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Sure b'y, why not have Red in this?


That's just a simple sketch I did during one of my classes, and I don't have the time, patience, or skill to attempt to colour it, so yeah. She wears a white dress shirt, purple/black striped tie, and a black suit jacket, with black dress pants. Hair down to around her shoulders. Height around 5'9"-5'10"

She'd probably be sitting away from the others, reading a book.

Name: Red

Stage: Imposition

Form: Androgynous human

Sentience: Most definitely.

Vocal: Sometimes.

Date of Creation: 8/20/12

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Guest Anonymous

So, delta, when will you show your sister the list?


Don't expect the picture any time soon, Anonymous. I'm going to wait at least until Friday before I even start collecting this information together, to give anyone who wants in a chance to say so. After that, it'll be up to my sister to draw it, which could take a couple weeks if we want it to be professional and colored.

Plus she's had a bad habit in the past of procrastinating.

These things can take time, and I want it looking superb.

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Guest Anonymous

I can wait... hopefully.


A little off topic, but how do you cross stuff out?

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Her form is now that of a normal human female, with blonde hair styled in a "punk" or "scene" short haired style. Basically this but shorter. That picture is a good facial representation as well. She has bright, green eyes and two lip piercings on her bottom lip. Body shape wise, she is very curvy, with wide hips and large breasts. Her clothing varies.

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