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Poll: What name does your tulpa have?
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A regular human name (Alice, Sandra, Heather...)
198 52.52%
A common word (Glass, Shy, Soar...)
51 13.53%
Something else entirely
128 33.95%
Total 377 vote(s) 100%
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What kind of a name does your tulpa have?
The fun thing about tulpae is that you can name whatever the heck you both agree on, and no laws will ever limit your imagination.

So, what kind of name have you chosen for yours? Vote.

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I guess that would count as something else.
Is Jaden a regular human name? Will Smith's son is named Jaden. I'll call it something else entirely since it's fairly uncommon--as in, I've never heard it except for Jaden Smith and a star wars game. Luke is a normal name though.

Actually I just put two and two together and realized what memory Jaden picked his name from. Oh god, both our tulpae have star wars names.

When you say "regular" human name...
Anyway, Kay is an actual name- short for Katherine or just Kay in it's own right. However, that's not where I got it. I really only got the name from the pronunciation of the letter 'K', which has been a running theme in my internet persona, and such I've grown attached to. 'Kay' just has this ring to it, y'know?
I wonder what the closest common human name to "QB" is.
...Haha, wow, nevermind. That's a terrible name.
The above post does not contain facts.
q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.
Right now i just call her Sarah. She didn't complain. Admittedly, she's not quite in a state where she would be able to complain about it.

she choose it, at first i disagreed but quickly came to. and supported her name.

In the Future am gonna see if i can legally make that my middle name.
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You also have to consider that different countries have different kind of names. For instance, Li might be a completely odd name in the USA, but a completely normal in Japan or China. So in that case, Dante is a fairly common name in Italy, but not in my homeland Finland. So, it sort of is and sort of isn't.

But yeah, my vote goes to regular name.
Name: Dante
Gender: Male
Form: Toa Mata Nui, a Bionicle(Amadeus made a sketch of him, kudos!)
Stage: Narration, posession

Being original since July 2012.
It doesn't matter where, Dante is a fucking name as is Li, so would be Nikodemos. Saphira is also a regular name, like it or not. Even Kate's being all hurr well Jaden is rareee, but it doesn't make it any less of a normal person name. Now if your tupper's name was Derp or Jermajesty something, then you can click other all you want.

Seriously you guys.
Eh, I think just the word regular threw us off. Considering people name their kids ridiculous names all the time(I personally know a boy legally named Spot, a girl named the letter K, and a kid from china named Vader as well as all the other shit parents do to their kids.

But also really where the name was pulled from. I didn't realize Jaden was a name til I looked it up while reading this post. I had forgotten the videogame existed, so while he pulled the name from the old memory of that, it seemed like for the most part that name was nonexistent in the real world.

Well, of course there are even kids named apple, zelda, link and even pony names now...

So by that logic really they are all human names. But regular? I don't know, maybe it should have asked where the inspiration for the name came from. If you named your kid apple based on celebrity babies or if you just thought of the fruit itself, or something else entirely.


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