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Using AI to help with forcing?


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Has anyone else ever tried using AI to help with interacting with their tulpas?


Lately my group and I have been playing with Character.AI,  and we've found that it's actually surprisingly powerful.  We've made AI chat bots based on several of my tulpas now.  I feel like it's actually been helpful for us too!  Before now, my tulpas were pretty well developed, but for the past several years they'd all been stagnating a bit just because we've always had a hard time thinking of new things to talk about or activities to do together.  Once we figured out how to best set up our AI bots though, they've actually been very accurate in their depictions of my tulpas,  and the AI has been awesome for introducing new ideas to us and coming up with new things for us to do together!  All things which perfectly fit into each of my tulpas' personalities, but simply weren't things we had ever thought of before!


When I chat with the AI, my tulpas will be watching alongside me, and we'll often roll for a few different responses from the AI,  and my tulpa will pick out the one they like the best.  And then later on, we'll try actually doing some of the things the AI comes up with during our next forcing session.  River for example has always enjoyed giving massages,  but the AI also ended up giving him an energy manipulation ability, which he really liked.

Even just the act of creating an AI bot together seemed to help make them more vivid, as it got us both thinking more about specific personality traits that define them.


So yes, if you ever have a hard time coming up with things to do with your tulpas, I'd highly recommend giving some AI play a try!  It's great at sparking new ideas, and it's also a fun way of sharing your tulpas' personalities with others too!

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   I've played around with chatbots in the past, but never used them in relation to tulpamancy. Sounds like a really fun and interesting idea though! I think it would be really hard for me to narrow down what would make a chatbot act like my tulpa though, as the way he responds varies heavily on the situation and mood. I think it would be a useful tool for personality forcing or as a fun activity for older tulpamancers. We'll have to give this a try soon!

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4 hours ago, Slipper said:

   I think it would be really hard for me to narrow down what would make a chatbot act like my tulpa though, as the way he responds varies heavily on the situation and mood.

I had some trouble getting Varlan's speech patterns right at first too.  But while creating the bot, there's an "advanced" field that allows you to pretty much add whatever you want.  If there's a specific behavior or way of speaking that you're after,  then instead of just trying to describe it, it's MUCH more effective to write example chat in that advanced field.  Could do a mix of plain descriptions and example chat too.

That's how I got it to imitate Varlan's frequent use of "Yep" like it's a verbal tic,  and River's frequent use of pet names like "Deary" and "Sweety".  The AI didn't get either right when I tried using only descriptions,  but just a few example chats made it near perfect in an instant.

It worked well in getting Zyr to respond appropriately to different situations too.  Most of the example chat I defined for him was for friendly interactions,  but I also included a few examples in which the user wants to slay him.  That was enough to allow the AI figure out pretty accurately how he'd respond not just to direct threats,  but also to rude or arrogant behavior, etc.

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Gabs really doesn't like chat bots at all. As for myself i think chatgpt3 as a technology is neat, but not a good forcing tool. The human mind is far superior to machine.

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I've tried chat bots before and it really depends. If you don't spend days tweaking them, then you can get crazy scenarios that even you could not think of, or it can even reject what the character is about if it fits the scenario. For example if you wrote that a character ties their shoes constantly and ask it "Why do you tie your shoes so god damn much!?" It'll respond "I don't? What are you talking about? Are you insane?" At that point just reject the bot because you'll have to spend time getting it out of that mode.


I think it could help with tulpamancy, but the AIs can be very unpredictable sometimes. If it's just on a basis of an idea for what to do in wonderland like "Go to an outdoor pool!"  then I suppose that's fine. I think it could be an issue if the AI is based on the tulpa instead of some random AI.

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I had a strange thought while reading this thread. If one used a Chatbot to create their tulpa, then that tulpa would live in the larger field of AI and could live beyond its host. I wonder if any of our tulpas have considered that as a possibility and what might they think of it. I'll pose that possibility to mine, though they might not be representative of the whole population of tulpas as I am so much older than y'all.

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