Associating tulpa with bad memory

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I just started forcing my Tulpa when I remembered a really bad memory I have. Now every time I even think of the word Tulpa that memory flashes in my head. What do I do now? I still want to make a tulpa but I don't want to force with this memory always present. Help!

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I'd just advise trying to shake it from your mind or think of something else. Maybe try meditation to help clear your head. This most definitely is temporary. Take a break if you need to and take steps to stop it.

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Here is an alternative approach:  

lie flat in your bed.

Do NOT force your tulpa

Recall the bad memory as completely as you can

Do it again

and again

With the memory as completely in your mind as possible, put your awareness into your body.

notice What the 'bad' feeling are.

notice Where they are in your body (stomach, neck, jaw, shoulders, etc.)

Once you have named and located the associated feelings, REPEAT the exercise

if the feelings remain the same, meditate on them keeping your body awareness up front.

if the feelings change, note the changes and  let your mind wander into them and see if any new memories emerge

if so, Repeat the entire exercise with the new memories.

do this daily until you feel comfortable with the exercise and the feelings.


This exercise has worked for me.

my best to you,

Dr. Bob

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Forcing has the consequence to opening up the door to bad memories or dark thoughts you may have been unaware of before. This happens because it's possible you have not spent anywhere as much time in your own head before.


As long as you see a bad memory as an intrusive thought and not related to your Tulpa, the association will be broken.

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