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Lol you are right , i completely forgot about that , its a basic readable hynosis script about lucid dream and uh thats it you need to speak this one out loud to impose it on yourself , sorry about before i didn't realise that didnt mention it before , i was kinda distracted with reading something else(@_@)

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Hi everyone, I am Donderdag. I am new to the online Tulpa community and wish to learn more and read about the experiences of others. I am currently in an ongoing progress of creating a Tulpa which has taken me several years now.

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Woah... hey guys, I'm Encore.


What a fascinating site you have here.  I've read the rules and taken a look at some other posts.  I'm 24, from Australia, and although you guys have restricted talk on magic to a specific category I must confess that I am an occultist and am unaware of any way to create Tulpas without the use of magic.  Though honestly, occultists claim that concentration is magic, they just also include rituals, demonic chants and summoning beings to help you power-up lifeforms you've created on the astral...


I'll stop with the magic-talk xD I'm capable of switching up the words to fit the non-magical approach.  I saw one post saying "If someone claims to have eight Tulpas don't bag them..." Which is funny because I do have eight at this moment?  Though perhaps they're not fully-developed by the opinion of people on this site.  As I read more posts I'm sure I'll get a better understanding of how you guys do things.


I go by feeling.  The last Tulpa (I call them servitors) I created I wrote out his personality profile, did a 'ritual' I sat and focused my intent (it was a "magic" ritual in the sense I had candles and used chants while focusing intent).  I give each Tulpa two personal rituals, where I sit for twenty-thirty minutes powering them with visualisation.  And afterwards I do more rituals but power up multiple ones in a sitting, one after the other.  My last Tulpa has only had one ritual, but I got feelings of him following me around at work that night, curious about me.


Anyway thanks for listening, even if my feelings and experiences are staggeringly different to your own.  I'll keep the magic talk to a minimum from here on out!

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Welcome Encore! You've certainly got an interesting take on tulpas. Going by the definition of occultism, I suppose I'm one as well, a wiccan witch. I personally believe tulpas to be psychological, but with my view of the world, psychology might as well be just another magical force of nature, so...

Anyway, yeah, there's the metaphysical section for this kind of stuff :'D Hope you like it here!

Desmond - 21st April 2014 (Also has his own account)

L - 5th May 2014

Nevira - 14th December 2014

Misa - 5th December 2015

Roska - 22nd July 2019

Progress report

Art thread

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