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Tulpaforcing Music

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Guest Albatross_

ITT we share music we use for working on our tulpae.


I'll share a few, along with the traits I did with them:



Jeenge by Infected Mushroom: "Laid Back"


Echonomix by Infected Mushroom: "Intelligent"


FFX Piano Collections - Via Purifico: "Content/Relaxed"

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Aside from noise and meditation music containing specific hertz ranges I have been thinking of using music that I already have assosicated with certain acts and emotions beforehand. An example of this is soundtracks used in the famous japanese psychology anime Death Note, when the protagonist and/or antagonist feel a certain a emotion there is often a soundtrack to empashize it. Example soundtrack:


Since my brain already has made the connection between the emotion and sound it could possibly empashize the emotion when it is being tulpaforced into the personality.

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No idea what you would use these for, but here they are:


Air on the G String: Calm?


Valykrie: Brave?


Fur Elise:


Fur Elise remix: God-like skills


If you want to make youtube videos automatically repeat after they finish, type in 'repeat' after 'youtube'.

For example:

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I use music to help me relax and to make the noises from upstairs when someone slams a door or when people are walking around being LOUD AS HELL I HATE THIS APARTMENT *cough* today I used Portico Quartet, jazzy stuff and pretty mellow, easy to forget is there. One song was wayyyy too freeform though and the saxophone sounded way out of place and broke my concentration completely. I recommend jazzy stuff though, no loud melody to get stuck on or lyrics to focus on. The ride cymbal makes for kind of a white-noise effect, too.

Tulpa name: Liz

Some traits: Confident, Open-Minded, Motivated

Progress: Working on Visualization

Sentience: Rare pressure responses

My progress with Liz.

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Guest Anonymous

>Infected Mushroom


My nigga.jpg. Have you heard Army Of Mushrooms yet? I listen to dubstep, but U R SO FUCKED is a good song from a psy-trance group.


Albums I would reccomend:


Rob Sparx-Trooper [Dubstep] >implying YT has the good tracks.


Culprate-LoFi EP [???]


Liquid Stranger-Cryogenic Encounters [chill]


Things I haven't really listened to but would recommend:


Zomby-Dedication and Where Were U In '92









Camo And Krooked-Change Me (Sub Morphics Remix) [Chill DnB]

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I use this when I'm trying something new/experimenting:


Sometimes I use a loop of the first several seconds of this:

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