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Unicorn Cavalry's Journey | Season 2 currently airing!

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Season 2 | Redemption Arc


So we're back into this realm of updating our PR, but this time we'll try doing it differently. I thought long and hard about making a new PR thread but that would mean the old one gets deleted. If I end up doing that, I'll at least copy the season 2 parts into the new thread.


Things that I don't wanna get into caused a lot of stress recently, which might've lead to our brain shifting focus a lot and got me into the worst singlet-like territory mindset we've been in, even after already being on the edge for a while right before that. Then it miraculously got a lot better after basically giving all the doubt as much power as I could, literally argued for the doubt and made it stronger, kinda expecting to not ever go back to tulpamancy. Then I felt weird and something blendy. Zeroed in on the blendy feeling and then we instantly got the best results we've had since last year october-december when we had almost full simultaneity, if not a lot better now. Still is a lot of things we need to do and reinforce I feel. This time, we'll use everything we've learnt from experience and do it better, which is partly why I'd like to call it season 2, as it's gonna be about restructuring things in the system, already having blueprints and ideas for how things will work and doing it much better than before


Goals (might add in something if we feel like it in a later date)


  • Full simultaneity. Including each other in everything and be able to reflect off each other 24/7, basically being co-conscious on the same level
  • Detachment. Keeping us all on equal ground, not associating too much with the body as that can cause other side effects we don't wanna deal with
  • Visualization and imposition. Same with simultaneity, we wanna keep something 24/7. Not really a 100% priority but also something we shouldn't take too lightly because of bad experiences with imposition in the past
  • Reinforcement. Generally making everything we already do much more efficient. Switching is one example, but also stuff like already mentioned. Just keeping a steady ground somewhere safe and sound
  • Dreams. More of a thing we wanna set more focus on just so we have more motivation to sleep


Summary of what we have now


Fronting: I'm (Matsuri) currently a bit frontstuck, but that might go over when we get into co-fronting habits again

Simultaneity: Kurisutina is currently co-conscious as I type this but we definitely have had this being stronger before. We still always gotta remind ourselves about it occasionally

Detachment: I feel too attached with the body, like it's been affecting me a lot and it's a bit harder to switch out like this

Visualization and imposition: We can do simple spatial things but nothing consistent


Anyway, our main goal focus right now would be getting used to it all again. Kuri might come back if she catches the right timing so don't be too surprised to see that in the future

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Redemption Arc omg


Lucky next entry was next page so it can be the first post lol


Anyway, it's great that you finally decide to change mindset and get back into it. You know how it can be bad for doubts to live like a singlet, so really happy you want to fix things and spend more time with your headmates.

Hello, I'm Miichu, and I'm the main fronter of this system.

The other is Miri, who's the original host and co-fronts with me.

Progress Report and my Art Thread


Waka Waka x3

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  • 2 months later...

To start it of, we wanna give an pretty big update on our life situation. Our system has partnered up with Mirichu's system. We've been talking on a daily basis without missing a single day for around 6 months and we grew in love with each other and we see every six of us as family. We built (and keep building) a very strong foundation for our family and working hard on all ends. We're planning to meet and later move out together in Sweden, which might all happen next year if everything goes as planned.


We plan once we move to another apartment to start splitting fronting time with headmates more. Mirichu mentioned something interesting and that was having roles in everyday life, like different tasks with working or studying, but maybe still rely on dominant fronter if no other wanna take over the other things except the assigned tasks. We'll see, that's stuff we'll definitely get in to later when we're settled and independent with the whole family

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What a long dive into this rabbit hole journey. And all journeys gotta end somewhere, which usually is after season 2 like a lot of anime


So, basically a lot has happened and I just wanna update to say that I've put plurality on ice for some time now. I have no plans for when or if I'll bring it back, but the whole mindset shenanigans has been way too difficult to force and I've kinda just given up since almost a year, always kinda had a hard time with forcing plurality anyway


Not bad actually. I'll still most likely be lurking and shit posting on lotpw, stalking partners pr obviously, and we'll see how long I'll still have a presence till I either move on from this forum completely or get back to plurality for some reason

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  • 2 months later...

I thought about reestablishing my inner government lately. I have long still kept using plurality like the invisible counselor technique. I may think to myself as I simulate scenarios sometimes where I ask fictive characters for guidance, but haven't seen any of them the same way as before when into tulpamancy. It's not anything about emotional dependence on those characters or seeing them as sentient and having those concepts guilt trip me or whatever.. Just myself imagining scenarios in my head to handle situations easier sometimes.


So yeah, I've thought about it but I still don't want to feel the guilt tripping that seemed to be so prevalent in tulpamancy when I was into it, and tbf there was a lot of external reasons that made me just lose interest and hope in tulpamancy, one thing being how the community was back then too and it felt like tulpamancy was just this coping mechanism. It seems like the community changes quickly too, one time period there's a bunch of outrage and conflict and another period it's a bit more chill.


I would like to adapt something similar as Lumi's system again and not have my system shaken constantly. I am still open to whatever may happen, even if I end up not establishing myself as plural again, but I want to give it a try now as it may help, like the invisible counselor technique but more relevant to our life as a whole


Another thing is that Xar is gone, or part of me according to headcanon. Kuri could still be separate and it's not a problem there. Figured out that there's good healthy reasons for Xar to not be held onto like we did before and it was halting our system to heal and grow. Change is good and it's healthy to allow it


TL;DR: Wanna work on plurality but not using whatever techniques that promotes emotional dependence and guilt tripping, only positive things

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