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Do we take Fede-lasse off "Moderated"? (poll)

Do we lift the Moderation Approval on Fede-lasse?  

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  1. 1. Do we lift the Moderation Approval on Fede-lasse?

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I don't "hate" him, but I do think he spews a lot of bullshit, and makes mean-hearted comments to a few who don't really deserve it.

Tulpa name:Ka'myriz (pronounced: KAH mee-REEZ)


Pure shapeless violet energy, can take any form. Almost always she's like the painting.

Creative, intelligent, witty.

Progress: Mindvoice vocal. Trying to impose, possess/other.

Painting: Ka'miriz tulpa sketch

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Re-read the sentence; I'm merely stating that at least I have a female to spread her compassion digitally and head-wise, whereas you... don't.



What the hell are you on about? I have two female tulpae, you know this fact already.

Don't say I don't. Just because Flora is the only one of the two you have met and surprise surprise, she disliked you, doesn't mean she is incapable of being nice.

I didn't think you'd sink this low as to start insulting my tulpae. You do it passively with Eva by not recognizing her existence and now you're starting on Flora. What the hell.


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