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By The Pond: With Darron and Jaina


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More exercise time. Credit goes to September13 for the idea to steal and original post by Indigo Blue:


Exercise #1: Warm-Up

The purpose of this is to simply help the tulpa get into the swing of speaking to a minor degree. I will present a word, and they will respond with the first word that comes to their mind. They may talk about why that word came to their head if they wish.


01. Tree: Green

02. Cow: Moo

03. Pencil: Lead

04. Sparkly: Pony

05. Bright: Sunshine

06. Telephone: Man

07. Superman: Shirt

08. Cheese: Burger

09. Magic: Pony

10. Beautiful: Rainbow

11. Tiger: Stripe

12. Birds: Song

13. Song: Note

14. Football: Helmet

15. Spider: Leg


Exercise #2: Fill-in-the-blank/Mad-Libs

The purpose of this exercise is to help the tulpa get comfortable with verbalizing simple ideas in a certain context. This exercise will entail a sentence with a missing word, and the tulpa will fill in the blank. They may elaborate on why they chose that word.


01. That’s a pretty (noun)! Mouth

02. Please don’t be loud, the (noun) is sleeping. Baby

03. I really like this (adjective) dress. Blue

04. I want the (adjective) teddy bear. Brown

05. I can’t wait for National (noun) Day! Holiday

06. Look out! A hungry (noun)! Hippo

07. This movie isn’t very (adjective). Fun

08. Don’t hold your (noun). Breath

09. Wow, what a(n) (adjective) (noun)! Large Tree

10. This (noun) is very (adjective). Valley Wide

11. My sister really wants the (noun) for her birthday. Pony

12. This zoo is full of (adjective) (noun)! Angry Zebras

13. I want to be a (noun) when I grow up! Astronaut

14. That’s a (adjective) (noun) you got there! Green Tree

15. I don’t want to go to the (noun) anymore. Store

[Tried to go with the first thought but had to think a bit for a couple because context]

Here are more options for MadLib style exercises: 1 2 3 (these activities are aimed towards kids, but they still can be helpful to tulpas)


Exercise #3: Preference

This exercise will allow the tulpa to speak about their own personal preferences. This exercise entails a very simple response to be given in the form of a word, followed by an explanation. I will present two different things, and the tulpa will respond with which one they prefer, and explain why.


01. Red or blue: Red because of my hair and Darron likes my hair color.

02. Cats or dogs: Dogs because they're fun to play with and have energy.

03. Water or fire: Water gives life.

04. Summer or winter: Summer it's prettier and more freedom to do things.

05. Running or swimming: Running. I guess I get to see things while I run.

06. Journey or destination: Journey. You see stuff along the way and experience things.

07. Fast songs or slow songs: Slow songs. You have time to feel them.

08. Turtles or lizards: Turtles? I think they're cute or funny or something. Not sure.

09. Dragons or unicorns: Dragons I think because Darron identifies with them and I want to fly with him.

10. Reading or writing: I like reading. It takes me to a new world to see and explore.

11. Spring or autumn: Autumn for walks with the leaves turning.

12. Birds or fish: Birds. They sound nice and I think fish are weird.

13. Biking or driving: Biking. Safer and I get to see more nature.

14. Seeing or hearing: Seeing. I like all the pretty colors and scenery.

15. Day or night: Day, again because I like seeing things.


Exercise #4: Personality Trivia Questions

This exercise is for the tulpa to learn to give responses more personal to themself. Here, I will ask 15 questions related to the tulpa’s personality. If they don’t have an answer, they can either give what they think might be the answer, or skip the question.


01. What’s your favorite color? Red

02. What’s your form? A human lady. Sometimes a dragon.

04. What’s your favorite animal? Dogs.

05. What’s your favorite food? Cheeseburgers

06. What are you feeling right now? Cozy

07. Do you have any hobbies you’d like to pursue? I guess I want to write too. Darron says I'm good at it. Maybe drawing too.

08. What’s your favorite movie/book? The Princess Bride and the Hobbit.

09. Is there anything you like to do with your host? Ummmm....... :classic_love: Watching anime, playing games, listening to music. Cuddle time....

10. Do you like your host? No, I love him.

11. What kind of music do you like? Pop, instrumentals, romance, electronica

12. When were you created? Around 2000. Spring maybe? We put both my “birthday” and our anniversary on April 15th for convenience.

13. Why were you created? Long story. Darron was lonely and stressed and needed a companion. It me, Jaina!

14. What are you looking forward to most? Yes.                                                  I want to experience everything.

15. Anything else you’d like to add? Yes.                                                                 I love my Darron and want to do more of these though they take quite a while to do.



Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Darron: Hey all. It's been a minute since our last update. Busy family and work stuff.


We do this weird couples thing with the pet names. I call her Miss Jaina or sometimes Miss Honey and she calls me Mr Darron. Well Jaina wants to be referred to as Mrs now. I mean we've already gotten hitched in Skyrim, Sims and Rimworld. Basically anywhere we can play as a couple. I lost track of how many times I listened to the Maramal speech. That's nothing new.


We've been very close forever, we've been romantic frenefits if you will for over a decade and started going steady a couple years ago now. We basically assumed ourselves eloped as the legality and logistics of marrying a tulpa is questionable. Even though we may never hold a formal public ceremony we consider ourselves a couple and soul mates. I guess Jaina just wants to more overtly acknowledge her status as my wife and not girlfriend or fiancé. Valentine's Day may have piqued her interest in this but she's wanted this for sometime I think. Jaina doesn't speak up and take initiative let alone outright ask for things often so I'm more than happy to oblige.


Jaina: You may now kiss the bride 👰 


Darron: Uh ok lol 😘 

🤷‍♂️ women, amirite?

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Hey that's cool, congrats! Who needs formalities anyway, you do what makes you happy! 

Edited by Desmond

Iro - He/they - 30th April 1997 - Host of the system

Desmond - He/him - 21st April 2014

L - He/him - 5th May 2014

Nevira - She/her - 14th December 2014

Misa - She/her - 5th December 2015

Roska - He/him - 22nd July 2019

Danyla - They/them - 13th July 2020

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6 hours ago, Desmond said:

Hey that's cool, congrats! Who needs formalities anyway, you do what makes you happy! 


2 hours ago, September13 said:

We're both so happy for you! 🤗🥰


Thanks everyone 😊

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Darron: "Hi Miss Jaina."


Jaina: "It's Mrs now. 😊"


Darron: "Oh..okay."


Jaina: "Cuz we're married now."


Darron: "Oh like how we married in Skyrim."


Jaina: "Yea but actually married though."


Darron: "Oh." *nervous sweating* 😅😨


Jaina: 😁

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Just a story this time. I might add more but we can call this part one. 


Romantic getaway in the winter wastes of Skyrim or perhaps Solstheim. It's our headspace portrayal of it. For those not familiar, think high fantasy medieval stuff. Skaal are Scandinavian in influence, horkers are elephant seals with big ol tusks. Rest should be easy enough to parse.


Love in the Snow


Two figures trudged through the noon snows. It was calm and clear, the cold, bright light filling the air, amplified by the unbroken snow surface. We were both clad head to heel in furs and mittens, in the fashion of the Skaal hunters. The snow crunching beneath our feet and the hides and straps creaking, we couldn't have snuck up on a drunken, deaf auroch, though it did keep one warm. It would not hold the heat forever but under the noon sun, lifting our boots up and down, up and down, the exercise was enough.

My companion ahead of me gave my eyes a respite from the harsh glare on the snows. I focused on her to prevent my eyes burning. She was gentle on them in more was than one. The illuminating light gave her an ethereal glow, my angel guiding me through the cold wasteland. She was tall, strong and limber, a life in the North hardening her to the trials of the icelands. Yet her hardiness did not mar her beauty. A smile like the southern sun, eyes of deep blue, long locks flowing with the burning red of the mountain and womanly curves all the way down.

As if sensing my admiration behind her, Jaina stopped and posed to view the scenery, cutting a striking figure despite the extra padding of the furs. After a moment, she glanced back to grace me with a wink before turning to continue our journey. It was not far, though we had begun with the red glow on the horizon, and it would likely stretch our shadows before we ended our march. Our mutual friends left many well stocked tents throughout the territory. They were insulated in layers, packed up with snow on the sides, just leaving an opening. Many of the Skaal would completely bury the tent, leaving a reinforced chimney to the surface and digging out like snow hares in the morn. Strong bones could prop the ceiling in harder snowfall, though the Skaal were expert engineers in the snows. In the long winters they would dig extensive tunnels and small cities under the surface to last until spring. We had yet to see such a wonder but one such tent was our destination.

Our friends had gone ahead with sleds and dogs to carry supplies to the tent. Haldmer, with a knowing wink, had promised to leave us some sweet delicacies and a ground powder that when mixed with our snowmelt would warm up 'all' our extremities. The Skaal supposedly used the ground horker tusk to restore "their tusks to fighting form." Such intimate brawls were common in the North where sharing warmth and strength was essential to survival. It was not uncommon for a couple to bring back an extra bundle from their months away in the wilds.

This land was harsh but fair. Ensuring only the best survived to keep the communities alive and thriving. It bred a special kind of person. Presently, one of them turned to give me a pearly white glint. On the air I could hear the hymn of an old ballad, the smile in her voice audible. It complemented the vastness and wonder of the wild with the promise of a warm hearth and bed at the end of adventure. I would certainly take her up on the offer.

The land was beginning to rise up the slope as we grew nearer to our destination. Bare rock began to thrust up from the rolling mounds of snow. Up and up and up the cliffs stretched to meet the sky. Our path grew more narrow and treacherous. Slick ice shining in the sun and giant ice spears hung threateningly for the unwary. Rocky uneven crags opened below; the crypts now of many travelers.

Our path stopped at a rocky wall. The snow bank rose up to it and stopped before continuing a couple heads above us. Jaina stopped and turned to wait for me. She beckoned to me to assist her up the rock face. I knelt for my lady to take her boot and heft her up to the ledge. She gripped the top and pried for purchase with her feet. After a moment's struggle, crouched against the wall she looked down with an unspoken plea. I happily indulged her. I held my hands up to her bottom to give extra support. She sat for a pregnant pause, her curves shaping to my hands. Then suddenly the weight was lifted as she nimbly leapt up into the air like a snow fox and landed on her feet above. Jaina posed fists at her side and elbows out, triumphantly beaming down at me. She then reached down with a hand and a smile to bring me up to her. I clambered up with much more difficulty but her surprising strength did all the work, easily bringing me over the lip.

Subtly her chest could be seen to rise and fall with breath while I was still huffing and puffing. Jaina seemed to take everything in stride with great cheer. She was no mere outlander. She belonged in this place. A saint of Auriel guiding me through the clouds up to the heavens.

I felt a small kiss on the nose and started but Jaina was still standing above me. Then another tickled my nose and my cheek. Blue white sparkles glinted in the air, adding to the other worldliness of the moment. Jaina cast back her hood and looked up to the sky, red locks cascading and snowflakes softly kissing her face. I gazed in awe at the statuesque figure before me. A scene out of a ballad or novel of the fair snow queen in her element. My cheeks burnt red of the cold and her beauty though I could no longer feel them.

A cloud cast a shroud over the moment, bringing us back to the present. The flakes fell slowly but were bigger now. My companion took one last taste of a snowflake on her tongue before drawing up her hood and proceeding onward in the fading light.

She stopped after taking a bend in the path and cast about. A big, open tundra sprawled before us; a desert of ice and snow. Luckily we would not have to brave it. Our guides had told us to hug the rock face to our right. The tent would be atop a picturesque foothill overlooking many miles of scenery. They had chosen well for our expedition. I looked forward to warm food and warm company.


Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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1 hour ago, September13 said:

Nice! We hope you continue this, your writing style is very good.

Thank you very much! Part 2 might be short, I got tired for the evening to finish it, so I might do another soon if I get the inspiration. 


Jaina: I'll think of something. 😊😇

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Darron: Jaina still hasn't been in my dreams really. I think what's happening is my subconscious is treating her as "me." So we're in the pilot seat or viewing the same screen together. Which in its own way is kind of romantic. I have been able to visualize her more recently in the waking hours which is quite pleasant. 


Jaina: 😊 I wonder what it would be like to have my own dreams 🤔. I think that might be a ways off. I don't mind sharing Darron space. We just get cozy together. 😊 I think we just kinda cofront or merge for dreams. Maybe I'm dormant? I'm not sure. It feels like mostly Darron but I remember them from his memory. Not sure if I "experience" them in the moment. 


I'm really enjoying story time 🥰. Darron says I'm a good writer. I think he just enjoys a female perspective on things. Maybe together we round out each other's blind spots. 

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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