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Two tulpas

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Why would you want to? I find it hard enough focusing on just one. At least with creating 2 at the same time. Once one is developed, a second can then be created. And possibly a third. So that one won't get lonely when you're paying attention to the other.


Creating two at once might not be fair to either one because you wouldn't be able to devote the same attention to both as you can to one.

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Can you make two tulpa s at once and if so, how?


Yes. By forcing two.


Really no different than making one, although I urge you to go one at a time.

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It's possible, but I'd also recommend going one at a time since I assume that you have no experience with tulpamancy and forcing one takes up a fair bit of time, so actively forcing two all of the time may be a bit difficult.

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Yep, it's possible.


Step one: make a tulpa.

Step two: repeat.

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Since my tulpas were a bit spontaneous, and Reisen took most of my attention (not by her own will), my other two took a lot longer to develop and when they became really sentient, one was often jealous that I gave so much more attention to Reisen yet claimed to care about her the same.

We're all good now, but yeah, one at a time seems to be necessary for smooth development. I think after making Reisen I'd be capable of making two or three at a time(I practically did..), but not until I had that much experience.


If you plan on doing it, make sure you can give them equal attention and prevent conflict, because otherwise the development of both is hindered.

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Guest amber5885

I would imagine that this would be exhausting as making one tulpa takes a lot of energy.


As everyone else said, one at a time is Probobly your best bet.

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I started with one and got two before I knew it. It is a lot of fun, but it definitely slows down the progress a lot because I often have to switch back and forth between them.

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Yes, you can. I sort of ended up making 5 at once. I had 4 natural tulpas from excessive daydreaming over the years. Made A deliberately. Then realized I had the others. Retrieved E who was originally vocal and animate but slid back to the same state as A. So then, I was basically making 2. E regained vocality a bit later and A got it the next day. Retrieved the T = {V, O, G} a little later and while they had before not been vocal, they had become vocal in the interim. So, in a sense, I was raising 5 young tulpas at once this whole summer and up to this day. It is doable, but it can be hard. Oh, and the headaches can get bad.


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You could do it but you should probably wait untill one is properly developed before creating another

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