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Tulpa Parallel Processing Test

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Guest Anonymous

Hi everyone! I'm currently programming a little flash application which will hopefully quantitatively test your and your tulpa's abilities to do independent, parallel thinking.


You can check out the first version (with just the counting test for now) here at Deviantart.


I'll be updating it with more tests soon, and I'd appreciate any advice or suggestion on how to make the tests better or what new tests to make. I'll be including a counting test, a simple math test, one to test memory, and one that involves reading, for now.

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Okay, we've done three runs of the counting test:

I (host) got all three wrong (off by 1, 1 and 3), Ayrion got at least one run right (or I just failed at interpreting his other two answers, he isn't very vocal yet).

Also, staying focused on the cross is a bit hard, maybe it would be easier if the dots would light up for a second or two instead of flying by, since the eye tends to automatically follow movement?


This is definitely an interesting concept of a test and we will try this again sometime.

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Both got it right first time, both got it wrong second time by the same margin. Nice that someone actually went ahead and made something for this, and beyond the ones that you've mentioned I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

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Tried twice with each tulpa:


Pix: 1st time off by 6, 2nd time off by 3


Cordy: 1st time off by 1, 2nd time off by 5


I got it right every time, except for the last one where Cordy said his number before I could put mine down and made me forget.


Edit: Did it again because they got all depressed after seeing everyone else's scores.


Pix: 1st time off by 2, 2nd time perfect. (It's worth noting that she got it AFTER I forbid her from saying 23 for a fourth time. Apparently it's her favorite number.)


Cordy: 1st time off by 5, 2nd time perfect (after guessing a whole bunch of numbers and being not at all confident about his answer).

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Tried it a few times with Colgate, here's the results.



Host: Perfect

Colgate: Off by 1



Host: Perfect

Colgate: Perfect



Host: Perfect

Colgate: Off by 2


And then one where I got distracted midway through and both of our scores were horrible.

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Tried it a few times with my tulpa.


The first time I got it right, and my tulpa was off by 1.

The other tries I got it right, and my tulpa was always off by 1 or 2.

Only one time we were both right.


Anyway this is pretty cool, I'll surely try it again someday (and when I'm not so sleepy)

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Nate and Luke get it perfect near every time, they've got this down. The only time they got it wrong out of five times was Nate getting the answer wrong, heh


Giselle was off by one on 3/5 tests, the other two were correct


Jaden got it right 3/5 times, but he was WAY off on the other two, by five or six numbers.


This is great, we should keep working on parallel processing more often. My head is pounding now.



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We did it three times. I got it wrong three times (a margin of 1-3), and Tulsi managed to scrape a perfect the third time, but about the same as me the other two. I... I don't even how that happened. I just don't. Oh, and to make it funnier, she was like "I win!"


I'm going to have to work on sucking less o_q


Edit for more tests:

4: Double perfect

5: Perfect myself, but my eyes wandered pretty bad, Tulsi's suffered.

6: I was perfect, Tulsi was one off. Getting better at controlling wandering x_x

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Round 1:

Host: -1

Tulpa: perfect


Round 2:

Host: perfect

Tulpa: -1


Round 3:

Host: perfect

Tulpa: perfect


This was actually a cool little experiment. Good job.

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Sex: Female

Began 11-16-12

Stage: Sentient- working on a voice

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