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Guide for New Members

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This guide’s purpose is to help new users familiarize themselves with the expectations of Tulpa.info’s community and answer some commonly asked questions. Before we begin, I would like to say:


Welcome. New users are the lifeblood of communities and bring both new ideas and perspectives to the site. It’s a pleasure to have you.


This guide assumes you understand the lingo used on this site. If you don’t, please, take the time to go through the site’s glossary and frequently asked questions.





The following is an overview of each section on this site.


Forum Announcements

This is where the administrators post updates about the site, including downtime, staff changes, and bans. This forum is the least used, however is called announcements for a reason. Read the posts.


Forum Questions and Comments

Having an issue with the site? Want to suggest a change? Post it here. For small tweaks and features, use the General Suggestions Thread.


Community Meetings

This is where summaries of the weekly community meetings are posted. Members are able to discuss the topics brought up in these meetings in the corresponding threads, and suggest new topics if they have any.


GAT Discussion

You're probably asking, "What the hell is a GAT?" It stands for the mouthful that is the Guide Approval Team. This is a group of members elected by the users. They reign over the Guides section of the site, reading through submitted guides, offering feedback and advice. They then decide to approve of the guide or disapprove it, if approved it is moved into an appropriate category of the guides section. If disapproved, the guide rots in submission until changed.


The GAT Discussion is for offering feedback, running elections, explaining how the GAT operates, and suggesting changes regarding the GAT.

Home Site

A direct link to Tulpa.info's homepage. The things you can find there include free chat, a glossary, the FAQ, and an overview of the modern tulpa phenomenon.



Direct links to Tulpa.info's real-time IRC chatroom. For the IRC, #tulpa.info is used for on-topic discussion and #tulpa.lounge is for anything else, provided that it follows the rules.


Talk To Staff

Here you can privately discuss matters with the staff of Tulpa.info. Generally this forum is used to discuss chat bans, appeal to warnings, have your username changed, and ask for more personal advice on tulpas. Do not ask to be moderator, that's the quickest way to never become one.


Regarding username changes: often it's faster to send a private message to an administrator about the change. Moderators cannot change your username.


Your Deleted Posts

If any of your posts have been deleted by a moderator, they'll go here. Only you and the staff can see topics posted in this board.


Also, this contains the archived Off-topic board.


New Users

You're in here. As implied, this forum is used to give introductions as well as advice to users new to the community. If you haven't already, introduce yourself.


Questions and Answers

This is where you ask closed questions, advice, and tips on tulpas. Use the search function before posting. Search your question and various keywords before creating a new thread. The search option is there for a reason. Failing to do so portrays yourself as lazy.


General Discussion

Want to ask how big everyone's tulpas are? Throw in a bit of philosophy about tulpas? Ask open-ended questions that don't regard yourself here, or as the title suggests, create some discussion about tulpas.



The pseudoscience section of the site. Here you can post experiments, ask for volunteers, participate in surveys, and provide hypothesis. Keep the threads serious in this section.



Best grouped into one area. The Guides section is for thorough directions. The Tips and Tricks section is intended for methods thought to help the process detailed in guides. Resources includes tools such as hypnosis scripts and personality lists. The Articles section is for write-ups on the phenomenon, usually detailing personal experiences or thoughts on a specific subject. The Submissions section is where guides are posted and where the GAT will determine what can be improved and whether it should be approved or not.


Metaphysics and Parapsychology  

Discuss of non-psychological approaches to tulpas here as well as talk of the supernatural. Discussion of these topics out of this area is not tolerated and the thread will be moved as a result.


Progress Reports

Want to share your tulpa-related happenings with the world? This is the place for you. While the occasional slice of life post isn't an issue, this board is meant for posting about progress and your thread will be moved to the off-topic section if it becomes your average blog.



If it's not related to tulpas, or is likely to raise an eyebrow, post it here. The rules in off-topic are relaxed but still existent. No blatant flaming, no pornography, and no senseless spamming. Everything else is alright.


Forum Games

The board to play games with other members. The rules here are slightly more relaxed than the on-topic boards and the Lounge, but they still exist. Lots of activity in here.



Staff and People to Note

Pleeb, founder and owner of Tulpa.info. Runs the site out of his pocket and the occasional donation. 


FAQ_Man, often called Dane, he and Irish created the first guides for making tulpas.


Irish, beyond making some the original guides, moderated the site during its first year. 


Chupi, became administrator on the 8th of March, 2013. Beforehand he was a site moderator.


Kiahdaj, became administrator again at some point in early 2016, was an admin previously.


Rasznir, became administrator on the 18th of June, 2013. Previously a chat moderator.


The current staff are listed here.


Those who were previously staff members include Amadeus, the original admin of the site, Irish, ThatOneGuy, Bluesleeve, Phi, Jake, tracefleeman, Tesseract, Purlox, Slushie, glitchthe3rd, TulpaCouple, Derp, Quora, Biotechnology, Tess, Envolucris, ThunderClap, Stevie, Nobillis, sushi, NoneFromHell, waffles, Kiahdaj, tulpa001, Kiahdaj, Carolina, moth, Vampire, Winter, and Vos.




Unwritten Rules

The most important part of this guide. If you want to be accepted and taken seriously here, make sure you understand these.


1. Make yourself understood. If you don't care enough to explain yourself, write coherent sentences, or use decent punctuation, why should we care enough to read what you have to say? Text walls also apply to this. Cut to the chase and give us a break.


2. Reading comprehension. Make sure you understand a post before you reply to it. Ask for clarification if necessary. People don't like explaining things twice, so don't make them.


3. Search before making a new thread. It's there for a reason. We don't need another "How do I tulpa?" thread.


4. Be mature. That means no "lolumad", reaction images, and other shit. Cursing is fine so long as it's used in moderation. Poking fun at others is fine as well provided it's done in good fun and doesn't derail the thread.


5. Criticism and skepticism are required and you must be willing to take it. Calling others out on eccentrics not just improves the person, but the overall community as well. Likewise, everything that's said here should be taken with a grain of salt. When someone says, "I have 8 tulpas", don't immediately dismiss them, but don't take them on faith either.


6. Do not bandwagon. Nearly everything here is anecdotal and subjective. What you read should be read as guidelines and not a hard "how-to". If something isn't working for you, try another person's method or forge your own. If someone gives you a tip, do not assume it as a fact and for the love of god use the correct pluralization. It's tulpas.


7. Do not circlejerk. If something is awful, say it. Don't kiss ass because you like the person. The community isn't here to feed egos and gives pats on the back for every little thing that's done. Grow a damn backbone.


8. One of the worst things you can do is be dishonest. This site is heavily reliant on honest people and if you begin spewing out lies for attention you'll be labeled a roleplayer and few will put up with you.


9. Do not make a tulpa unless you're going to finish. On this site tulpas are held in high esteem. The fastest way to piss others off here is saying you're giving up.


10. Go force. Spending time with your tulpas needs to take priority over putting time into this site and/or chat.


Really though, everyone here is pretty relaxed. Mods don't hand out warnings like candy and the core community genuinely wants to help others. Just keep a level head and everything should be alright.



Again, welcome to Tulpa.info. It's a pleasure.


Credits: Albatross_ for creating the original "Guide for New Users", CyberD for coming up with the idea to update it.


8/24/2018 Added 'Progress Report' section and made minor edits to board descriptions. Edited staff

2/8/2016 Edited staff, added 'Forum Games'

3/23/2016 Edited staff

1/9/2016 Added 'IRC Chat', 'Your Deleted Posts', and 'Community Meetings' sections. Edited to represent the current staff.

11/2/2014 Edited Offtopic to Lounge.

10/3/2014 Edited to represent the current staff.

2/11/2014 Edited to represent the current staff.

1/8/2014 Removed GAT header.

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Good guide for the new users section. I only wish that people would read this and actually do what it says. Only time will tell.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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