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Poll: What does your tulpa(s) look like?
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An animal (Pony, daemon, etc.)
120 15.83%
A Human (or humanoid)
333 43.93%
Anything Else (please post a description)
24 3.17%
Original Character (OC)
117 15.44%
Fictional (including media, anime)
115 15.17%
No fixed form (including shape changers, formless)
49 6.46%
Total 758 vote(s) 100%
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What does your tulpa(s) look like?
(12-30-2012, 10:52 PM)The Knight Wrote: What does your tulpa(s) look like? Mine looks a lot like a phoenix.
(10-06-2013, 06:01 AM)Nyarlathotep Wrote: What does your tulpa look like? Animated pictures, drawings, and anything of the sort to help people get an idea of what your tulpa looks like.

As the title asks, what kind of tulpa are you making?

This will be the official poll, and you can select more than one option, such as "Human" and "Original Character."

Any other made poll on the subject will be locked, but here are three previous threads that you could check out (I couldn't merge them):

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do we really need a 4th thread on this
(05-23-2012, 12:15 PM)Hoppip Wrote: do we really need a 4th thread on this

This will be the last.
Personally, I'm doing an original character, but it's not something really concrete yet. I'm trying to make a tulpa out of a person that was present in a few different dreams in different forms when I was a kid. No specific personality or form, but I always had the feel that it was the same person. Who knows, maybe she was my anima? Haven't seen her for years, but that's one of the many reasons I want to make a tulpa.

As for the actual form, I'm just tossing ideas around in my head. Thinking about what kind of hair, thinking about specific areas as others here mention them, etc. I'm doing a similar thing with her personality, just throwing ideas against the metaphorical wall to see what makes sense. Next week is when I'll really hunker down and define things concretely, personality first, of course.
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Well, to respond to Artemis from the locked thread,

Artemis Wrote:Sounds like Falkor the Luckdragon to me.

Mine is distinct with a few different features, but there are some unintentional similarities. Regardless, once he's fully formed, this is straight up what I'll be doing for a week.
I'm only on day one so still working on personality, not image, but the kind of default image that's been popping into my head is vaguely humanoid, not quite human. I know that will change as I actually work on the form and as it deviates as well.
Welcome to the forums. How is the form different than a human?
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Well, she seems to have long...ears? Horns? Some kind of shape on her head that curve back. Sort of like a Turien, if you've played Mass Effect, but there's only one on either side. also, she's very thin, and has large, owl-like eyes. I guess, long story short, she's kind of an alien. This is just a filler form right now though--what I'm thinking of like a larval state. Something more engaging than just an orb to work with while doing personality work, but not a developed form.
Erm, I chose "original character", "human" and "animal", seeing as she's a dragon that transforms into a human.
Tulpa: Brook
Stage: We're back at the beginning
Shapeshifting has been theorized, and planned, but not executed yet to my knowledge. How far along are you?
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