counts and compare them to progress. Some people are slower, some people are faster. That's fine and it's normal. You shouldn't make people feel abnormal about something that is completely normal to them.


Do not expect them to be able to remember things five minutes from now…


Is this really common? First I've really heard of it. Like, sure, at this point they rarely are vocal, but can't say I've ever seen anyone say that something like this totally happened.


At this stage, the tulpa's thoughts are their own, and they will begin asserting their desires and preferences. (adolescence)


They could also have and do those before.


The tulpa is essentially the host.


Mhhh nope. The "host" is not a role.


Primacy is the state of the primary thinker. Possession is easier when you become primary.


This still exists, huh.


What is a primary thinker? The bolded line should not exist. Maybe rename this to primary thinker syndrome and say it is something some people go through where one person in a body is dominant over else mentally and the rest should try to strengthen themselves like, asap.


Eclipsing is when you subconsciously suggest things to your host


Uh what. How would it be an unconscious suggestion if they are doing it consciously? Just because the host doesn't "hear" it doesn't make it something unconscious or coming from this mysterious THE SUBCONSCIOUS.


Indirect possession is when the control of the body feels unnatural to you. You have not fully associated with it.

Direct possession is when you control the whole body and it feels natural to you.


Where's full body possession, yo. That's a term we use that you don't have anywhere here. Both of these are full body possession, though different levels of uh, body connection, I guess.


state the tulpa is normally in


What is the state the tulpa is normally in?


Total switching is when the host loses complete contact with the body's senses, but remains conscious.


Might want to make a note that this is what .info usually means when using the word "switching" in this context.


Are you not believing hard enough? You ask yourself. No. You believe plenty. You do need to ignore those weird feelings and stop questioning if it is real. But belief itself is not needed at all.


Belief is not needed, sure. But you aren't supposed to stop questioning if it's real if you are having issues with that. What else can people do if they question things? Maybe they should instead wonder why they question things if they haven't questioned these things before they had a tulpa? What has changed?


They are grabbing thoughts from your subconscious,




A lot of tulpamancers have the idea that both host and tulpa share the same subconscious.


Argh. It's not a "thing". Your unconscious thoughts are just thoughts you aren't conscious about. There is no magical mystery THE SUBCONSCIOUS that is a different place or an entity.


Your subconscious thoughts and your memories.


Use unconscious.[/hidden]




I feel like I should end this with your own words that sum up a lot of my feelings about this guide.


Tulpa is seven months old at time of writing.

All young people think they know everything but know almost nothing.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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