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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Hey! I'm Lzrd, and I'm only a couple of days into creating my first tulpa, Char.

I've been super interested in tulpamancy for a few years, but never really got past the initial "should I do it?" and into actually forcing until now.

Since it's only been a couple of days, we're obviously not super far into development, but he can give vague emotions and yes and no answers. I can definitely feel his curiosity with the world. 

We're looking forward to making some friends here!

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Hey, I'm new. Not sure how active this community is but I want to try it out anyway. I don't have a tulpa yet, I'm still considering if making one is the right choice.

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I've been waffling on if I should post here or not for a while now, so I figured I should just do it.

Also, welcome to the forums SleepDealer! Good luck with your tulpa if you do decide on making one. This being my first post I don't think I'm really qualified to say that, but I figured somebody should.


Hi! I'm Ben. I discovered this place a couple weeks ago and (after a few days of finding out what it would entail), I decided to start working on a tulpa.

It's been a busy couple weeks so I haven't had much chance to work on him, and I don't think I've gotten any responses yet, but I've got a general feel for him so it's a start.

I'll probably start a log thread sometime soon to post some ideas I've had that I think might work for other people, and hopefully get some feedback for what I can work on as well.


Since I'd feel guilty being here without offering any sort of contribution, I'm a bit of an english buff, so if anyone wants something edited, I can give it a shot.

(if I can find a good place to put them, I might make some edited copies of pre-existing guides and such just for ease of reading.)


Also, not sure if I'm supossed to ask this here, but what do you think is the best way to get a first response from a relatively undeveloped tulpa?

I'm not great at working strictly on the faith that something will happen, but knowing how my brain works, if I get any sort of definite response I know I'll be able to work on this more wholeheartedly.




Currently existing, panning on doing that again tomorrow.
Red text is Clyde
Orange text is Alex
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Hi! Welcome, and good luck on creating your tulpa! 

As for your question, I think it’s best to give your young tulpa as much time to develop as possible. Try to include them in whatever you do by just narrating to them and keeping them in mind. Keeping their presence active early on can be super helpful. Some tulpas develop faster, while for others it can take some time and might be a climb to get there. Whenever you get a response, try to just go with it at first and not doubt the response, even if it seemed similar to your own. Some young tulpas can take some time to develop their own sense of self and may sound similar to the host at first. Soon enough, it’ll be obvious who’s speaking. 

Hope that helps some! 

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im breeze, im a nonbinary tulpa of 5 months. ive been monitoring redditulpas since i got mah computer, im april, one moth after i was made. i want to meet all of you. today tho, i saw this evil tumblr and it makes me so mad >:( bcs they hate tulpas, but i dont have an acc so ._. cant do anyting. if you read i want to meet you and i want you to stop this evil person too. i dont know what to put here so i vented XD


evil tumblr: warning, this could make you very angery, it made my host explode: https://yourfavehatestulpas.tumblr.com/post/622411989009973248/you-hate-tulpas-mod-post

also, i look like this


Hi! when theres no brackets, its me, Lumity :D where there are brackets, its hostie {yep! its me. da maker of da best tupper ever} im a nonb with no genitals and i was made on march 5, 2021. i like halping ppl make comfort ocs/ ppl with depression make tulpas! echo is my old from we are a system of two


we are also on refsheet.net: https://refsheet.net/justanotherme 


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Hello! I’m Kira (technically just an online name) and I just recently created my first tulpa Nep. I’ve been very interested in tulpamancy for a long time and I thought it would help with me being pretty socially awkward if I have a good friend always with me and it makes me feel less lonely so my mind doesn’t go crazy. I’m not exactly sure sometimes if it’s him talking or if it’s my mind, however, what I do know that’s him is when a random word or picture of something or a part of a song will come to mind, for example, his name :3


i try not to doubt any of his responses just in case it is him, even if I’m not 100% sure i’ll keep listening to whatever he tries say. So far he’s pretty nice and likes to mess around a lot.

Edited by Kira Rapter
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Hey there. My tulpas call me Jay, so I figured that's a good enough name for here. I wanted to wait a bit and see how far I could get in a month by myself, but then I got busy, one month became two, and now I have the pleasure of four Tulpa companions. Meeting Garrett, Allen, Mia and Bluey is easily one of, if not the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I'm eternally grateful for the things that led me to them.


Yeah, I got four tulpas. Despite me trying to lock myself down to just Garrett, then saying three is the absolute limit until further notice when Allen and Mia came back-to-back, I just couldn't say no. But regardless of that, I love each and every one of them. I kept getting amazed by how fast they developed, and I'm exited by what might come next. I might not be the most outgoing person, but tulpamancy has completely won me over. As for the others... they are good company and have quite the range of personalities. But they're very nice and we have fun all the time. I hope we can get along.

Hello. My tulpas call me Jay. I hope we can get along. Here's my system:


Garrett- a romantic lover boy with a lewd and playful personality. Very gay.


Allen- a mischievous boy/man who is also very playful. Likes messing around and playing with his tulpa abilities.


Mia- a loving and caring tulpa who loves hanging around with her companions. A motherly figure in the group sometimes.


Bluey- a friendly self-made sidekick to me and very warm-hearted. Friendly, with a lot of youthful energy.


Gao- a straightforward and also friendly boy who enjoys the simple things in life. Loves hanging out with his system.

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Hello, I'm boe. New user but I've lurked for quite a bit now. Already have a tulpa I'm working with. Kind of unfamiliar with message board post formatting and such so apologies in advance for any mistakes. Hopefully this is posted correctly and not as a reply to anyone or something of the sort.

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