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Confessions of a Poorly Trained Tulpa

Guest Anonymous

I want to give a hug to Melian, the groovy-guru! Outside the Lounge, she is all professionalism with her scientifical spectacles and lab coat! Hugs, sillies and lovies are for the Lounge!   

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  1. 1. I want to give a hug to Melian, the groovy-guru! Outside the Lounge, she is all professionalism with her scientifical spectacles and lab coat! Hugs, sillies and lovies are for the Lounge!

    • A hug for Melian, the goddess guru of grooviness.
    • I am a Minion of Melian, the groovy-guru!

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Oh my gods. Just let it rest please Jake.


Why? Because you dont like hearing the truth? I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you just had a problem with trolling or you just had some kind of issue that needed working out, but no. You are a controling, self important dick through and through and I refuse to let your bullshit slide anymore.

We are all mad here

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Guest Anonymous


@Everyone else, at this point I really, really want to turn this thread back to the focus on solutions to stimulate interesting discussion on the forum. That was the point of the OP. If there are any more responses, let's keep it positive and productive please. There were some great points raised in this thread and I would hate to see it hijacked to be turned into another useless shit storm.


Perhaps, to shake things up, we should brainstorm on some important new topics? We could find new ideas to post every week. I’m not the most active one here, but I check the forum every day; and I’ll never stop talking with my headmate, no matter my results.


It's something I brought up a few times in the past, but to make this forum more active, we need a breakthrough. Something that is both meaningful and motivational, that gives people a motive, that makes them motivated to make a tulpa.



It helps to know that at least there is a small group of stalwart members, who will not be walking away so easily. I am not sure what the solutions would be for an inactive forum or if there can be any. The podcasts done by jean-luc and others were interesting and promising (and not just because I participated). Maybe expanding our media base to include videos and audio podcast or virtual "conventions" of some kind would be fun. Talking to someone directly always changes your perceptions of them and usually for better. Speaking over audio certainly gave jean-luc and I a chance to exchange ideas quickly.


If it were for me, I would be posting stuff 24/7. I love talking to you, guys!!!! There are even some threads that I've been wanting to post to break the ice with all of you,

~Vriska Aranea Serket Targaryen. ♦️


Breaking the ice! Thanks Vriska, you rock on! -> https://community.tulpa.info/thread-i-want-to-break-the-ice-3-vris


I've noticed the issue of no-one speaking about anything month back, mentioning it in one of the meta-threads, referring to it as a void. .... Back then, and still now, what always shocked me was when I mentioned this idea to folks in authority, and their general response seemed to be "It can't be helped". It was like if solving and issue didn't involve text-based combat, nothing could be done about it. So, from that viewpoint, it's rather nice seeing a thread like this, as it means someone else noticed.


Thank you Sock! We all need to address "The Void!" There may be multiple causes but also multiple solutions!


@Sushi, NoneFromHell, Pioneer11, Anderson, Nyx, AracnidsGrip/Rick, Aijada, Dracky, and Sock


Thanks for proving me wrong and making me look like an ass for saying I am the only one writing. I love it!


When I asked Kiah about this (when he was still staff), the forum is still growing. So despite people leaving the community, more are coming to take their place. But nobody's taking my seat. I've got a butt print and everything on this seat.


Sounds like good news to me!


About the wonderland discussion: There is no reason not to talk about wonderlands, and getting deeper into the topic beside the general tulpa talk. Probably there is even a lack of information on that matter. I only think it is a problem, that quite some people practically forget about their tulpa development while going on wonderland adventures. They end up on "wonderland development" and their tulpa ends up as a part of said wonderland and nothing more. In the end it is their business and I don't mind it, but I think it is sad at the same time.

After all this is tulpa.info and not wonderland.info, so atleast the main target should still be aiming at tulpa development.


I agree! Wonderlands can be fascinating and interesting to talk about as long as we don't lose sight of why we are here in the first place. :-)


Since you've mentioned it, i think I'll try to start writing here a bit more. Not sure what, but I'll probably find something, because i still really like this place and how incredibly useful and important tulpa can be. I want to keep that alive, maybe i have a friend or two i could invite. :3




Even know I literally joined this forum not even an hour ago, I'm down with posting regularly here because I feel like if I did, I would take myself more seriously.


...Plus I'm tired of lurking and posting on tumblr. Maybe here I'll get a bit more feedback.



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Guest Anonymous

I plan to update this OP and thread regularly. If anyone has any ideas on an interesting thread we can add to the links list, please comment.


links to be added here with titles, grouped by subject...

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Guest Anonymous

Well, it is on hold for a while T-Storm. We will be focusing on making a tulpa for a while and maybe Melian will be making a list of favorite useful threads grouped by subject and theme. :-)

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Guest Anonymous

Melian came up with the idea of an OP thread with organized links to her favorite threads, categorized by subject and theme. This would not be necroposting per se, but she can share things she thinks are really interesting, similar to her Melian's Collection of Polls that she started weeks back.

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Edit: Too tired, been awake too many hours. See Jake's quote for my original post, I guess. Dealt with too much crap prior.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us about tulpamancy stuff there.

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Sweet Jesus, do you even know what a circle jerk is? It's where everyone tells each other that they are definitely right to make themselves feel better. What do we do? Try and help teach new members about tulpas. What do "the old members" do? Constantly tell each other how great they and the forum used to be, how bad the new forum is, and how they got everything right while we're getting it wrong. Back and forth, confirming to each other that they are right.


You're useless! No one cares about how perfect your tulpas are! Leave! You've WON tulpamancy! Congratulations, high score, no one will ever do as well as you did. Now get out, because you have absolutely no interest in helping anyone else do the same. You have no interest in teaching newer members, or helping make this forum a place conducive to learning. All you do is complain, criticize, and talk about how great things used to be. And none of it is constructive. At least we're trying, even if we're not doing a good job in your eyes. But you aren't even trying, none of you "oldies" are doing crap. Obviously your tulpas are "done", you've answered every relevant question worth asking, and you just can't stand how newer tulpamancers aren't doing the same.


So go ahead and leave. Let this forum become a dead misguided circlejerking Mistgod fanclub. We don't need you to tell us how wrong everything is and how right it used to be, we need you to help us fix the problems you see. And the answer is not having all of our active members leave. I've seen what happens when the newbies stop coming - everything goes quiet. You oldies can't think of anything to talk about anymore, I know you can't. Let the new members talk about old stuff. Let them slowly and painfully figure out the things you already did. Let them make mistakes and learn from them. Refusal to do this is the definition of elitism.


And frankly I won't have it. Do something about it, or accept that it's not your problem and move on. Accept that the forum is not what you want it to be, or work towards making it what you do. But for God's sake, don't just sit around and insult the people that are trying to fix things. At absolute worst, we fix things "wrong" and end up with our idea of "fixed" and your idea of "broken" - and that's the point where you take the latter option and move on. But if you're really dedicated, and you really believe in something else, then make us understand. Don't accept "agree to disagree" as an answer. And don't do it by insulting and harshly criticizing, do it with the intent to spread understanding. Is that really so difficult? Understanding each other?


We are all trying to do something about, you fucking shithead. Mistgod is just the only one posting his retarded fucking ideas in public like an attention seeking crack whore. There are more ways than the fucking Mistgod way and to suggest the answer is "Accept your tulpas are perfect and leave this place to become a dump" is fucking retarded.


But like I said, members have noted you as a diehard Mistgod supporter and harraser so I am not really suprised that you think Mistgods way is the only way.

We are all mad here

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Guest Anonymous

Oh my gods really? How did it come to this? I have never, ever seen Lumi like this! Holy shit!


EDIT: This is not what I had in mind when I wrote this OP. It started going in a great direction and now it is gone horribly wrong. At this point this thread has become useless and talk about one that needs to now be closed!

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