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A few questions.

Mel Syreth

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Its about two months since Me and Martina started and the results so far are rather strange, so I have a few questions that arose.


1. Can head pressures be generated elsewhere?

I once had a feeling like someone poking my left chin with a finger, I don't know if it was Martina or not, but overall I rarely feel any kind of head pressures.


2. I feel like I kind of control her. Maybe I focus too hard on her doing something natural?

I usually like to impose/visualize her doing something simple next to me, like sitting, walking, leaning against a wall, with a completely still face that usually never changes. However, this got me thinking, what if it doesn't change because I keep her face this way, while waiting for a clear response.

Once while I was at the bus stop I imposed her next to me, usually turning away, but one time I saw her with her hand linked around my arm. It took me by total surprise.


Thank you in advance.

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Arose, yes.


1. Well I guess. I can't think of any examples but that shouldn't stop you. That said, you can get odd sensations from time to time that aren't necessarily your tulpa. In general I'd say that the more consistent something is the more likely it is to be tulpa-induced, but really it's your call.


2. Yeah, you might be right. Well, try paying a bit less attention and relaxing then, and see if you get some more autonomous movement.

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I can't get over "left chin" but,


1: Yeah, I mean, if Tulpa are an extension of the consciousness then it should be plausible that they wouldn't be able to do anything more than head aches. What I mean to say is, they probably have more access to different parts of the body, rather than the head only.


2: Yeah, sound about ~ish. Whenever I begin imposition practice, I start by imposing Adryan in a certain position and let him take over from there. It doesn't seem to bother, or hurt him.

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