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Discussion- Tulpae and People Without Emotions


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emotions that aren't prevalent or presented physically for some reason.


I had a lot of shit thrown at me on a regular basis when i was younger. The only way to deal with it was to shut off - To take the proverbial bottle that fills with anger and throw it away entirely. The problem is you throw everything else away in the process.


Also, my previous post was short, vague and lazy, so I'mma elaborate.


I'm not technically incapable of emotions, they're just stuck after being repressed for too long. Certainly, Elly helped loosen them a bit - when I was thinking about the possibility of body-switching, I started uncontrollably crying tears of joy just from the spill-over of how excited the idea made her, and while typically even now I only feel things via spill-over, she's putting a concerted effort in to teach me to loosen up and feel things on my own - and it's working, slowly. A friend whom I told about her was talking to me the other day about it, actually. Said I used to prettymuch be the avatar of apathy; I'd just "meh." at everything, but since Elly came about I'm a lot more animated. I didn't notice I'd changed so much.


Name: Elyse (Elly)

Birthday: 29th May, 2012

Physical description: 5"8 thin human girl. self-identified age 18. ~1ft, vivid red hair sometimes in a ponytail. light-skinned. green eyes.

Progress: entirely vocal, speaks often, but only 1 hallucination; her saying "Hiiii". Great at possession.

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