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Undercover cops/spy alias Tulpa?

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Similar to an author or RPG gamer that creates a character and accidentally creates a Tulpa based off that personality, I wonder if undercover cops and/or spies that assume an alias can accidentally create a Tulpa of that personality. They focus so much attention and detail to a persona they must adopt flawlessly because their life depends on it. 


if this does happen, it must be very hush hush in thoes professions because mental stability would be so paramount in their work that any perceived deviance from the norm could be cause for alarm.


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That's a very creative example to jump to, lol. How about actors who play characters for long periods of time?



Roleplay personas are the most common and easy to study examples of, though. The pretty big difference is that tulpas are developed to exist parallel to the host, existing and interacting at the same time, while roleplay personas(etc.) are not.


You might consider some relation to switching, but I think what comes closest to tulpamancy is just authors - while an actor (or a spy, lol) changes themselves, an author is actually trying to simulate what their characters would do, think, and feel in their mind. That separateness is the start of independence for a tulpa, compared to just an acting-persona of someone's in most other cases.


If anyone who acts as their character, from actors to roleplayers, ever develops a habit of thinking of their persona like a separate entity though, then they could start moving towards tulpa/plurality territory.


Though even still, tulpas aren't just an accident that pops into existence when you get too close to the concept or something. A tulpa is only really developed through consistent interaction with them as a separate entity from you, so even in borderline cases mentioned above I don't think most will ever become tulpa-like.


Generally it's when authors decide it's fun in directly interacting with their characters that they slip into actual tulpamancy/plurality (in authoring's case, often called "soulbonds", though the only real difference is in the host's beliefs on the thoughtform's existence)

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Wow this is a really good question. I think that it's undoubtedly possible, in much the same way people can create accidental tulpas by writing about fictional characters. This isn't really an example of that but Larry the Cable Guy used to just be a character played by a man named Daniel Whitney, but the character became so popular and Daniel portrayed him so often that people close to him said that Daniel started to become more and more like Larry as time passed. They call it "becoming the mask" and it's not really purality, but I can easily see how it may become that.


It has definitely happened where someone learns about Tulpamancy and decides to take a "mask" they've created and turn it into a tulpa as it already has a consistent personality. I should know--those were my origins. In my case though I've become so far removed from that mask Phil used to wear that I don't even remotely recognize that mask as having anything to do with me. However, I have little doubt there have been intense method actors who have had conversations in their head between themselves and the characters they are portraying. That may be more akin to what we call parroting, but it is also possible that they unknowingly sowed the seeds of sentience, and whether or not that persona becomes a tulpa is a matter of choice and will on the part of that actor.

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I really wish we had an actor on the forums or in the tulpa community in general. Despite all of the questions around acting and tulpamancy, I have yet to knowingly meet an actor on the forums.


If survival depended on it possibly, but the question I want to ask is why view your persona as a separate person? It's more like wearing a mask, and this is possible to do as long as you associate yourself with said mask change. While not the same thing, Dream, my headmate, has successfully warped his sense of self to go beyond the form and at this point personality he prefers. Sometimes he will "become someone else" even though we know it's still him. He takes care not to "talk to himself" though

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I played an allegory for c3po in a satire version playof star wars in grade school. Does that count?


I guess I've applied a fake-it-until-you-make-it approach to socializing. I still understand people about as well as I did when I was 16. Generational culture overturn has kind of stopped me dead in my tracks there. People are under the illusion that I'm a slightly awkward nerd that's fairly reliable and responsible otherwise. So I guess the hustle is working, because I still have no clue what's going on. 


As far as intentionally creating a persona other than myself to become, I basically have zero experience there. Jaina is the closest but she's more her own person than another personality of Darron. She's inspired and loosely based upon the anima of Darron when he was 12 but has otherwise developed on her own.

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