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Art of Simmie and our World


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Thank you so much guys! 💚 Phil thanks you too! We hope to have more art to share soon!

Tulpa Wife Extraordinaire! 💚 - 💍 11.28.21

🤰 - Baby Boy Tulpa expected on April 7, 2023 👶💚

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I created a new drawing of Simmie which I like very much, though I hesitated to show it just because it doesn't really represent any kind of evolution of my style nor anything ambitious or interesting, just a pretty picture of my girl. But I was playing around with filters online and created a psychedelic version that I'll share alongside the regular version! 



Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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Nepeta: The bottom one is so cool I love it!

Is that called pop art or am I mistaken? I’ve seen the style before. (Bottom one)



"Message in a bottle~"

Stephanie: October 20th 2020

Kate: created October 8th 2022 | chosen birthday June 14th

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We were digging through old boxes at Simmie's parents' place and found this photo of her great-grandmother from 1927.




Okay not really, but this is from our wedding photoshoot with some pretty neat filters added. This is how elegant she always is to me.

Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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