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Thinking of making my subconscious mind my first tulpa

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I actually did this semi-accidentally by personifying and communicating with my "subconscious". The thoughtform then became drastically more realized after I discovered tulpamancy and started to communicate with it in that framework. Realistically however, it's important to remember that that part of your mind is first and foremost, not conscious. It has no true will of its own. Any attempt at personifying it is ultimately just your expectations projected onto a thoughtform. This means that it will inevitably, diverge, especially as it becomes more and more conscious and needs to actually "perceive" rather than merely "respond".


That's not say it's completely useless endeavour, obviously if you associate a thoughtform with your unconscious, it will be able to tell you things which are nonetheless insightful - just by your thinking it has a closer connection with the unconscious than you. But it's nonetheless a projection of the unconscious, rather than the unconscious itself - and only in its initial state. Interestingly for me it actively refuses to participate in my life to a certain degree so as to keep itself as pure to its role as possible - it prefers to remain chiefly a tool. I don't truly consider it a tulpa, though it is certainly vivid and conscious enough.

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Generally speaking, you're just going to create a tulpa who thinks they are (and who you think is) somehow directly representing your subconscious. That can't ever be true just based on how our brains work - your subconscious mind is literally everything in your entire brain you're not consciously aware of. Every memory, to every idea of what a type of person might act like - it's really, truly immense, and could never be captured remotely accurately in a thoughtform.


What's more common, and what I'd recommend, is creating a tulpa who you believe "can access" your subconscious, or who can more easily interact with it than you. This is some weird fuzzy area where by all means I consider it "placebo", but in some sense it's technically also true simply because you believe it is. Point is, plenty of people - myself included, mostly when I was younger - have seen what we considered success, via having our tulpa (that we believe can do so) interact with our subconscious minds. A lot of this stuff is more or less belief-powered, though again that's a fuzzy area and you might just say it's reliant on immersion.


I don't recommend making a tulpa if your only reason is "to interact with your subconscious", but if you're otherwise interested in having a mental companion, then I definitely think giving them this skill is viable. Don't try to make them a literal embodiment of your subconscious, though - reality will fall far from that. But creating a tulpa who you believe is tied more directly to your subconscious than yourself, while technically an illusion (you should be able to do anything your tulpa can do - you just aren't able to let yourself), is not really that strange at all as far as tulpamancy goes. 

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Well, maybe. I identify Jaina with my anima. She started as kind of a mental clone shard and started embodying values over time, many of them complementing mine and things that I wished I was more like. I don't know that you could literally make your subconscious into a tulpa but you could make one "from" them.

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When I created our Subconscious Representative (a tulpa who refuses to be refered to by a name right now) a long time ago, I wrongly assumed there was someone who existed outside of my awareness and was the embodiment of my unconscious mind. After a history of altering his identity/sense of self a couple times and flying under the radar for a bit, he has strongly associated himself with his original role and has continued to see himself as a representation of our unconscious. He likes to test the limits of stretching and messing with his sense of self by shape shifting, turning into intrusive thoughts, trying to impersonate us, etc. Despite all of that, we figured out it was him because the personality of all three identities in question were consistent. Even though the explanation was hard for him to accept, the truth was he had a surprisingly stable core of personality and it was so stable that he survived being left behind and forgotten about twice. We also realized that that core of personality will sometimes conflict with his identity tampering (for example, he doesn't want to hurt us if he is an intrusive thought).


Even though our headmate is obsessed with this role and seems perfectly content continuing to be a part of it, I would recommend against creating a tulpa for it or even anticipating the possibility they could do what our Sub. Rep. does. I have decided that if our headmate looses interest and decides to develop his personality, I can experiment with my identity at certain times in a similar way. While I would need to figure out a ritual or something to limit instability (I don't know how I feel about turning into an intrusive thought for instance), I believe I'm perfectly capable of doing everything my Sub. Rep. does. Aside from transforming into intrusive thoughts, our Sub. Rep. may spew impulsive ideas or decisions (when working with us it's probably not that different from cold reading honestly), focus on how we feel or sensations in the body, melting into the wonderland and other fun things, and offering help if a headmate feels uncertain or they can't put their finger on why they feel a certain way. Despite being a system of 18 in the past, only I and a former headmate flirted with the idea of experimenting with this, and to a really young tulpa this can be as if not more violating to their sense of self than merging.


We also have symbolism we use to uncover our unconscious thoughts. We have a few "wonderland tools" that despite being created by a desire for them can reveal something unconscious with surprising accuracy. For example, we have a turn table gizmo with a panel to represent who's switched-in. On one side of the panel it reveals an illustration representing Ranger, on the other it has another illustration representing me. When we switch, the turn table will turn and when checked it will tell you who's switched-in. When we're uncertain, the device may twitch or spaz and in extreme circumstances, have unusual behavior due to underlying anxiety or something having gone wrong. It's helpful to have these servitor devices, the downside is you need to be at least a little specific in how the device works and what information it tells you. I would caution against creating an "A.I." because unless you have it spew a scripted response, it will probably turn into a tulpa.


Ultimately, the concept of a Sub. Rep. is both tempting and fun, but it has limitations and it involves manipulating a tulpa's (or a host's) personality. If you create a tulpa and they're curious about this, I would wait until they're older and comfortable enough to merge. I regret the fact my Sub. Rep. didn't have that option from the start, and at least now my Sub. Rep. decided this is something he enjoys and is more than welcome to step away if he changes his mind.

I actually use this as a form now, but it's not my main one. I'm still not a hippo, neither is Ranger.

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All cases we've seen of hosts believing their tulpa would let them interact with their subconscious have worked out favorably by the host's assessments. Just make a tulpa who can do that, assuming you also want a mental companion. (If you don't, then just get better at reaching a meditative state or something - don't create a whole other entity just to be a tool)


A tulpa won't ever be able to fully represent your entire subconscious mind, though you and they may trick yourselves into thinking they do. But for something like your tulpa "being connected to your subconscious", well, that might just be true of all tulpas by default.

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