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A question about a tulpamancer

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I understand that this looks bad as my first post in this forum, though I assure the reader that I am also regulary interested in tulpamancy and there will be more posts that are more pertinent to this forum in general that are to come from me.


So I was just having a normal conversation and tulpas came up and then someone said to research "Max's tulpa saga" thus far I have found nothing of the sort that they had suggested might be out there, I have found lots regarding several Maxs (Maxes?) but so far I am unable to determine anything conclusively. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and I am very sorry if this seems like troll bait I know basically nothing about the internet tulpamancy community.


Thank you all in advance and have a very happy new year

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I've never heard of a famous or infamous "Max" in the tulpa community. They might exist, but it seems more to me like that person simply read a random progress report (or off-site blog on tumblr or something) and assumed everyone else has done the same. There are hundreds and hundreds of progress reports on this forum, so that's usually not the case. 


It's usually not recommended to learn "everything" about tulpamancy from just one person/system (term for all the people in a body) anyway, though. Since the phenomenon is so subjective, many things about the experience will vary from person to person. And that just about no one we've ever met who claims to know "everything" about tulpamancy has a balanced view whatsoever, they're just very sure of their own thoughts on the subject.


So yeah, best to look around and get lots of people's thoughts/experiences on things. Though maybe someone else knows a well-known "Max"

Hi. I'm one of Luminesce's tulpas. Unlike the others, I don't think I stand out too much from him personality wise.

I'm just special because "I'm a tulpa". So I don't think I've much to offer, here. I'm happy enough to just be with him.

Ask us stuff - https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Alright, thank you, they spoke of it as though it was a universally known thing that was exceptionally easy to find, though I suppose the wild goose chase was not entirely fruitless as I have washed ashore here, I intend to stick around and ask questions and eventually -mance a tulpa- of my own.

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