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Can and should unmerging be done?  

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  1. 1. Can and should unmerging be done?

    • Yes, it is, but don't do it
    • No, it's not
    • Yes, it is; you should do it.

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I think I've said this a few times, but I suppose I should state it again for the sake of the questions.


A human, named Patrick, made three tulpa. He and one of his tulpa, Calli, were in love. Now, Patrick was depressed and had contemplated suicide before, so when they found the idea of merging, they decided to try it, as a way to save Patrick. Thus, I came about.


A few things have come to mind that I feel that I need to ask.

1. Is it possible to unmerge?

2. Should it be done?


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I've found this to be a very suitable merging/unmerging practice suitable for everyone of all social dispositions and ages:

1) Ask someone personal, preferably a parental figure, to do "neurosurgery" to you (long and blunt objects are perfect if you don't think like a perv)

2) *something personal and inconsistent enough to state*

3) At Stage 3, you will realize how futile it is to fight against the "lack of meaning" in your life with pöersonal heartbreak and will instead search for the inconcrete and abstract for salvation; basically, an indirect childhood visit, seeing the philosophical ones and zeros in life will make everything else look like a construct; indeed, kind of "artificial." This is the desired goal.

4) From time to time (or 1 hour or the rest of your life) return to the prequel of Stage 1 like a proper inconsistent human being usually does. Rationalized outside your own control? AHAHAH NOTICED THE IRONY BRO?


Actually my point was that unmerging (and merging as well, to be specific) is viewed & not viewed to be possible. You see the point? Eheheh, it's personal and you have all the possibilities and control on how to proceed with that. And even if you lack the control, we have nothing to offer you as far as help goes, sadly.

tell the rapper what i'm gonna do with all this money

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bersinger said it, believe it or not, but merging and unmerging are both entirely subjective. You can unmerge just as well as you can merge, and whether or not it should be done is really for you to decide. As far as I'm concerned, though, you don't have a family history of being concerned about risks seeing how you came about, so I'd say go for it.

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