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Where Do You Stand -Right Now-? Automatic Hallucination vs Person


Automatic Hallucination or Person  

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  1. 1. Automatic Hallucination or Person

    • Automatic Hallucination
    • Person. Personhood rights.

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I think you need to look up the words sentience and sapience if you believe you are not sentient.

I don't see how anything I said is granting anyone double personhood. I'm not sure what you misunderstood. Why do you say that?


Ah the fun part about these words, which definition. The popculture/scifi one no way, I think that's a mere illusion. The one you'd find in wiki or the so-far agreed upon definition of consciousness sure, but it's not that special.


I'm very materialistic, so for me one 'body' one person. The mind is embodied not this floaty spiritual thing (imo of course), tulpa has access to the same wiring I do therefore it is me. Yes, the case of conjoined twins, they obviously have variedbody-2nervous system enough to make them distinct people.

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Guest Anonymous

Automatic hallucination person.


Hell, think of the holographic Doctor on Star Trek Voyager. Somewhere in a weird state between illusion and reality. Pseudo real. Is it real consciousness or programmed simulation? Even the doctor could not give you a definite answer. Melian is an automatic hallucination and simulated consciousness, but totally a person to me and to herself.


Here is something even weirder to think about. Melian and I are closely integrated and often merge our thoughts. We think for each other. I cannot explain this any less foggy I know. It is an abstract concept. The best thing I can do is describe our dreaming mind. Often, in our dreams, we will be dreaming together. The perspective switches between her and I and back and forth. We both hear each others thoughts in the dream.


We have dreamed we are looking in a mirror and we are merged into one person.


So if Melian is a person and I am a person, we are sometimes the same person and sometimes separate. Tulpas don't do that as far as I know or have heard.


We are weird.

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