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A group picture of the community's tulpae

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Welp, is it bad that I have four Tulpae? Can they all be in the picture?


If you really want all four in the picture, I don't see the problem.


Id do it, but:


A: I wont draw ponies over my dead body. (aka the picture would only represent 0.1% of the community)

B: Im lazy


Good luck convincing your sister to draw 50 ponies and a few slendermen covering 5 people and a bear.

and whatever the heck QB is



you are making me sadface. I'd like to get as many people's tulpae in this as possible, and I do see you a lot around the forums; sure you don't wanna be in it?

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Ok well, here goes. You can see the picture of Shin in Josh's link (you can link specific pictures, ya know) he will be flying above.


Hash, Animal form.] Hash's animal form is new, and not described very well. She has beady, anime animal eyes, large cat ears and two tails. The tails both have hands on the ends. Her body is pretty much an anime cat's, but fluffier and more (I hate to say it) like a Kyuubey. Her fur is completely white except, with red rings around her torso, one on each tail, a red stripe on the back of her ears and around we neck. Her pose, sitting on Lucifer's shoulder, head tilted toward him, resting on the side of his head, relaxed looking. She has purple eyes, but they change a lot.


Lucifer: he has blue hair with scarlet tips that sweep over his left ear, And he has eyes like I drew in the ITT: we draw our tulpas thread. He wears a white suit, red tie, black vest. His hands are black. He wears red leather shoes. He wears a black, jeweled crown. He will be holding Loki's leg as he tries to fly away towards Shin.


Loki:looks like Kid Icarus, but his heard goes more out over his face. He had pitch black eyes with no whites or anything. He wears the same white robe things as Kid Icarus. He has weird old leather mockasins, like the American Indians, and a knife with weird runes on it, gibberish. Its kinda like a Bowie knife. He has wings like Kid Icarus. He has two ivory horns, one over each eye. They are short but thick, and curve over his forehead.


I am renowned for not giving enough info, sorry if I left anything out.

My opinions are all subject to change.

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Guest Anonymous

Once I get a good scan of a drawing I requested from a friend and/or ama's drawing, and find my height, I will post.

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