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Can a tulpa make you dumber or smarter?

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Guest Anonymous

Poll: Has anyone experienced a change in their own sensory processing or intellectual ability due to having a tulpa? I mean your own ability, not if they're possessing or giving you advice.


[Original post deleted at the request of the poster. To preserve discussion on this topic, an alternate post has been provided asking about the same thing. -mod]

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Eva has made me smarter and able to gradually process information and express it a lot faster than I used to. It's not perfect, but it's better than the shitty mess I was in another forum when I first found out about dreaming before Tulpa. In fact, I felt that how she helped me before I even knew about tulpa (just a series of subconscious realizations and such) was apparent since my sophomore year in High School.



And how come not listening to your tulpa's perspective/opinions not an included aspect in making someone smarter? I figured that if you have a tulpa with their own schema of things, it would help you see things in a different light, and at least makes you intelligent in the empathetic spectrum.

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Strangely, when I started to accidentally automatically parrot on a regular basis, the parroting voice was always conflicting with my pessimism and helped me to think more positively and have a much more objective point of view even though I eventually noticed that I was automatically saying these things myself. Once I picked up the habit of only accepting the unexpected (real) replies, this disappeared.

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@Flexionsensor: 10/10 made me lol


They can make you temporarily stupider, through distraction. You split your focus between what you're doing and them, and end up being effectively stupider at what you're doing. Once they're to the point of being able to interrupt you, they can distract you even if you don't pay attention to them. (Of course, most tulpas would have the courtesy to bug off for a while if you need to concentrate.)


I have also experienced a weird thing that sometimes happens, usually when I'm talking to one of them. I'll be thinking of something to say, then as I'm formulating the thought I can sort of feel it slipping away from me. After this happens, I can't recall what I was thinking.


Of course they can make you smarter as well, in obvious ways. Having an extra mind looking at what you see helps you spot stuff you would otherwise miss. They can help you remember things, as well as think things through.

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Guest Anonymous

Apparently they can make you momentarily dumber than usual.

Talking with my sister today about imposition (I was just telling her that it's possible to make things appear in your sight, she doesn't know about tulpas) she told me that a few years back she had something that in my opinion sounds a lot like an imposed tulpa.

It could speak and it moved on it's own, but after a month that it became imposed she made it go away, I didn't ask her how but probably through ignoring it, because every time it was around she would feel like "a part of my brain is pulled into it" leaving her dumber than usual with a really weird feeling.

The tulpa in question (I think it is one) was created by visualizing a cat running alongside the car during car rides over the course of 2 years.

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I tend to do that as well, but I just never considered the imagined person to be sentient. That's probably why it didn't turn into a tulpa, even though I have done that for a little more than four or five years, I think. Though I remember my tulpa pushing that visualization out of the way to take its place, flying around the car for a little while.

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