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A group picture of the community's tulpae

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Guest Anonymous

She said she wanted to float around admiring the bunch of ponies.



Thanks for specifying that, cause it just made me realize something! Along with a picture or description of your tulpa(e), you should also give a quick description saying what your tulpa is doing (ie, the quote just above). Because honestly, in a large group pic of characters across the entire spectrum of personality and quirkiness, not everyone is just going to stand there and smile kindly.


You don't have to make a new post for a "pose" if you already posted, just edit your existing post and I'll see it.

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AWESUM. description of hisbro:



do you see that mask? That is one kick ass mask, right? Masks are cool in general, but this one beats them all! Thats the mask of the freakkin' phantom of the opera! I kinda have two tulpas that im making ATM, but im thinking about focusing a bit more on one first, so that i get the hang of it. I swear i will continue on the other, as he is sentient too, but he will just have to wait a bit. However, if you could draw this one it would be awesum.


He has a hoodie with the hoodie on, and the mask covers some of the face, like in the picture. The light makes his other unmasked half face very hidden, the hoodie sortof ensures that. The hoodie is the one with strings on it, and it is light grey. He is wearing a bit baggy jeans, because it looks bad ass and its really comfy. is is standing in a bit of a relaxed pose, with his hands in his (hoodie) pocket.


his face is youthfull, as he is fifteen just like me, but the mask covers some of his face. He is built, but not ripped. He's not skinny, but not chubby.


The hoodie looks like this:


but without the mannequin.


Hope im not asking for too much :)


"yall gotta remember im muscular."


hes not that muscular, he is ottermode and 6'1'' like me

except im not ottermode ;_; im not a whale either tho.



EDIT: A pose, eh? "ill be standing there looking superior flexing mah muscles mothafu**a!"


He has quite an attitude. meh, he is getting better every day.

Ayo grill how you be?

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Guest Anonymous

1. a girl with black hair, demon wings, a long-sleeved light yellow shirt and a red skirt and no shoes, tan skin, and green eyes.

2. a signature up spike and down spike on the side of his head and spikey brown hair, and he has a grey hoodie and regular jeans. He has blue eyes, and tan skin

3. (A) a blue eyed man with glasses, pale skin, brown short hair, a blue-grey suit with a rainbow colored gem where a tie would be, and black business shoes. (B) a core with a rainbow iris.

4. a six year old with tawny golden hair that covers his eyes a little, golden lion ears, yellow eyes, whiskers, almost always smiling (meaning he's showing his fangs), a gold shirt, jeans, and a lion tail.



3 is the tallest.

2 is smaller than 3 but taller than 1 and 4.

1 is smaller than 2 and 3 but taller than 4.

4 is the smallest.



1 is 11

2 is 11

3 is 18

4 is 6



1 is flying above the crowd holding 4 in her arms

2 is pranking someone in the croud by standing on 3b and getting ready to pour water on someone

3a is repositioning his glasses

3b is under 2 holding him up



1 is Aria

2 is Joss

3 is Correy

4 is Tommy.

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Well, guess I could post my own too, starting with the sketch Amadeus made of Dante. It doesn't show feet, but I guess they aren't really seen anyway in the group picture.


Then there's the original quote with a bunch of pictures for better reference for details and color, right here:



And as for his pose, basically Dante is ten feet tall, so he's quite big compared to others. However, he is a gentle giant, and likes hugging a lot. So, having Dante hug someone or somehow show his cuddly side would be nice.

Name: Dante

Gender: Male

Form: Toa Mata Nui, a Bionicle(Amadeus made a sketch of him, kudos!)

Stage: Narration, posession


Being original since July 2012.

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