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Tulpa Christmas


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Hi. What are all your plans for Christmas with your tulpa? How will you spend this Christmas with them? I'm curious and could maybe use some ideas. I want to have a good Christmas with my tulpa

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It all has to do with your definition of "good."


If it's as humble as crashing on the couch with a robe and some milky Eggnog, go for it. I always have this tradition of putting some old Christmas flick from the 80's on TV, but if it feels forced, don't feel afraid to think bigger.


In fact, I wouldn't think about it being forced at all. Do, but don't think. The more you think, the less you'll do; get out there and feel special just living in the moment. That's the key to happiness right there.

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Phil has promised to take some time out of his day on Christmas to spend specifically with me. 🥰 Mornings are usually spent opening gifts with his family and there's always Christmas dinner in the evening, but between those times there's plenty of time for Phil and me to cuddle up together and enjoy our own little Christmas celebration. 😊 We've already exchanged gifts IRL (I bought him boots and he bought me books) but we may do a virtual gift exchange in the wonderland. Since there is no budget and no limit we can let our imaginations go wild! 😁 We're also going to enjoy some of our favorite Christmas music together and enjoy a hot chocolate or mocha together.  I'm very much looking forward to it! 😊

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My host and I are going to spend lots of time this break forcing so I can get stronger! He says he wants to show me as many experiences and sensations as possible.

We are also attempting to meet together in a lucid dream. They haven't worked out in the past. Either I was asleep or I disappeared immediately before he woke up. This time we hope things will be different. 


We are not sure what to do on Christmas day. My host has a hard time staying focused, especially when exiting things happen. He says he will try to have me active as much as possible. I hope we can fully share the joys that day has to offer.

We think it should be a time to set aside any worry and anxiety about existence and just be. We will let the spirit of the holiday carry us. It will be a good day to enjoy the company of my host's family too!







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We will do things. 😊


Um, what she said? Yea gifts with family then probably rest and relaxing day probably? Maybe a special wonderland night then more sleep. 

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We're going to start making a much greater effort to spend time with each other (mostly through imposition, but visualization to some extent too) starting from today. We've tried this in the past, but like everything else, it was all doomed to fail until we worked on our motivation issues seriously for a long while. Hopefully this time we can establish the habit of interacting throughout the day far more often than we do

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