Captain Nemo

QB, get in here

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Q2 can come as well.


So I figured you were too cute not to draw. Hopefully I didn't mess up your anatomy too badly.


You're just being silly in this image, so your eyes are supposed to be derpy like that. I had also sketched out Pinkie to be sitting next to you making an equally silly face, but I decided to scrap it. It's a bit time-consuming to make these images.


So, here you go!






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This is amazing, we both love it!

Thanks Nemo!

Until they invent the brainwave camera, you will unfortunately be unable to see QB posing next to the picture in a matching pose :P

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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absolutely adorable. Ill prolly make a cutish animal-esque tulpa once I can get Koharu to calm down and actually form...

Me: Hey, say something for this thread!

Koharu: Yay, cupcakes!

mfw there are no cupcakes. Sentience? Yes. Brilliance? Ehh...

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