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Intrusive thoughts
So, from what information I've come across, it's apparent that a few people, including me, experience what is probably called intrusive thoughts during visualising. (the Wikipedia article doesn't exactly describe what I have in mind, but I think the mechanism is similar)
It's an involuntary process that temporarily alters mental images, especially those which you intently focus on (the tulpa in our case), in some undesired fashion. It usually does so by means of a simple, persistent action; that is, if you try to revert the change, it just happens again; be it by means of shapeshifting, size changing, sudden appearance, exploding, or whatever. In fact, the more you fight it, the stronger it gets. Though this may seem like mere deviation, it certainly isn't, because the alteration is something the tulpa isn't expected to want in the least. It's usually bothersome or outright disturbing and grotesque.
The effects range from mild, such as manageable shape distortion or inappropriate sexual images, to severe and violent, such as the tulpa's transforming into some horrid abomination, its exploding in a shower of gore, etc. It might also make the tulpa move seemingly without one's actuating it, which may lead to the illusion that the tulpa is moving on its own. Yep, I ascribe that to the same phenomenon.
Its severity typically varies with time — sometimes, it's worse; sometimes, it's altogether absent — and perhaps it also depends on the mood.
Personally, I don't call this intrusive thoughts; I call it trolling, because it's as if there's a part of my mind that just sometimes wants to troll the crap out of me for no damn reason. I don't know what the best way to get rid of it and its effects is. For all I know, disregarding it doesn't always work.
I don't suffer from it very often, but a week and a half ago, I had a particularly nasty episode lasting four days, which really made me want to bang my head against a wall.

So, my questions are: Have you experienced this? If so, how frequent is it and how do you deal with it?

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This can get very annoying, and I sometimes get it shifting to somebody that I don't particularly like. I simply see if I can't fight it, and in most cases where I can't I just come back to it later. It's better to not do anything at all or it may be detrimental to your tulpa.

If it seems to happen every time, I recommend trying meditation. It can calm your mind enough to stop the intrusive thoughts.
Yep, I'm a person who's thinking a little too much and reflecting throughout the whole day and I often carry this into visualization. It can get annoying at times, but it's not a big deal, really.

Opening the eyes , standing up, stretching a bit works out for me. Breathing some fresh air helps too. (something to get you alert)

It probably is a sign, that you are getting sleepy and your unconscious superimposes itself into the wonderland.
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I used to when I would do sitting meditations. I overcame the problem for the most part by using breathing focus, mantra and counting beads. I eventually was able to hold a totally still mind for a half hour or so. Not overreacting to the intrusiveness but quietly refocusing are what my coach recommended. Sometimes it's more of a problem with sleep deprivation or sitting in too comfortable a position. Doing your visualization when standing can help and I already explained the shadow meditation out of the Tantras. Also using the thoughtform's name as a mantra may help as well. each time you say it's name try to make out parts of it's body the head and face in particular if it's humanoid. Try to make it appear every time you say the name.
When this happens, I try to interact with the intrusive thoughts in a way that makes them go away or become insignificant. It usually works, but if it doesn't I take a small break. They don't happen very often and typically depend on the current mental state and things you have in your short term memory.
I have that sort of feeling sometimes. One time, when I was going to bed, everytime I closed my eyes I saw really brief images of gore that I have never seen before. Nothing lasting longer than a moment.
Yes, I have this problem nearly every time
>talking to tulpa
>imaginary self turns around for a second
>looks back at tulpa

Pretty sure it won't have any long term damaging effects on the tulpa though, because FAQ or any other experts haven't emphasized any danger in the guides.
(05-18-2012, 05:02 AM)Citizen Anon Wrote: >OHGODWHATHEFUCKISTHAT
I'm pretty sure that this type of reaction indicates that it IS quite possibly harmful, though. Now a question from me: These intrusive thoughts . . do they occur AFTER visualization or during the visualization process?
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Thats probably why the fucking boats keep spontaneously combusting. Guess it could be worse.
This can happen to me, but I also interact with them to make them go away in a matter of speaking.

Back when I used to meditate on clearing my mind, I would visually, in my head, make the thought go away by "pushing it out." When trying to clear my mind, I would focus on "nothing," or "blackness," and when I get a thought, I'd quickly have some sort of bulldozer-type wall sweep across my innermind, and push the thought out of my head (if that makes any sense). It's literally tossing the thought out of your mind, visualization-wise.

Works for the most part when I have an intrusive thought, too.

I'll have to find that old guide on meditation sometime.

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