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Einstein vs JDBar.

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Well i don't know why we are comparing Einstein with JDbar.


while 11 tulpas is a bit much, I won't imagine Einstein having the edge.


If their is a upper limit then it's a blury line, that is defined base on how much time/energy you're willing to spend

on these tulpas

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The amount of tuppers you could have would properly be limited to Dunbar's number

Though i doubt they would have a lot of personality due to the fact that they would be unable to get the time needed to develop.


>yfw 100-230 voices talking in your head at the same time.

De bedste og smukkeste ting i verden kan hverken ses eller røres, de må opleves med hjertet.

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>100+ tuppers


Sounds like a plan.

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The Unconscious has enough unused processing power to generate more than a few thousand fully functioning consciousnesses. Consciousness is only about 60 bits of information at most. The unconscious has about 11.2 million bits total, a large deal of which is unused. There is most likely an upper limit, but this limit is probably in the thousands somewhere, even for an average brain. There have also been cases of MPD with with over a dozen alters. Anything under 100 Tulpa is certainly feasible, considering the scientific evidence.





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Well, even though the conscious of the moment as we perceive it is indeed rather limited, should we keep in mind, that many of the unconscious processes are specifically required to fill the consciousness with information (A third of the cortex' processing is just visual processing, for example). So, going with Gold's example, much more than the 60 bits would need to be spared in order to allow fully separate consciousnesses to concurrently and actively exist, without just being fed with what is inputted into the host.

I am also pretty sure I mentioned on IRC already, that the bit comparison is rather silly, anyways. The brain does not work in bits and bytes. If it at least would work out for demonstration purposes...


It is furthermore a fallacy that a large deal of the unconscious is unused. The brain is not a hard drive with blank space, if parts of the brain are unused, then because their function is not required, and if that is the case for a long time, their connections fade.


Dunbar's Number seems interesting here, but there were cases of multiples having more alters than they knew personally, so it might not be the limit of existing alters.


Another distinction we, as far as I am concerned, have to make is existing and concurrent. I am sure there can exist a few hundred tulpae/alters in a brain, but having them all concurrently active on the same level as the host is more than an herculean task, to say the very least. That does not mean they are entirely inactive either, though. A more dynamic look at the matter is required, as a consciousness is not one rigid system, but rather a huge collection of neural processes going on. Hence they might just be a bit "slower", so to say.


What could become a problem is the working memory, which creates the consciousness of the moment. I can imagine it cycling the information of 5 consciousnesses' momentarily awareness around, but I am sure anything significantly more requires saving processing somewhere, maybe lessening the amount of consciousness for every single alter/tulpa.


This is why I can very much see JD1215 running into problems like that already (without claiming he would), as the brain tries to actively allocate its power to where it is required.

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