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Psychiatric Medication and Tulpamancy


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I want to hear the stories of those who practice tulpamancy and have experience with psychiatric medications of any kind, but especially anti-psychotics.


Bonus points if you got experienced in tulpamancy, then forced on meds. How did it change your experience? Was it almost religious like, then became mundane? Or something else?


I want to know what these experimental drugs that not even the doctors understand fully are doing to our new science of tulpamancy. I think it might be negative. What are your opinions?

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See: Koomer and Oguigi 

Hey there, the name's Bryan. In system Re:Body(In order of the rainbow): 

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I've been here a while. Much longer than I thought I'd be. Our system was founded October 2nd, 2018. In early 2020, we decided that due to our systems exponential growth, we'd limit who would be active. Now, every month, we do a check to see who wishes to be in dormancy and who wishes to be active. Currently, for the month of April, 2023, we've got myself(Bryan), Janey(Co-host), Emily, Layy, Chloe, and Esper(sub-rep). After over 2 long years, we can finally switch :) 


Bryan is currently swapped in as host, Esper is sub-rep. 


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On 3/18/2022 at 12:29 PM, IceCreeper909 said:

See: Koomer and Oguigi 


   I actually just reread their PR last night. I didn't think they ever went on anti-psychotics, and if they did, they were used irresponsibly with a lot of other drugs. So even if they took them, its hard to discern what was an effect of the medicine working properly and what was caused by their paranoia and illicit drug use.


   I had Mordecai for about a year and a half before I tried three types of anti-depressants, which I stopped taking after about a year. It's honestly hard to recall much from then cause I obviously wasn't in a great state of mind at the time and the fact that it was so long ago, but I'll share what I can. Before I got on them and started going to therapy, both of us were very volatile. We argued a lot due to intrusive thoughts, which was upsetting because we didn't understand why we would be fighting at all. Between this we would have long periods of time where we didn't talk and struggled to communicate.


   After going to therapy and trying anti-depressants, there was little change in our communication. None of the anti-depressants had much of an impact on our mental state, aside from dulling some of our emotions. I don't think our medication was handled with much care; I would be on one brand for a month or two before being switched to another and I was still an anxious mess the entire time I was on it. I even made a few posts on here and Reddit questioning why I was having such difficulties with Mordecai being not present or behaving oddly.


   Coming off of them, however, was what made the biggest difference. I stopped taking my medicine and after an agonizing few days of withdraws (NEVER do this. We were very dumb.), we never had any more problems with infighting and intrusive thoughts- at least the ones affecting his sense of self. It also just made us more stable as a unit; instead of it being me against him, it became us against whatever thought was causing me grief. I don't know if the medication and therapy had anything to do with it (our therapist wasn't great lol) or if we just matured over the course of this period, but we definitely came out of it a stronger team.


   Please don't take this as me recommending this path to anyone else. Everyone I know has had a decent experience with therapy and anti-depressants. I honestly didn't even realize how bad it read until I typed it all out, but I also don't want to lie about it either. I think the issues I had with my medicine was because of how often I was changing medication, combined with the fact that I already had depression... probably made me overly paranoid. I guess the moral of the story is to find a good psychiatrist and therapist.

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F.M. or Brian: We take medication for ADHD, and I can say we talk more before taking it. Right now, the headspace is a little quiet. It feels like a black void.

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I accidentally created my tulpa from my negative emotions not realizing what I was doing. She chased me around my house often scaring and jumping out at me for fun. She liked sharing gorey thoughts with me She was the darker side of my repressed anger and psyche. Due to her nature I eventually from lack of sleep and her scaring me I went on seroquel for 2 years. After about a week of the medication our dialog communication ceased to exist. After two depressing years on medication I realized I wasn't crazy and wanted to live a normal life again. I started dating this guy who moved in who started freaking out at my house and telling me to stop scaring him when I left the room. I asked him to explain what he had meant and he described to me perfectly my tulpa which I had never told him about. I am now in the process of trying to reconnect with her and maybe try to show her a more kind side of myself. As of now and since I've been off the anti psychotic medication I've never seen or heard her since but my boyfriend sees her which is odd to me for I assumed she ceased to exist can anyone explain why he can see her and I can not ?

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I think your boyfriend may need an antipsychotic as well...


also, certain houses may have something about them that lightly screws with your head a bit - read https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/five-scientific-explanations-spooky-sensations-180973436/

I heard at some point that old houses can have this happen just by some kinda wood they're made of even, doesn't have to be an active electronic device in those cases


so you had invasive thoughts akin to a tulpa, and your boyfriend is experiencing hallucinations as well, but if they're both tied to the same location then it could be a low frequency or EMF subconsciously disturbing you a bit


I don't know how to really test that except to try being somewhere else for a while - if it all goes away completely then it might be the location, and if it doesn't then it's something about your mind(s)

(watch for placebo though, people often believe nothing is wrong anymore after say a supposed "exorcism", only to eventually start believing the problem is back - if you have schizophrenia or some such, medical treatment is all you can really do)

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20 hours ago, Echoshadow11 said:

I started dating this guy who moved in who started freaking out at my house and telling me to stop scaring him when I left the room. I asked him to explain what he had meant and he described to me perfectly my tulpa which I had never told him about.


If someone else can see your Tulpa, then I'd strongly suggest that whatever you were experiencing before was never a Tulpa at all. Because Tulpas are literally inside your own head, and while some people can train themselves to induce hallucinations of their Tulpas, they're still hallucinations. Other people can't see them.


Sure, you could suggest someone enough for them to start believing they can see your Tulpa or ghost or whatever, but that would require you to having told the guy about the exact shape and other specifics many, many times (like, tell someone a place is haunted enough times and they'll start to believe it and see "signs" to confirm it) over a long period of time, and since you never even mentioned it to him? Whatever is going on in your house does not strike me as being Tulpa-related.

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