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Can a tulpa make you dumber or smarter?

Dumber or Smarter?  

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^ I think everyone did at one point. That's really interesting, though. I wonder how many other little things like that that no one thinks about can result in tulpas, gahaha.


Perhaps we should have a poll on how tulpas have made the host smarter. I guarantee that at least 90% of the time it's a social aspect.


Yep, me too.


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^ I think everyone did at one point.


Hm, not for me. It never occurred to me that I would want to impose non-physical objects into my sight. Until tulpas, that is. Now I'm thinking about all kinds of useful or fun things we could impose (once we get to that point).


On-topic: My tulpas have taught me so much about the human mind and stuff. Our focus is still on forcing at the moment, but I guess it will be the same for other topics when they diversify their interests.

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Certainly more outgoing with people now, so like glitch said, more social intellect.


Also just simple things like having discussion on the internet has improved a great deal.


There's also mind boosts courtesy of my tulpa helping me, such as her keeping me focused on a specific task, etc.

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I've noticed not a personal increase of intelligence, but rather now I think more efficiently. I answered "smarter".

You would be genuinely shocked to find out how comforting it is to be functionally insane.


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I think Jesse helps make me smarter. He thou does make me often "feel" dumb as he makes me really aware of my own faults, but in saying that, that should end up making me be smarter.

Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 

Working on imposition

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