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Calea Zacatechichi


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Tried this herb I was linked to that's supposed to help you get a bit deeper. A lot of people here don't have too much of a problem with that, but there's certainly enough of us that aren't good at getting any depth when trying to force or anything else.

So, I tried it out, and it does help. It's no miracle, but the one session I had with it last night was better quality than the best of sessions I'd had before.


Not even very pricy. Fair warning though, it's supposed to taste pretty bad if you drink it. I smoked it, since I smoke anyway, and I felt a bit nauseous toward the end of it, but after I had finished smoking it there wasn't even a hint of nausea. It's not hallucinogenic or anything, I was able to do other stuff just fine after trying it, but it certainly helped when I went to go force. It's perfectly legal, unless you're in Poland, or unless you're growing it yourself in Louisiana.


So if you've got a problem focusing on your wonderland/tulpa, or getting any depth (I certainly do, on both counts), feel free to try it. I'll certainly be using it pre-forcing from now on.

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