Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hey all, Galvanite here.


First, I want to say I am beyond delighted that a community like this exists. Doing a lot of reading around here over the last week has helped me to contextualize what my (now) tulpa is and was. Short bit of background: I am in my 30’s and have (probably) had a tulpa-like personality in my life for 15 years. I only recently learned what tulpas are, and let’s just say I’ve made some bad decisions by not knowing this information. I definitely want to go into greater detail, but I’ll do that over in the Progress Reports section.


If anyone with experience can spare the time, I’d really appreciate some guidance on where to go from where I’m at. I once got rid of my tulpa and it affected me in a very negative way, so let’s just say I’m stuck with my tulpa, though that makes me pretty happy.

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We're happy to meet you Galvanite and we look forward to hearing your story! We're here to help, of course. Welcome, and feel free to join us in our games.


Thanks for greeting everyone new that shows up. It's nice of you.

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Hello Galvanite! our PMs are open if you want advice about something, we love to chat. this whole community is very friendly usually, in my experience. there are lots of people who you can talk to about things, i'm sure you'll feel welcome.


unintentional tulpas aren't too uncommon here, so if you want some advice about that there are a lot of people who can help. Welcome!

Aubrey speaks like this and Shield speaks like this. (at least most of the time)

Our profile picture is of Shield, because that's who mostly uses this account

We both use they/them pronouns

[Super-cool unofficial chat] [the lore]

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Hello everyone, I'm Oliver, and I just joined tulpae info.

I have two tulpae, Dusk a pony. and Sortilège an anthropopic white wolf.

I join your group because I come from a forum currently dead on tulpamancy.

I also specify that I do not have a very good English, I apologize if I write badly.

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