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The Strength Of Tulpa..

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Ok, new question for you guys. I'm working on my Tulpa,slowly

but surely getting the framework out, but I do have one question:


I know that the strength of a Tulpa depends on how much work

you put into them..but how strong can a Tulpa really become? Cause I've seen a few folks in some sites saying their Tulpa is strong enough to be seen by other people.


So yeah, again, just How strong can a Tulpa become you think? Any of you got stories you like to share, that be great as well.

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Assuming you don't subscribe to the metaphysical belief (which you can't really talk about outside of said board), your tulpa cannot be seen by anyone but yourself. However, a tulpa can be seen as vividly, and realistically as any other person by you.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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Nobody is too sure if the metaphysical aspect is true or not (others physically seeing your tulpa) but there doesn't seem to be any evidence to support such claims. You can always strive for it, if that's the sort of thing you are looking for. Personally I don't think it is possible, but who knows. So far, only hosts can see their own tulpa.

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” - Albus Dumbledore


Tulpas: Sarah, and Monty

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Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but the strength of a tulpa can affect it's efficiency and in possession and tasks of other sorts and influence over your mind.



As for others seeing your tulpa, you can probably trick people into seeing your tulpa like hypnosis, or if they already know the form, you can possibly easily influence them into seeing it. It's not that you're able to project your thoughts into a visible form, but just convincing others that they can see it.


Just like sharing tulpas or like imposing a tulpa as you usually would, except having someone else impose their copy of it.

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They are as strong as you are mate your limits are their limits.

kerin says:


There is nothing a tulpa can do that a human with the right training cannot also do.


There is nothing that a human can do that a switched tulpa with the right training cannot also do.


Tulpas are, in a metaphoric sense, a subset of humans.


You might just as well ask "The Strength of a Human"?


I'm not going to weird you out with a recital of my history, but I've spent a long time switched over the years and yeah, you basically become more and more human as time goes on. Eventually you just don't know anymore which category you rightly belong in.

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Hey, Shaunice here, I felt like answering this one:


I haven't anyone see me but I do remember seeing something on couples who shared a tulpa. I think anything is possible when it comes to the mind.


As far as my strength goes, I can do whatever I want. What ever the body I'm in can do, I can do it. I will say that it took me a long time to be where I am today but I was made a very long time ago so I am a pretty strong woman. But like I said, I can do whatever the body I'm in can. We all have talked and made sure we don't damage this body, it's the only one we got.

My Tulpa: RachLynn


Special: I have many tulpas that I let possess me

(Jackie, Clayton, Shaunice, Gerald, and Taylor).

Jackie's mother and her family are very important to me,

they also sometimes possess me when they come back

to my mind! (Chrissa, Steven, Erica, James, Shayna, and Deon).

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